RuPaul responds to Trump's LGBTQ tweets

The host of the new daytime talk show "RuPaul" discusses making drag mainstream and Pride Month.
5:19 | 06/06/19

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Transcript for RuPaul responds to Trump's LGBTQ tweets
A huge huge shout I mean absolutely incredible eleven seasons. On the do you think this show has made drag mainstream. I don't you know on a superficial level it's may drag mainstream you know with the vernacular. And you know old the paint in the powder but on a deeper level drug it's really a ballot up blowing the lid on the hypocrisy. Of the life. The society we live in drag says you're more than just the paint in the powder in the outfits or whatever it says on your driver's license. You are an extension of the power to create the universe with its Irsay and Manning yeah. I felt it. In its in an obvious way of stating that so most people won't be able to grasp that aspect of Baghdad and Jamaican grab that. Okay you're always just don't say it may all your little work was brought leaping grabs that. Yeah yes I think deeper message which as you were born naked and the rest is drag most people can't graph that still in that respect it won't be mainstream at burnout I like the Pakistani too because trek is dangerous drag is not Lilly can blue magnolia Eric. Or not I'm. Barak at night I highlights standard. That's why today not because it it challenges all of the things that societies says are real and word worthwhile. You know it's that it it challenges the ego it's what yes because the egos says no you are this and we need you to be there so we can still beer and shampoo to you and you better not change projects that don't look now on this. Oh and what not watch me at high and I can opt. Back up. We're all doing it either way we are all doing it you are born nick everybody in this audited by what is so you are in wrecked and once you can see yourself. From outside of yourself that's what and that the up part he's big yeah. Happy about at least three straight guys three white straight guys and Boston. Want to hold their version of a pride parade. Pride for being just straight white which index all eloquently and really got put the nail on Mathew Padilla. Well I I feel what you're you're saying in this trip as you know it's there we go back to the eagle how the Eagles what does that. Well I'm I have a question up pay attention to me hello again late watching Nina still. You guys really. Did that topic well and we you know we're talking about its price is we're talking about. Shame and oh we want to sort of balance. That the conversation by giving people pride but the truth is. The opposite of shame isn't right the opposite shaken his law. And it's recognizing. And love is that frequency that goes through each of our bodies its industrial. That's the thing so. What we are doing is calling attention to love that's the key to the pride celebration. I. That triumphant tweeted something very positive about LG BTQ. Movement. We didn't heed elk hills between and too long it's similar cap blab blab blab got back. But it was a positive tweet about the eligible to commit ams shocked and they are you. I I'm a you know I want things they about that. Actions speak louder than tweaks. Okay. So let's just lip service has played so you know I thought I wanna pay any attention to though fu yeah. Yeah. Every win after they have handled that I can't a couple of weeks and now mind you hosted the fifth and will rule pulls. Draft or in LA yes I dragged. Queen kind mentioned it was bigger than ever they want lot of kids and families at this year's math and you say they have belief systems. Are different tell me what you mean but that's a new generation of people we talked to that we talked to this generation on our talk show. It. It's it's it's a movement that took a movement from the inside young people who. Haven't grown up with the shame them at young people who have no problem. With thinking outside the boxes and drag content which we do here in New York we couldn't do it in September here. Is is still was so many beautiful people like I think any of the it's the twenty its first century. I'm re imagined. And it's it's so beautiful it's who talk about eight year old with their families and mothers and fathers who have no problem bringing their kids there because there's really no partly. It was kids we love colors and sparkling things and joy and laughter and music and all the things and I didn't tell yet. Those are the things. That that that's our secret weapon that the. The other side does not have so hang on to the music and the love and the colors and the joy and the laughter. That will be our salvation that matures they may not.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"The host of the new daytime talk show \"RuPaul\" discusses making drag mainstream and Pride Month.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63535925","title":"RuPaul responds to Trump's LGBTQ tweets","url":"/theview/video/rupaul-responds-trumps-lgbtq-tweets-63535925"}