Paul Ryan won't run for re-election

"The View" co-hosts discuss what House Speaker Ryan's decision means for the Republican Party.
7:46 | 04/11/18

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Transcript for Paul Ryan won't run for re-election
So speaking of bigfoot, revolving door ind.c. Just took another S just before we came on air. Speaker of Theus pl Ryan, made this annoment. Take look. That's why today'm announcing that thisear W be my last one as a member of the house. Let'se clear, I'm not resigning. Intend to serve M full term as I was elected to do, but I will be leaving this in good hands. This brought tears to Meghan's ey because -- Joy gave me anting I have to get R of. This surprises M little bit because Paul Ryan is a politician of an era gone . He was powerful between 20 2016. He is a CLA conservative, and this party is the P of trump now, and people like me who are old school conservatives, we're really O ou way out. And it makes melly and my husband, I was tng him about it, and he said, he committed the worstsin. He was serious, polite and nice that's not what people want rightno he gave a press conference saying hnt to spend time with his ly. I believe him to a point. Believe H doesn't want to death this, and go hto hionstituents in Wisconsin, andlain the tweeting and the things president trumps doing now. This is the bloodletting of CLAs conservatives. What comes in its place, trumpism. If you don't like Paul an, you probably hate trump more. Don't cheer when peopleike Ben sasse, and gowdyre in office, and they are on their way out. Isn't that the Botto line? I don't think soactually. He said he is a family guy. So I know ou mean that part, but is there a strategy here?it seems tom a Wednesday. This up in ne S about peopledonang. It W either Steve Scalise or T department. I'm depressed a it. You have Mitch mccll who doesn't look at good in a speedo. I'll grant Y that. But you have Mitch mccohnnell over there? What I don't undand is, why LE if you are so against what the Republican party istarting to stfor, then stand for thing. Stand up against the trumpism that's going on. Maybe he will now. They always seem too it on their way why not take a stand? At what politics I thought was supposed to be about. 'Re not wrong about that, sunny. He coulveone it last week even before he nounced. Within the conservative circle ough,onservative media has really gone after Paul Ryan because any time you anything against president trump, bucklep andhey will crucify him alllong. I don't think he wanted to put up with I anymore. Anyerate on either party, it's ne. It doesn't exist. Thisguy, Kevin mccarthou say? We'll sing it into th rafters, sunny. Take your party back. I don't understa H can't. Populism has taken over. I don'aml Ryan, but I agree withyou. We're both fighters ir nature, but he is a symptft large disease. This guy, Kevin mccy by the way, in 2016 he said he might be taking over with fellow GOP leaders that he thought tr was being paid off Vladimir Putin. Howl that work? They are actually very close, but I think Steve Scalise is better. That's what freaks me out. Enly it's, like, oh,e is th scum of the Earth. He is the worst thing ever. Hello. ??? Hello ??? ??? is it me you're looking for ??? it's extraordinary. And younow ? I'm hopeful -- I hopeful. I kn T people are saying that know, what isng to come may be worse, but I'm -- I'mng to hope that sre in this mix, othepcans who are - who are smart enough ay this is not theworld. This is a small group, bse for me, it started with the tea party, and tt evolved into something elsnd then it's, LI there'some new stuff. There's new stuff we're deal we're hoping the people are actually tful are not going bail. This is aough gig. This is a tough gig and a tough as Y said becausou know, it is hard to go back to your people and say, hey. Yeah, know, I voted for this. Know this is probablot the riing, but maybe we'll be able to get here. People are T of . Pauln has been an enabler. No, H hasn't. As gone up against trump. 'S part of the reason why he is stepping down right now. That's fall inaccurate. He gone U against trump time and time again. He has bee crucified hard core conservative media as a Sult O it. Immin, on tax cut -- He gotverything he Ed. Theap came out specifically against him. This is the problemth. Do you want? If Paul Ryan isn't good enough I want him out. But thaot Lowe live in a democracy. We sho want two healthy parties. They areinst each other, but if pauyan is the gest sin, this is how we gotmp because if Paul Ryan anditt Romney and people likehis the worst politicians, then deserve trump. He W trying to F for democracy and ideals. Now I have Noa. He is leaving and he is not fighting the good fighd that's the problem. That's fair T but to say he is torst of the worst of the worst I just -- He is a leader. Thank you. It's, like, senatorke though.I want to believe whatny is saying. Stay and fight, but I feel they are betwe rock and a hard placeecause you hav T to you T company line and therefore, piss off some of your constituents can you fi can you S andight and survive if ar a paulryan? If I'm going to vote, I want one to fightor what I believe in, and fight the fight. Hehave made --S group people you're describing has made deal with the devil and they are all going to lose it this. That is just N true. Oh, come . Trey Gowdy senator Scott who are coming tomorrow, tve not models with the devi trey Gowdy is Yi, I'm out and I'm not going do this more. T's silen in the Republican party. Do it all the time. It is not true. Are you a senator? No, but TV has debatably M powen some people in offin't sit here andy because I haven't run for office, I'm not trying to make an impact. You are. We are. Sunny is exact right. The idea we sho't sit and fight, I can agree W it. I didn't agree when Jeff fla did , B to compare Paul Ryan some of people in the Republican partyht now W are not standing U for conservative ideals is just intellectually ones.

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