Price drop game with our sponsor Save-A-Lot

The co-hosts play a game with Marc Summers and "The View" sponsor Save-A-Lot.
3:31 | 10/25/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Price drop game with our sponsor Save-A-Lot
Okay. It's not looking to save money any way they can that is why our sponsor save a lot is permanently lowering prices. To help customers save every day every way and all their customers are promised 100% money back satisfaction. Guarantee. You cannot be that it is see just how much alone are the practices save A lot are for everyday items sunny aren't gonna play game with some help. From aren't very good friend mark Somers thanked god. Okay. My. I forgot what drove. What has the price tag it reflects the cost of a similar product at a national competitor store so sunny and add. Again haven't opportunity guess the lord save a lot prices for each of these products whoever comes closest to disable a price. Wins so we want to get the audience involved ladies so sunny unifying for this half of the audio. Okay yeah. This Coburn favre's six ounce yogurt the price at the competitor is sixty cents. How much do you think the stimulus price you. 4848. What would you say sunny. 35. Kettle black I went to the actual price it is. Forty cents Sonny you get a freezer bags thirty count the price for a competitors razorbacks two dollars and 98 cents how much do you think stabilize prices and I'm gonna go with about 17575. At 8198 what 95. The actual price is dialing nine united avenue. Or. I won't we won't. My problem for Brett elsewhere is a dollar 98 how much do you think it is a save a lot of heavy school. Once when he thought 125 Sunday I'm gonna go it once when he six moon I. Yeah sale price is. 89. 13 actually care about we have not that's his power cycle advanced liquid laundry detergent 100000. Lot of what's going on there. The fight for the past Brad 1197. What's the Bryce Zabel lots you need this points. 59959. In eyewitness they have these 899890. Take a look if it is six done and I. I don't walk away right now we're gonna take a look at original roast coffee 33 ounces. The price our competitors fourteen dollars 98 cents sunny. For the point of the win. You know eight and 99 abbey itself you know 10501050. Take a look the actual retail price fair use. But what are. Okay. Excited got to get car actually mark yeah we are all winner Saturday because guess what went. And correspond to stabilize ever want any audience is going public they want. Are delicate.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"The co-hosts play a game with Marc Summers and \"The View\" sponsor Save-A-Lot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58747343","title":"Price drop game with our sponsor Save-A-Lot","url":"/theview/video/price-drop-game-sponsor-save-lot-58747343"}