Remembering 'The View' technical manager Bob Lampel

Co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain honor Bob Lampel, who died last week from glioblastoma.
5:22 | 01/25/21

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Transcript for Remembering 'The View' technical manager Bob Lampel
A lot of people, and we also lost someone whose personal and professional impact on all of us really can't be overstated. Bob lampell was "The view's" technical manager, and he died from glioblastoma. He's the reason you're able to watch us right now. He also worked at ESPN. He did "Take Clark's new year's eve rockin' eve," and he did tours with Frank Zappa, and that's when I met him. He's one of the kindest people you would ever want to meet. Sara, talk about Bob for a second. When I think about him, I think about the beginning of the pandemic and I was filling in on the show, and he's the one that had to walk you through how to set everything up, like, you could single handedly say the reason we were able to air during the pandemic was because of him, and beyond that technical wizardry, he was one of the kindest men. I remember sitting on my phone. The kids are screaming and he's trying to get me through literally an hour phone call of the most annoying topic ever which is, like, I.T. Technical support. He had the calmest demeanor. He was such a constant -- constantly good guy, good everyone around here has Bob story. This man was just so amazing and I'll never forget the kindness that he showed me as I kept apologizing for the kids, and he would share a family story, and come right back in. It's always sad to see the good ones go, and he was one of the great ones. Yeah. Look. This was really rough. He was an incredible man to work with, and so kind, so patient. Also loved to laugh, and he died of glioblastoma, which is obviously the same cancer that took president Biden's son beau, and my dad, and it's a horrific evil that I hope we find a cure for, and I just -- my thoughts and prayers are with his entire family, and it's a huge blow to this show. He was beloved by all of us, and truly, you know, irreplaceable and like you said, Sara, this show wouldn't be on the air without him during the pandemic, full stop, and it's just a sad, sad day here. Yeah, joy? Mm-hmm. Well, it's obvious that unless he was the great guy that he was, we wouldn't even be talking about him today because he's a behind-the-scenes guy, but that's the special thing about Bob, and everything that you guys just said, I agree with. A sweetheart, a nice man. I've known him for many years. It breaks my heart that he's not with us, but may I also add that my husband Steve would not be the technological geius he is putting this show on the air every day if not for Bob who walked him through every step, and Steve was upset when he heard this news as much as everybody else was. So as Wolf Blitzer, may his life be for a blessing. Yes. Sunny? I just have to echo the same thing. I'm sitting in the same room right now that Bob set up, and he taught me how to troubleshoot every single piece of equipment in this room with such patience. I have his notes that I still refer to every single day, and I remember even when my son Gabriel went to the studio. Gabriel is interested in tech stuff, and he literally took Gabriel around the studio and explained to him over and over again, how everything worked, and he was just so generous of spirit and time, and with his talent. It's just really hard that he's not here. Really, really hard. Yeah. And, you know, he and I shared a big love of rock 'N' roll. We're both fanatics, and he'd come in and say, what are you playing today? What are you going to put on I said, I'll figure out something. I'll play something, and he'd say, okay. I like that. He was just the best of the best. He was just the best of the best, and so because he loved rock 'N' roll, we want to play a song that we know was very close to his heart. I think that he would be out on his boat trying to get away from us and all of to our quacking, but he loved Tom petty's "Wallflower." It had a deep, personal meaning to him, so as we go to break, we want to play it in his honor. you among all the

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"Co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain honor Bob Lampel, who died last week from glioblastoma.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"75473440","title":"Remembering 'The View' technical manager Bob Lampel","url":"/theview/video/remembering-view-technical-manager-bob-lampel-75473440"}