Rod Rosenstein expected to be fired

"The View" co-hosts react to the breaking news that the deputy attorney general is heading to the White House with the expectation that he will be fired.
5:14 | 09/24/18

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Transcript for Rod Rosenstein expected to be fired
Ome to "Thvi." Before W went on T air, the news broke thatut toeneral rod Rosenstein reportedly ppa resign and is working the details now. So tue real what is this going to mean for the tumueller inveation? That'she motor ING because we know that Jeff sessionsused himse the Russia investigation and rosensin a duty attorney general took his the nt STE --here's line of esnch in 2016ut it all th the ne person would be sistant atrn which is Noel ancisco. Prident trumn also aoi someone of his choosg to fill that spot as long as theater thechallenge. Thaill be T allenge. There are people in H administraonhat in the justice have en confirmy the senate. He's going toanomeone really user friendly andomeone who wet rid of the Mueller inigation. Ueller haslreadyound so much out already, S inctments an peoplere going to il. He's got a lot of ition alrey. I don't see how it can hurt Mueller, frankly. The predent has beewanting toid of rod rosensin from D because appointed Mueller to begin with it W reported "The new Y time T Rosenstein had talked aboutnvoking T 25th dmetapping a really intoat peoplethe fnd doj are out to GE me,hey want to get me out of of. What I care most is the morale within T doj and you've g150,000 people there, a lot great people, a lot of P that pol. Pl at their top have -- have phem I D positionave really made the name bad for the and doj. I think that's really snd don't care what yolitics are, we should all be set about at. What's interesting to mes uess the failing "New York Times" is not failing anght. Eikes them. Nows okay? I'm just kind of -- Yeah. -- Shocked that ye buying inhis after mths of talking AUT how and how eys. It's -- Urse it's okay. If it works him H likes it. He esn't, he hates rosenstn also, to be fair, those cusations, but we're hearing that ABC news is repti white house is using to accept the resignation because they're gog him instea They wt to control it. What's th purpose of that? May have S do Wiis thetics of it. They want to makeur that when he goes He controls it E it. He doesn't wan toiv benefits, doesn't want to -- know. Look, you can't really clean this U B is kind of bad anso says, look, being sarcastic. Somebody else said, well, I 'T that way. Who knows what the truth let's rember when trump was interviewed byter holt I thinktast year, he said that Rosenstein a fin person, that he asked him for his recoendations. He also mentioned T Democrats likeosenstein and Republicans like him too. All of a suddenenstein is reonsible fo T Mueller investigation,e doesn't like anymore. But trump ces H mind every minute. He doesn't seem to knt he's doing. So Rosenstein was in the middle ll of that he W thkinow what, this guy notor F the country so let me stay andatch it and maybe wear a wire so we N get hout. I think people are so sickfthe politics. Everybody and tir mother seems to wri a wire the whi house. Or taping things. That's what I'm sa everybis tape -- before any ofs folks have been taping. Omarod. And well, so did W wrote "Fea Bob Woodward. All kinds have be tang the president. Yh. But tbi a doj could be hill to a dferent standard. It should never ever be political. At's the O safece you have in this country and their crucial E. I Lovet you "The New York Times" piece and the hypocrisy because on then it's failing and people don't take it Serio but was reading tt people whoove "The New York Times" pieces S therot enough source to back this up. Leftoesn't like Thumber ofimes id the FBI I never knew what politic leanings were of anyone that I wor with. Ents. They're goodgood dec M and women, and the sugion somehow the rife wh Politi I don't really Thi true. But that was put out the early onadministra. Yeah Castinoun the FBI and what they don who they are. People bust their behindvery Tay to keep U fe. They just really G mennd women in the FBI. Have to take a lot of that and it.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react to the breaking news that the deputy attorney general is heading to the White House with the expectation that he will be fired.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58045318","title":"Rod Rosenstein expected to be fired","url":"/theview/video/rod-rosenstein-expected-fired-58045318"}