Rep. Eric Swalwell wants to 'ban and buy back every single assault weapon in America'

The 2020 hopeful shares his plan to combat the country's rising gun violence.
4:00 | 06/04/19

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Transcript for Rep. Eric Swalwell wants to 'ban and buy back every single assault weapon in America'
News that we were talking about of course we had another mass shooting in Virginia Beach took twelve lives. I'm its that we we discussed this every other day it feels like and it seems state Republicans and Democrats cannot figure out what to do what's the common ground out of the gulf vets. Gun control is one of your signature issues so. What's your suggestion. First then and buy back every single assault weapon and American and we candidate calling for baton to good that will go a long way than it did you know it. Kids are sitting paralyzed with fear in the classrooms today and you can't measure that we can measure the deaths in the walked. And we mourn the dead but the fear that a kid has their classrooms today and you can't measure that. South side of Chicago this weekend. Fifteen shootings fifty people were shot ten people killed that's different then the church shootings in the school shootings those are blocks that would just a failed to invest and people who don't have hope there's a woman working with there tomorrow Manassas she's taken over a couple corners. She told me that for so many of these young people she said. The only time ever expect to where suit. As when their in the box. That's the hope all of this. And these communities and so she's working to make sure that there there's schools are high quality that you have jobs and health care thunder run liquor stores and Palin right. But I'm Mitch Richmond so this guy that did this was a regular ol' guy he didn't have an assault weapon he had just regular to regular not. Our entire cast and magazine and high capacity magazine so now and I I don't know history of an end and so. What. Is the plan. To get people to recognize. That we have a huge issue that is not just inner city it's in the middle of the city's outer city it's all round us out what should. How are you going to get people to hear you. Not be afraid of you. And we've been told for so long but that's a divisive issue and I've come to figure out going across the country helping 28. Members of congress in the forties and under win this last election and Texas and Iowa and Oklahoma and Kansas that you can run. On background checks and are not going to be punished at the moms. We'll have your back it was always uses a tactic to keep us from doing anything but also with Doug get rid of the dirty money. It's it's the outside money right now that keeps members from doing the right thing so many Republicans tell me. I know I want to do the right thing on this issue I'm just afraid I'll get primary. They're more worried about their job then. Doing the right thing so what's stripped down to the studs Citizens United ruling and require corporations to disclose to their shareholders. What they're spending let's try to our lifetime to have publicly financed campaigns so that you can see more courageous members of congress is it. And actually realistic to think that we can pass legislation look at it after Stanley Cup right after we've sought twenty. A lot of them small children get killed in that didn't happen then. What what makes you think it is realistic. Part of me thinks we should take it out of the legislators hands and give it to be a broader group of people who are not beholden to the NRA. Or hey I've I would love back to you know I'd. You mean you're the musical Hamilton yeah in the room where it happens you can either the rumor doesn't happen because there's imported out to everyone else knows what to do except the people who were in the room. We're supposed to happen not willing to do but I I was about to give up honestly because I'd I went to congressional orientation. When sandy hook happen and I just 31 year old prosecutor smoke when I thought. I'm gonna be a part of replacement can do something about this. And San Bernardino. And in Charleston. But the Orlando yeah Las Vegas was just nothing nothing nothing but these students and their parents. They picked themselves up in May organized and Dick. Jordan moms demand actually joined the Southside of Chicago groups and the other community groups that joined Brady indifference and they beat seventeen NRA. Endorsed members of congress that's why I say seized the moment and negotiate up now.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"The 2020 hopeful shares his plan to combat the country's rising gun violence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63482621","title":"Rep. Eric Swalwell wants to 'ban and buy back every single assault weapon in America'","url":"/theview/video/rep-eric-swalwell-ban-buy-back-single-assault-63482621"}