Republicans Scott, Gowdy discuss Russia probes, future of GOP

Rep. Trey Gowdy joined "The View" and Sen. Tim Scott via satellite to discuss the future of the Republican Party and the bipartisan bill to protect Mueller.
10:03 | 04/12/18

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Transcript for Republicans Scott, Gowdy discuss Russia probes, future of GOP
can say for the country right now. Pleasecome trey Gowdy, jogs via satellite in Washington, Tim Scott. Applause ] So congressman, know, the FBI raided the home and the office of trump's pnal lawyer, Michael Cohen as Y , GHT? Could stormy diels and the "As Hollywood" tape takehim down? Evenhough there is a Russia investigation, do you think this is even more scary for trump? I don't . Ve the rts of people are spetie ING for. I go back to my old Jo ederal judge had to probable cause to arize the to look. S I'm old fashioned. I want to wait and see they find I get that people like speculating. I would rather wait and see what ey find and then try to match it uph the elements of a crim And you areaking as a formereral prosecutor just like myself. 'Re Hearin though, a lot of blicans sang, listen. This investigation N tbe APD up. It nee to be, you know, completed, and T is talk of firing Bob Mueller, rod Rosenstein. T let's F it. The Benghazi investigation took over twoyears, spent over $7 Milon of taxpayer money. It wiv time. Yes, ma'am. Shouldn't thisgation be given time Absolutely. You should have a fair, objective prosecutor,ch thk Bob Mueller is, and give the and resources to do his job. I that when it was lonely to say on my sid of theaisle. Is thisonelynow? I don't know what he is findinnd just like with mil Horowitz and T inspector general, I don't K whatnesses are telling him. M not supposed to ow. So I just have to trust their professional objectity if they are finding evidence andhey arinding witnesses -- look. We all want things to be done ickly. Particularly if you may be T Ta in a suspect investigation, you want speed, but I just don't think Horowitz or Mueller are a political calendar. Ey are following evidence. Senator welcome. Thank you very mu Well, se a group of bipartisanenators introduced legisln to protect B Mueller's job. Y think it pass? It willinitely pass without any question. H T it's not necessary, but the truth of the matter is it is in the publi best rest for us T only continue T investigation, but to allow to lead where it goes and to fin the investigation. At's how we restore confidence the American P in the government is to make sure T investigations that provide informn and bring things light actually finishes. Doesn't the pnt hav to sign off on aill like that? Yes, ma'am. You thinkwill? Is a -- there is a two-thirds majority at least in both bodies, perhaps a three-quarters majority want this investigation to be D. So I believe we'll finish the to have the ree-quarters a vote our privilege responsibility as lawmakers, we woulve that as W so I'm very confident that we will out what Mueller has been able to find andak sur that the amen people see it as well. Congran Gowdy, you announced you aretiring. I'm vevery, very sad about this. I wish you would have called me before you makission. You said you don't have a lot to ow for the last seven years in congress. I dounderstand WYOU meant by that. I'm going to have a troubled marriage if I repeat that because my wifold me never to say that again. I have great relationships on bothesthe aisle. I neverould have my co-author Tim Scott had I not been for the last eightyears. I'm more comfortable, and think I was better in a courtroohan had been in congress. Relaships for re, part of somenvestigations that were well known,ld lk back on my time as a protor and take more - I think I did more plic service there than I did in the last eight years. It sounds your bookhat you founditics ih dirtier. Therereity in deathalal than th is in politics. My gosh. I mean that. Ere is a refereend T are rules of judge, an relevance. Sometimes the objective is to N. As a prosecutor, that is not the objective. It is work for a blindfolded woman hong a set of scales. Wa go back to having her as aclient. You're not only pn stepping down. Paul Ryan announced yesterday he tepping down. I maybeed a LE bit in my drng room. I'm heartbrokenyhe people I admire ing.what do you think it means for the Republican part I think we'reng through something of an identity crisis. He wrote road maps to reform, and that'st he is talking about much right. I am an ashed fanf Paul Ryan. I was a groupie. I went and got his autogra when I fir to congress which is not a cool Thi to do, but I admire him on a professional and personal level even I don't agree with him on everyt.he is just aonderful person. I'm happy for him perlly the is leaving actually. I'm jus sad for our party and actually sad for the country that someone that smart is getting out of public service. Iis kind of a T ough I noticed? Onepublican leaves the party and he starts to K out ainst the president. Bob corker, Jeff you Thi Paul rya will,r will he support the president? I think he has done a little bit of it. He did some O it during the campaign and criticized for , rticularlyuring the right wing Mia outlets. Thought hak was in jeopardy. I don't think he'll F any more empowered now that H aving than he did when he was there. He is a measured guy no matter what, and I think he is -- I don't think he will be any me or less likely to speak ou Senator Scott, let's talk about yourbook. Your book also, trey. Yes, ma Called "Unified," you talked about you met eight years ago,s new M of congress and you both C it a unlikely friendship. You're both from South Carolina and you'reh publicans.why is it unlikely Joy, just -- well, perhaps it's M below the surface. The really is that where W grew up as kids, we woulot have been able to play togr or drink from thame water untains, go to sa restaurants or stay in the S hotels. In South Carolina over last years, so much has changed tothentt when I ran for congress literally H to beat Thurman's N, and governor Campbell's son as well. It was unlikely, and if you had a chance to take a look at our high schoolscripts, you would say, wow. Theyadet tocongress? It would be surprise as we but bond , the challenges of a provocative history on race in our state would have procolluded us have being Abe to on the cover of the same book, so much has changed. I wanted to a way to highlight that and talk about why it became so itant to me as -- in the aftermaththe Emmanuel church shooting in arleston wn dylann roof walked inthat church wting to start a race war. And the first person I Tur to, was trey Gowdy, a white guy from the state. And I realized about three weeks ter, how much had changed in my state and in my own world that Aho wanted to start a ce war actually led to unifying our state andping to bring down the confederate flag. That's right. Senat Scott, youw, you have met with president T after he blamedh sides for the violence in charlotil last summer. Yeah. And you said he is not racist, just racially insensitive. Don't understand statement bsey husband is from Haiti andhiresident called people are Haiti pe fr --. I don't understand the difference between being racist and so racially insensitive that you would say things like th We, I'm also a of Haitian parents and have had a very strong response to thats well, as shehould have my response to the commentsf the president, I found them to be divisive and the white house red out to me to have a ersation about R the history of race and where we're Goin a country the prest id not find ouve the sameide of that conversation. An won't be in the future. Insensitive. However, when he asked me for solutions and remedieso M this nation forward, I went to the place wherecould find common ground W was a policy discussion around bringing more Y into distressed communities, because as a kid who was raised by a pful single mother living in a distress community, we can debate the rhetor, but I want , tangi results manifesting in communities of color and coitf over immediately, and we were able to partner on legislation thamoved us fward. Readhe book. Thanks senator Tim Scott and representative trey Gowdy. The members ofur audience are going home with aopy of our book.

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{"duration":"10:03","description":"Rep. Trey Gowdy joined \"The View\" and Sen. Tim Scott via satellite to discuss the future of the Republican Party and the bipartisan bill to protect Mueller.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54423875","title":"Republicans Scott, Gowdy discuss Russia probes, future of GOP","url":"/theview/video/republicans-scott-gowdy-discuss-russia-probes-future-gop-54423875"}