Robert Mueller's questions for Trump released

"The View" co-hosts discuss what questions they'd have for the president.
5:28 | 05/01/18

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Transcript for Robert Mueller's questions for Trump released
There's crazy things going on in the audience. We have an audience member who can do something I didn't even want to look at because it scared me. It's amazing. People are -- it's -- What happened? We'll show you in the break. There are people e-mailing and texting that I have several holes in my shirt. Thank you for that. I know, but I love this shirt so much because it's so -- It's comfortable. It is the greatest shirt ever, and apparently you can see bermuda when I put my arm up. So I apologize for that. Now they've taped me up so I'll be sitting like this. So, the leaks come on coming out of D.C. Dozens of questions Robert Mueller plans on asking the guy in the white house apparently were published, raging from -- raising -- good lord, going from why he fired Comey to his business dealings with Russia, and all these questions, who would leak this? Why would -- why would someone leak this? They're saying that his lawyers leaked it. His meaning -- His lawyers, people who work for him, maybe Giuliani, one of those guys. And -- he's his lawyer now, isn't he? He is. This is my theory, that Mueller is behind leaking them too, that he gave them -- Oh, no. Well not the exact questions but the areas that they're going to cover, so that he's knock lading himself against this attack on him saying that he's setting up the president for perjury. Now we're giving you the answers here to the test, and the questions like they do in college. Sometimes they -- No, we didn't do that in college. We did. You always aced that test when you got the answers ahead of time. So they're giving him the opportunity so that when he says I didn't know that -- when he goes out there and purgers himself, they can't say -- It has to be frustrating for Mueller because he seemed to have bipartisan support above the fray and when you're running that type of investigation you don't want this kind of stuff coming out. This is weird to me because I've never conducted an investigation where I gave the subject of the investigation all of the questions that I was going to ask. But the theory, sunny -- That's not something you generally do. What I've been hearing is that they didn't get the questions per se. They made up the questions. That makes more sense because the areas of inquiry are already public knowledge. The special counsel was tasked with investigating certain inquiries. You would say pursuant to my mandate I'm going to ask you questions about collusion with Russia. I'm going to ask you questions about Flynn. But you would never give the entire list of questions. Yeah, and wouldn't he have to reject that since he was so upset apparently that Hillary got one question from -- Oh well, there was that. From Donna Brazile. That deny happen, didn't it? Yeah. Thank you. It doesn't make a lot of sense. Leaking traditionally was one of the seven deadly sins in politics. I don't know why you would be looking potential information from both sides. You're saying trump could obviously read questions beforehand but Mueller could come up with different questions so I don't understand the end game with this, one news cycle. It's probably going to be about Russia. That's the investigation. Use your own imagination what these questions are going to be. Also isn't it a way for his lawyers to say to him, you better not sit down with him under oath because you're going to screw up? That's one of the theories floating. Doesn't he have to? I think he has to. Are there any questions y'all would ask? I would ask him exactly why have you been so reluctant to attack Putin on anything concerning global politics and how many times had you met with him before the election because remember he said he didn't but then it came out that he actually had so what exactly is the nature of your relationship. I want to know about his business dealings. That's one thing that bothers me. Whether he ignorantly colluded with Russia because that's my theory if it did happen which we'll see. My bigger problem is with a world leader being president trump having business dealings that are still sitting in Russia that he will not reveal. That really bothers me. What about you? I would certainly ask about don Jr. And manafort's meeting. I want to know what happened at that meeting, did he have prior knowledge of the meeting and did he learn about the meeting right after that. What about you, joy? I think he's such a pathological liar. Every day he lies like 25 times. I would ask him would you take a lie detector test like stormy did. Except it's not -- I don't think it's admissible. I would want to do it. I would ask Mueller questions. We should just put him in a room with you. Only one is come out. The first question I would ask Mueller is how many times since you got hired have you thought, I'm getting the hell out of here. How many times have you considered quitting. And do you feel like you can get to the truth, because really, again, this is another public trial, a trial in the public. Yeah. So I wondered, do you really feel like you can get to the truth and even if you get to the truth is it going to be meaningful. That's why the lie detector test would work. You can't put it in -- the court of public opinion is dangerous because it's not always right. Yeah. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss what questions they'd have for the president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54856426","title":"Robert Mueller's questions for Trump released","url":"/theview/video/robert-muellers-questions-trump-released-54856426"}