Real-life American heroes and inspiration for '15:17 To Paris' tell their story

Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos speak to "The View" about stopping the 2015 terror attack on a train to Paris.
9:03 | 02/07/18

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Transcript for Real-life American heroes and inspiration for '15:17 To Paris' tell their story
movie "The 15:17 to Paris," the true story of three young Americans who stood up to a terrorist and stopped an attack, saving the lives of over 500 train passengers. Director Clint Eastwood found the perfect costars to bring it to the big screen. The real-life action heroes who saved the day. Please welcome Anthony Sadler, alek skarlatos and Spencer stone. Yes! Hi guys. Nice to meet you. Thank you for having us. Please sit down. So nice to meet you. I'm so excited. Yes. Okay. So I'm so excited to have you guys here. I tweeted last night we have some real American heroes on the show today. C'mon. Amazi amazing. Yes. Anthony I want to start with you. Two and a half years ago you were on vacation with your best friend and boarded a train from Amsterdam to Paris. Please remind us what happened. It was pretty crazy. Me and Spencer were asleep at the time alek was awake. There was commotion and gunshot and we turned around to see what that was and we saw a man with ak-47 and charging the weapon. So naturally he's about to start firing within two seconds, alek yells go, Spencer gets up and runs and tackles him. Alek goes and I go and the three of us beat him up and subdue him until -- Yes. Yeah. Spencer, this guy over here had the ak-47, Spencer, facing him. The guy was ready to shoot you. And you went for it. Now, what is it in your personality that would make you do something like that? A lot of people call me craze and that's partially true. Really in the situation we had nowhere to go. You're going 200 miles an hour on a train in the countryside. To me at the time it was just the best option and I looked down the aisle and saw he was kind of fumbling with the rifle and so I said, this is our moment, we got to go now. And luckily what happened? It jammed right? He pointed and fired at me and the gun worked fine. It was just bad ammunition. Lucky break. He was able to load another round in. We're sitting there like what's he doing. Y'all are amazing. I had the pleasure of meeting you when you came to the white house to visit. President Obama with your family members. It was his opportunity to say thank you for making our country proud. You received the highest order from France. You guys have had a busy couple of years. But how does this happen? You all were huge fans of Clint Eastwood when you were kids right? Alex tell us how this happened. We met him kind of by chance at an award show and he gave us the hero award or something like that. And he asked to meet us in the green room. We all went back to the green room and jokingly said you should do our book into a movie and didn't really mean it seriously. He was like oh, yeah, sure, send me a book. It was the weakest sales pitch ever. He was like send it to me, why not. You never know what could happen. Clint called him back and said let's do it. We went out to L.A. Several times and three weeks before filming started he asked us to play in it. Originally the actors were going to do it and then he said I think these guys can do it. You can play yourselves. Anthony, were you intimidated by Clint Eastwood? He's a big shot. Before going into it, yeah, but luckily we had the pleasure of being able to meet him a few times and go down there as consultants and then three weeks before shooting, he lays it on us that he wants us to play ourselves. We were floored. No acting classes? He's like no. Let's just do it. You guys were hanging out with him on the set and afterwards. What stuff did you do with him after? Very cool guy. He can get on anyone's level for being such a star. He mentored us through the whole process and we would go work out afterwards. Tell us about the workout? We were in the gym and Spencer and I were kind of, you know, smack talking each other about how many dips we could do and so Clint overhears it and comes up and goes, when I was 75 I could do 25 dips. So we were like okay. Well, let's see how many you can do now. So he hops up there and does 10 body-weight dips at 80 years old. What a man. What a man. Very impressive. We have a clip from the movie that I know everyone wants to see. So let's get to it. ??? Spencer, go! Crazy. Amazing. You guys are amazing. Spencer, go! Yeah. You stay here. I'll stay here, you go. I had the action piece. I had no choice at that point. I wasn't trying to get shot. Spencer, a lot of the people who were on the train are in this movie. Did you guys have a hard time reliving this and acting this out? You know, not really. I mean, it was a traumatic experience obviously but we have been able in talking about it so much and everything that's happened since we have been able to turn it into a really positive thing in our lives and feel like we could spread a positive message with it and the unique thing about our story is no one died, not even the terrorist and that's pretty unheard of. Equally amazing is the trains run at 300 miles an hour. You never hear of an accident. Here, 150, you know. It's interesting. Seriously. You think they know something. Alek, since then you have run into a lot of trouble on your own. Eerily close to danger in your life since then. We have had a lot of strange circumstances. Like six weeks after the train attack there was a shooting at my college that I was planning on going back to after the terrorist attack and nine people were killed. But I was on "Dancing with the stars" at the time. So I wasn't back at college and a week after that Spencer got stabbed at a bar in Sacramento. Trying to come to the rescue again. Of a girl I was with. She got punched and stabbed. I had to step in. My little brother and I did a side trip to Barcelona and we left a day earlier from the truck attack. You have been lucky but heroic also. It's a very interesting life you have had. You guys are only 25 years old. What are you going to do next? What is next for you? Hopefully this launches us into movie stardom. So hopefully it's not the last. Are you serious? Yeah. Well actors, is that the best thing? We have agents and managers now. We went full Hollywood. We're taking acting classes. Your dad. You got everybody. I've seen the movie and I have to say it's a great movie. Check it out. It's the best. Thank you. Thank you. You know, all of you are friends beforehand and you two are both in the military, army and reserves is that correct? National Guard. National Guard. Yes. Was there something about your training and friendship? I can't imagine going through this kind of situation with two of my friends where you guys clearly work together as a team. I think we explained it as the reason we got up was for each other as friends and having military experience and all the things that happened in the aftermath like Spencer saving mark's life but the reason we got up is for each other really. You were together. Knew we had each other's back. If we were strangers it probably wouldn't have went down like that. If you were alone -- And also, you were naughty boys. You got into a lot of trouble so you could grow up and be just like you. We're just regular people. Yeah. We were kind of the misfits of our school. Getting suspended or getting in the principal's office all the time. We do what we do. You co-it well. Yes. Thank you guys so much. You are true American heroes. It's an honor to have you. Come back any time. Thank you to alek and Spencer.

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{"id":52909052,"title":"Real-life American heroes and inspiration for '15:17 To Paris' tell their story","duration":"9:03","description":"Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos speak to \"The View\" about stopping the 2015 terror attack on a train to Paris.","url":"/theview/video/real-life-american-heroes-inspiration-1517-paris-story-52909052","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}