Pete Buttigieg on possibly becoming the 1st openly gay cabinet member

The transportation secretary nominee tells “The View” that “we have to face the fact” that many Americans have been “radicalized by the Trump era” and “are in different realities.”
10:23 | 01/22/21

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Transcript for Pete Buttigieg on possibly becoming the 1st openly gay cabinet member
Former South Bend, Indiana may AMP Buddha judge. Are made headlines when he announced his candidacy for president back in 2019 Andy's still making news today. As president Joseph Biden's nominee for transportation secretaries joining us now hello mayor peed on them according mayor Pete stones at a time. Always answer to mayor tuned there could be ready. I'm. In if your president will get a going to mayor peace. What do you hear those ardent. The backpack. Are almost six months ago to the day on July 272020. You treated. A picture waking up that first day the sun rises and Joseph Biden is in the White House now that is something you have worked tirelessly to help make happen. Yesterday at long last was that. Was that it was that first day that you wanted so how did it feel affiliate. It did so great you know I'd been thinking about that sunrise for so long and Washington the sun come up seeing lot of trends online posting pictures of what looked like where they worried really felt like a new day what we know what we're up we know that our country's got. A lot that we face but we're doing it with a president who goes first instinct is you bring us together and write off the bat and making a big if America woke changed. Overnight but what changed overnight use if we had the leadership I believe it that we need in order tackle these these enormous problems that we. Well hopefully soon to be secretary. Meals broke not long before you've got on the show at articles of impeachment will be delivered to the senate on Monday. Do you think the senate will convict and you know and that's close back to Joseph Sonny got a point on accountability. I don't know but certainly what's different this time is you have Republicans and Democrats agreeing on some Republicans agreeing with Democrats on this and I think it's very important that it. Do you buy orders look accountability is part of unity and Bernadette and it'll take seriously. In addition so all the other big country. It's not assault asked what it's really important BUR. Mayor Pete last night news broke and or photos everywhere that post did thousands of our National Guard members. In Washington and were forced to vacate vacate congressional grounds to move to a parking garage. With limited access to basic needs are heard there was one bathroom and 38 degree weather after actual bipartisan outrage that guard has. Bennett allowed a backing into the capitol complex but as someone who has served as you have. What is your reaction to this and I think this is disgraced wall. And that Democrats are now running off three branches of government who is to blame and how clean make sure this never happens again. Well listen this never should have happened that's for sure and was set to hear this news you know yesterday on capitol complex were. Going into our hearings in the senate and there are so many of these basic. National Guard troops would such professionalism knowing that they had this job at duke and it was very strange thanks for for me to see because I was looking at them going biter gear their uniforms were in many years identical to what was. Issued to be in order to go to Afghanistan sudden you're on you know they're there were bearing down equipment in order to keep us safe. In part of our democracy in our capital and of course it is. A we need to find out how this happened I was upset to see some people. Assuming trips. Already try to blame the speaker and baker a political. Thank goodness I think that both sides of the aisle and agreed that we. Team read our troops better than that because we did a phenomenal job. Securing the capital reduce phenomenal job during country. Mayor Heaton talking about healing the divisive nest that's unfortunately become so pronouncing our country. You've often said you have to meet people where they are now it's been just over two weeks since the insurrection at the capitol carried out by people who falsely believe the election was stolen. Is there up half the meeting some people where they are we not least seems like yours away. It's going to be tough meeting people where they are doesn't mean you kind of trust slipped the difference between somebody who's been taken in. By a conspiracy theory or by extremists. We have to face the fact that there are a lot of solo rare. People who might not seem abnormal and also see if you're any NX human line at the grocery your her next minute at a barbecue but who have been radical by the trump era but that's not going to. I just change overnight but I think we have to thank that need one of them have right. Which is a president the United States has calling this country or higher values. And insisting on being a president for everybody it's the only beset it is operation speech. And it and it's it at anybody knows it's an hour. The second thing that has to happen there's got to deliver our government and the American everything in America to do better. Oh delivering results delivering