Sandra Bland's sisters speak out about their search for answers

The sisters of activist Sandra Bland talk about their continued search for details about her death and their HBO documentary, "Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland."
9:50 | 11/27/18

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Transcript for Sandra Bland's sisters speak out about their search for answers
Oh yeah right stand out of the car did not have the right on the why do you have a right now step or how little remove I'm if you had been dragged out of here might argue that any drag me out in my own and I get the color. If you like she looked out. Well. That was act to descend to blend getting arrested after routine traffic stop escalated. Back on July 102050. Game three days later she was found dead in her jail cell. Three years later. The mystery is that still surround her depth I examine. In the new HBO documentary say her name the life and death of central plant. Her two sisters shines in Needham and Sharon Cooper join us now thank you for comment. Do so Sherron. Uses the sun just step three is does sparked public outrage mass protests in the country. Can you just remind everyone exactly. What happens. Exactly. Thank you all for having us here we really appreciate it. I'm Sandra was actually on her way to the grocery store I'm sheep just relocated to Texas. To take job opportunity when her I'm a moderate which is privy and then. I'm in just in the course of quite frankly living in the black in America which we all know far too well. I'm she was pulled over by a police officer for failure to use her turn signal. To change lanes amount fortunately she was brutalized. In the field and was taken to jail where she was found on dead three days later. Shawntae you were actually won the last ones the last want to speak to sandy in jail yes we have a clip that actually let's play it. When you need me call me. From July 11. So let me known as she hit. Men arrested. A delay in June for. She's you know I'm really download and she's saying I'm. Homes had really being. You Nike era toxins that are Garzon friend. If she said company made that. He she hung up the phone. And she knows how. I wouldn't wish this hurdle in line. Emotions are still so raw. And you watch this and still so many unanswered questions I want to point out that your family everything got a call that she passed away it was a cousin. That called and told you wouldn't think happened to you think she took her online. So be honest with two. We'll never know. Everything surrounding that was. Questionable. Use of so we just we'll never know. And that's what hurts them homes and. And in this documentary is so powerful I watched it last night so incredible. But one thing that struck me was that sandy was an activist. She I'm almost narrated the documentary through her blogs about racism and race relations and working on the that you once were gonna divide. Between the races she talked a lot about police brutality. What was shocking to me was how could someone really so we quipped to live black in Texas so woke. This could end up being a hash tag make how how could that happen. I. Think why it happened in what we continue to see is there's almost this. Outrage fatigue if you will. If you are living while black and an American you know what it feels like to have your life in jeopardy at any given point. And so to that and we know what's going on it is. The lack of response I feel from those who aren't impacted by it. Why it's so able to happen there are people who are of the majority who have a seat at the table and so they need to activate their voice and away. That causes and ignite and spark for change because we know what's happening in the least bit on the front lines and we've been saying not only just that black lives matter but also to. We are fighting to be seen as human. And that is what this documentary shows and why it is so almost palatable if you will that sandy was able to show up and nary a documentary about her life. So that's a level of frustration has to do. Put the way home offices and local officials handled the situation and act occur. What other questions have gone unanswered in this case I mean. We don't we don't have a time and then. I think I was very we don't have a time of death. I think those very important. They never gave us that. It was offices still wears officer. He's no longer working for Texas. We don't know what he's doing right now but he has he was fired six months asked there. Too fast and there was no camera. So he was on the payroll for six month or six more sand there was a perjury charge against him correct. As I recall what happened to that. That would happen with the perjury charges that it was dropped. And what you will see him a lot of these cases. Folks don't understand why people in the black community don't get excited about an indictment. Because an indictment doesn't necessarily equate to an in that they didn't conviction rate and so in this instance when the indictment came down it was a perjury charge which was the minimal amount. And I believe he could served a year anngelle that charge was strapped with a promise that he wouldn't practice. The law enforcement in the state of Texas when quite frankly he shouldn't be a law enforcement official anywhere. So only law enforcement in Texas correct that's correct. And at my understanding is sharing your family reached a one point nine million dollar settlement and get your wrongful death lawsuit. With the promise of jail reform and police. CNN. That he did not. What was that promise fulfilled the training promise. I think it was a feel to a certain degree we were in a position where we were able to get an. Act passed that I'm in addition to some of the issues that we had. With the jail it was that there was monitoring that they said was done that wasn't done and it was falsification of deal locks us thought those things were addressed in the C interplay in act. Unfortunately the police to escalation which is the crucial point yeah of legislation was left on the cutting room floor. And so while it's disheartening. I'm it's not a reason for us not to continue to fight which is what we do because ultimately. That is what we need in this country is we need our law enforcement officials to be trained appropriately so that they can handle all situations that they encounter especially in the escalation absolutely. Especially when you know that there are kids with special needs who out there are no rats man who you know who. I'm not respond to anything with someone yelling at them and it may be you know so there's a lot that needs to happen in Z between law enforcement and the citizens against album. Do you feel. People are listening. Absolutely dead I think that people are listening. I just hope they listen and actively yeah what's already in them contact Sharon elected officials. Hold them accountable. And don't just sit at home. And say that's we'll do something. Call and right. Go sit in the office did some. Think Sharon won three years later. How's the family doing is is there any closure and if not when he's happened for there to be some closure here. I think for us in particular I think closure is will always be hidden far reach. Largely due to the fact that we don't. We don't have answers that we mean and I think at this point the answers would come from the person who is no longer had to give them to us unfortunately. Which is my sister. What I will say is this I think what needs to be done in addition to what Sante already expressed is that those. Who have the power. Who are in board rooms who have a platform. Who have a voice who can actually reach people those are the folks who not only need to be an ally for change because we talk a lot about Alley ship. But need to be an accomplice for change it's you have to be willing to star something's up. Quite frankly you have to be willing to Tampa Bay amplify your voice do it instantly louder and gave us exactly exactly. And we of course over the weekend just had another life taken from this. And so. Those are that's a family who was just and tune in to this mission costs. Also are up yes. What can you so tell them to help them through this because. What needs you've been you now. It's I want to taxes. That family I'm there's a couple of the families I've seen his life you can't remember because there's so many rain what I want to say to that family into the public. Is to grant that family. And those who have lost their loans want loved ones the same amount of grace and mercy. That you would expect when you lose a loved one there's an immense amount of fun solicited publicity that comes with it it's a catch 22. And so respect their space. Respect their space respect their boundaries and the best thing you can do for them. Is to pray for them in respect their wishes and when their radio to come forward. And have their story be told that let them tell their story on their own terms and in their own time it's. Thank you and thank you for common thank you sent him Finnish and I think I have to say her name life and death of signs of blunt abuse December do yourself a favor. This could be anyone of our family members watch this.

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{"duration":"9:50","description":"The sisters of activist Sandra Bland talk about their continued search for details about her death and their HBO documentary, \"Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59448610","title":"Sandra Bland's sisters speak out about their search for answers","url":"/theview/video/sandra-blands-sisters-speak-search-answers-59448610"}