President's leaked schedule alleges 60 percent spent in 'executive time'

The White House breach raises questions about security and Donald Trump's leadership style.
6:14 | 02/05/19

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Transcript for President's leaked schedule alleges 60 percent spent in 'executive time'
A new leak from the white house released three months of you know who's daily schedule. It show he spent just shy of 00 hours in executive time. That includes tweeting, watching TV, reading the paper, and making phone calls. The director of oval office operations, madline westerhout calls it a disgraceful breach of trust. And says he's working harder than anyone in recent history. Yeah. So -- like I have chapped lips. Don't make me laugh. Yeah. Well, you know, work ethic is really important to me. You all work with me. You know I'm the one that reads all the books and -- That -- This is Italy. Where do you want to go in the world? Careful, joy. I didn't love this. But, I also -- think that this is a national security issue. Like, you don't release the schedule of the president of the United States. I think that's pretty despicable. It shows that perhaps the people that work for him don't like him very much. But you just don't do this. It's because they're scared. They're scared. They don't know what he's going to do next. You can't do this. To your point there are things you do and don't do. I was raised on character and loyalty. When you work for someone, that matters. You can disagree with them. Quit your job. Just quit. We have had how many guests that have written their own books and arms. Fine, do that. If you're going to sit there for three months chrks is what this person did, obviously had a motive the entire time to leak out this schedule. How do how know it was the entire time? Do we know who it was? No. They don't know. They have had an issue with leaks since they have been in the white house. I have an issue with the person leaking. To make fun of his schedule. I don't think we know every single minute of the day what the president is doing. He has executive time. It's five hours from about 8:00 to 11:00 in the morning. It says location, oval office. Could be watching TV, reading papers, responding to what E H cease on Twitter. We know in real time he's watching morning shows like "Fox & friends" because he tweets about it. Some of it we can intuit by reading his Twitter. I have heard of downtime for continues and principals. If you're doing events all day, you take a nap for an hour and half. You have a day off on the weekend. This is an exsaysive amount of time for us to not know what he's doing. Maybe in some never neverland he's speaking with national security people able god know's what? The likelihood? He's probably making phone call. Watching television. 72% of Americans, a high majority according to a morning consult poll, don't agree he's excessively tweeting all the time. Don't you think in a way it's good. Imagine the damage he could do if he did something? Watch TV. Doan pay -- don't pay attention. I mean it. You look at presidents past. "The Washington post" reported last week he took a tour of the white house. He takes people over and says, you see that chair, that's where Obama watched basketball all day long. And oy bah ma's people came out and said, that's not true. Apparently he has the least in common with George W. Bush. Bush lived by a strict schedule. Woke up at roughly 5:15 A.M. Most days. Obama had a strict schedule just like bush. He was known to work extremely late. Wake up early and start his day with a workout. They say trump may be most like Clinton. Clinton started his day about 9:00. What was his executive time about I wonder. I don't have that on my card. That's not on my card. Here's the thing. He never ran as a Normal candidate. He never said I'm going the go in and be presidential. Who, president trump? President trump. One would assume that -- I think he's become a public servant. The idea is you get up in the morning and start working for the American people. When you -- like, a lot -- I mean, for me, this is a lot. I know the kind of work ethic my father had on the campaign. Going into work. He worked like an animal. He spent less time with us as a family because of it. For me, it doesn't take a lock -- but it doesn't take a genius to understand what he's probably doing in the morning. He's obsessed with cable news. He's spending too much time -- He doesn't sleep a lot. Why are we surprised? Five houses seems excessive even by his standards. We're not in the oval office for those five hours. You foe what we can agree on all of us? That the -- that the fact that dwsh -- That this is -- he's working harder than any other president. I think we can all agree that's probably not so. Yeah. Listen, I think it's depressing. It's depressing to have this conversation. And your point about it being a national security issue is a valid one. It's absolutely a valid one. But we have one lady saying he's working harder than any president in recent history. That's not true. Who knows, maybe it ended up in the garbage can and somebody picked it up. In this white house, you don't know how stuff is leaked. It's three months' worth of his schedule. Who has ak says to that? You do now. Speaking of you know who, the state of the union is tonight. We'll discuss this tomorrow. But -- And I will be on ABC news tonight. FYI. In Kay you want to hear another pick. I had to slide that in. I have to be here until midnight. That was very Barbara Walters. Oh, thank you. Wonderful. Well -- okay.

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"The White House breach raises questions about security and Donald Trump's leadership style.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60861977","title":"President's leaked schedule alleges 60 percent spent in 'executive time'","url":"/theview/video/presidents-leaked-schedule-alleges-60-percent-spent-executive-60861977"}