a better life foreigner war we do that. More unified and trusting I thank Americans would be. As systems become more trustworthy to run to be focused on our you know make sure that we actually deliver better roads and airports and -- Bridges and trains on Wednesday build up confidence in America are all I think the war we had bat. The less you find people wrong and these wild crazy dangerous and sometimes deadly street. You know I really do hope that you get confirmed because you're someone who in my view has made a real effort to reach out to both sides of the I'll be it politically or through the press. As we saw in your repeat appearances on Fox News. What can you say to your fellow Democrats and Republicans to about how to stay open to that. When facing serious opposition I mean I think that so many people just have been. Fit this miss information. Over the past four years and added that they just don't don't know the truth anymore. An and will you continue to appear on Fox News. Yeah part of why I try to go indebted media spaces would dolce a lot of people from my party is sure exactly this reason at what Americans. Are in different realities from each other they're not even getting missing information soak if I ever get an opportunity to carry what I know to be the true. Shirley you know about one side being right just. It into a space where that truth hasn't been heard got a duty to do it. I do think it's so important that we get back to shared. Sense of the same reality and end you know reaching out it was always about us slitting the difference pretending we agree where we dealt. It's that when we don't agree were doing it in good shape and I think there's a chance. I felt that way yesterday in the senate you know we're all the Democrats. Who will be voting on unlike our nation who. Don't agree on everything but agreed that we need to step up our our country's short was even introduced an on air editor. A Republican who we have a lot of very different views a lot of a who did the honors. And presenting me to the committee and I think any time we aren't answering goodwill got to make the most up. May at peak avenue and the president Biden promised the most diverse cabinet and he has delivered the most Pampers cabinet in US history. One of those glass breakers in that cabin is healed. If confirmed you will be the first openly LG BTQ secretary and US history. And and I read a story about how when you're seventeen years old. You'll read about ambassador hormel. Who was not confirmed by the senate because he was openly gay and what that meant to you you had a chance to speak to him. Can you tell us about the conversation can you just tell us what it means to you. To be breaking that glass he me. Yeah I had a remarkable conversation with him about his experience when President Clinton wanted him to this role he said yeah actually specifically at. Asked to be appointed to a role that would be it would require a vote and out of knowing that they would deny him that vote. Just in order to it to put a crack in in and that wall I wanted to make it a little bit easier and urged along which is what. Eventually did get to serve as ambassador in and more more people broke more more barriers. But it's remarkable to think you know yesterday as I was in that hearing taking those questions senators. You know you could see my husband chests and over my shoulder. And that something that's never happened for her cabinet nominee and again my hope there's. That in turn makes it easier the next took along a never even use a barrier by a two generation. So arm yesterday I mentioned on the air how concerned I am for my grandson. A because of global warming and climate change etc. Now if you confirmed your going to be the secretary of transportation which I'm not clear exactly how that impacts. Climate. Change tell me how how that works. On the opportunity is huge one of the reasons I'm so excited about this world. Think about the future of electric vehicles for example. About the future. Passenger rail knowing that often trains that are powered. Electrically how'd west carbon emissions I think about what it would mean trust out. Charging stations across country those electric cars they become. Warren worked for making it easier to be able to subway or aura or reviewed by in addition what we're doing arts. Transportation is actually the single biggest part of our economy the court's. Carbon dioxide into the mayor so getting this right is one of the single biggest things we do. Should make that future better for your grandkids and and for everybody who really like a state. Whether we succeed in battling an ancient it's such a compelling opportunity and that's one of their. President of all new are good natured it will work. Yes and and a lot of green jobs will be created as a result of loan applicants and great for the economy.

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{"duration":"10:23","description":"The transportation secretary nominee tells “The View” that “we have to face the fact” that many Americans have been “radicalized by the Trump era” and “are in different realities.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"75430312","title":"Pete Buttigieg on possibly becoming the 1st openly gay cabinet member","url":"/theview/video/pete-buttigieg-possibly-1st-openly-gay-cabinet-member-75430312"}