Oscar nominations: Our picks -- and who was snubbed?

"The View" co-hosts give their takes on the nominations, which included several landmark nods.
8:09 | 01/23/18

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Transcript for Oscar nominations: Our picks -- and who was snubbed?
A live look north and west as Sydney would say, that is where- we see -- as Cindy would say, that is where we see tricky spots. Numerous spinouts reported as you travel up to Salisbury. A sheet of ice with numerous callers on the road. A tractor-trailer by exit 57 and since then the accidents continued to pile on. The crash on 495 southbound by the water hill connector and 495 north by mass avenue. A third by route 28. Another busy stretch. Another crash just cleared on route three by 495 below and we are watching -- 495 and Lowell. It's going to take some time to clear that up. South of town, clear to crash on the expressway on mass avenue. Watching some delays for the green line. Minor delays. Give yourself extra time to stay off the roads if you can. Until that freezing rain gets out of here and we warm things up. "The post." Oh, that was good. Yes. It's about a president going after the newspapers. Sound familiar? It's very relevant today. And if you watch that movie and you watch it alongside "All the president's men" which you can get on Netflix. You'll be very much entertained about what went on in that period of history. Nixon. And what's going on now. It's very similar. I agree with you. I think both of those movies. The shape of water and the post so beautifully done. "The shape of water" was so inventive. "The post" made me feel like a wakeup call to everyone about the importance of good journalism. Strong. Gum-shoe journalism. And the strength of a woman. The strength of Katherine graham. Incredible. I liked "I, Tonya." To lighten things up a little bit. I love Margot Robbie. I love Allison Janney. I thought this movie was so good. I was pretty young when the scandal happened. I remembered it. I also thought she was done real dirty about the media. It's about classism in sports. What your idea of an ice princess looks like. I'm really pulling for Allison Jannie. Allison Janney. What do you think? I'm happy that people are happy. It's always hard because not everything you want gets nominated the way you want. But Mary J. Blige got nominated. I understand that the cinematographer is the first time, a woman. Yes, yes. Right? That's about time. And it was a Netflix movie. That movie was so beautifully shot. It was dark. It was also, I think, a bit of social commentary that you can relate to some of the the classism and racism going on today. It was powerful. This is one of the fist times she's had an acting experience, right? Mary J. Blige. I have to say -- one of the reasons that Netflix is sort of coming up the way that it is is because you know, this movie was taken everywhere. As was -- "Lady bird." You remember. She said, I went everywhere. No one would give me the money to make the movie. Netflix did that for "Mud bound." They did it for "Lady bird." And one of the things that I'm thrilled about is that for fillingmakers or first-time filmmakers or filmmakers that don't have a lot of money, there is somewhere you can go. Someone who will say listen, we want to show your film. If I can get folks to just -- we need to build a theater so these movies that come out. There are criteria you must pass to be nominated for an Oscar that we could help folks with, because you can't afford to do it. You have to show it in los Angeles and New York. You have to rent a theater. Get people to come out. There's a better way to do this. It doesn't just help the theater. It helps us, because then we get to see stuff that we would not be able to see otherwise. The good thing about Netflix is, you would be able to see it. But in order for it to qualify, for the academy awards, it must be shown in a theater first. I didn't know that. I think that rule should change. I think it's dated and archaic. There's no reason an amazing movie couldn't be released on Netflix. That will be the future. No one is going to the movie theater. Not true. Well, not as much as we used to. You have 19,000 things you can watch on television and people opt out to watch nothing. They opt out to go out to see a movie. They want to see something this big on a stage. I prefer that experience, honestly. This idea that people are not going to the movies is not correct. I say when you talk about the academy of motion picture arts and sciences, you're talking about a movie. A movie on a big screen. I love that Netflix wants to give money to moviemakers. And I want us to find a better way to support them so that when their films come out, we can show them on a big screen. Maybe a Netflix movie theater. Or a mix of the academy and Netflix. I the road to see three billboards with my husband on two occasions. One theater was sold out. Another one, it wasn't playing near us. You haven't seen wit a poers anywhere. They're out there. I have to say, Christopher plummer got an Oscar nod for replacing Kevin spacey. In "All the money in the world." That was a good movie. It was a very good movie with great performances. And they're saying, but James Franco, two won the golden globe and critic's choice for best actor didn't get a nomination. I do believe that I won those awards, too, the year of "Color purple" and didn't get the Oscar. So, you know -- because that happens. You got the nomination, though. I got the nomination. He got a nomination. He -- no, he didn't get the nomination. He didn't get the nomination. I had asked you that on the show. Do you think the sex scandal will affect his chances but there was only about a week left of voting. My sense is that the people in the academy are look at the art, right? Rather than the -- than this -- than the scandal. There has been this reckoning. You know. We'll see. We'll see. We'll see if the there has been. Yeah. We'll see if there has been. It's very hard, I think, this is swrus my opinion. But I think it's very hard to give people what they want immediately. When you have so many people involved in an industry. So you have to go through all the stuff. You have to figure out who is what. You don't want to throw the baby out with the bath what person you want to make sure that the people you're get rg the people gnat need to be got. Soy think that's why, I think with the academy, it's a little bit different. Because there's so many, you know, you have sound, you have wardrobe. Hair and makeup. You have so many groups to go through. It may take a little while before everybody feels like it shook down like it was supposed to. We know who is nm noted. It's going to be very exciting. Are you going? Are you going? I might. And we're -- we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"8:09","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts give their takes on the nominations, which included several landmark nods.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52556514","title":"Oscar nominations: Our picks -- and who was snubbed?","url":"/theview/video/oscar-nominations-picks-snubbed-52556514"}