Sen. Kamala Harris on beating Trump and Democratic infighting

The 2020 hopeful shares how she intends to get Donald Trump out of office and if Democratic infighting will impede her goals of doing so.
5:32 | 07/12/19

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Transcript for Sen. Kamala Harris on beating Trump and Democratic infighting
No one of the bigger issues and watching these debates from me. Is I don't want to see you all. Cannibalizing each other and that's what it felt like me I want I'm discussing it and because you know we we have discussions about. What happened in the past what was you know I'm fifty flat bay yes I remember rank. All the things that came and I remember oh cool ram this country this country was not ran back people friendly to us. First ever until you may be when John Kennedy came in and we weren't even show up Matt Ryan so. This is not a surprise when I won and now what I want to see you wall them. Explain to us off is what you gonna do to get this man out of out of hot right. Yeah okay. Including us like we hit London thing but none of us at this table. If you really check some of the mistakes we made in our past are gonna come up as perfect so we're gonna find that in all these. 55000. People at a run. But I want to know that we EM. On the same page when it comes to getting. Backed out and that we are important to find a way to bring us back into balance that's what I want to see which one did Al. Both the absolute but GAAP. Try and. And there is no question in my mind. That we not only at this table but we are meant to base states are of collective purpose and that regardless. Donald Trump. Came into office. On an agenda that was about make America great again. And then that of course begs the question again for home. And it it made it hit he has come into office making all kinds of promises to people and he has me trade. So many of those people. He came in saying how women who helped get him out without one how well we get him back we're gonna pay prosecute a case against four more years of Donald Trump on and there are some. New long rap sheet and kind and you look at it in terms of him coming in saying he was going to help. Working people farmers auto workers OK let's look at that so trade policy by tweet is what we get from the gun. Going at it any unilateral way which has resulted I'm spending a lot of times you can imagine Iowa New Hampshire Nevada South Carolina. In Iowa farmers are looking at bankruptcy and they've got soybeans riding in bid and ask. Because they did the hard work of over a decade cultivating a market in China. That is now they'll cut off from the if some are estimating that as many as 700000. Auto workers before the end of the year will lose their jobs. American families because of the so called trade policy are spending one point four billion dollars a month war. In everything from champ who. To washing machines because of the so called trade policy and then what does he do what sells Utley is on the rap sheets he passes a tax bill that benefits the top 1% and the biggest corporations that this country. Meanwhile. Crowing about this great economy it hit his. Let's have a conversation about that you ask how are you measuring the greatness of this economy of yours that you call it so great all by the stock market. Not if you Holmes asks again in just seven people are percent. Of the stocks that are owned in America are owned by the top 10%. A touch and most people. Then US will Halcion measuring the greatness of the so called economy even as they talk about the unemployment numbers well into some that I'm traveling on country. People are working. There working two and three Johns and an hour America people should not have to work more than one job to have a roof over their head and food on the tape. I think she's making that this infighting is going on of the Democratic Party and mean we talk about it. This IOC in the squad against Nancy and then you and Biden have this thing. Is that's hurting the party but is that going to stop Europe. You're going back and impede your goal of getting him I was I think in fighting this is a betting props well Zemin is it isn't a vetting process well I don't mind. I want well the local first bomb act couldn't agree more that this happens to be about pointing out what is not working has not been working. Well the last couple of years with this administration and it has also been in a very big part of my perspective. Is not only again prosecuting the case against former years based on the evidence of why it's not working from birth families and middle class families. But it's also has to be about saying hey time to turn a page. And right the new chapter and what does that look like. And it has to be about a vision for American which everyone can see themselves as selling I think about. And my policy priorities are based non bending Marcus and transforming the system and all kinds of stuff that may or may not happen. But really about what I called the 3 o'clock in the morning priorities right and by that I mean. The issues that wake. People up at 3 o'clock in the morning. Because I'm a tell you when people are thinking about those issues it Israelis through the lands of the party with which they're registered to vote again. It Israeli through the lens of some demographic some pollsters ligament and it's about they're when they wake up was about their health parents about can they get a job and keep the job. I'm I have a whole plan is about education and teacher pay and closing the teacher pay back the gap and angle on and on.

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"The 2020 hopeful shares how she intends to get Donald Trump out of office and if Democratic infighting will impede her goals of doing so.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"64299132","title":"Sen. Kamala Harris on beating Trump and Democratic infighting","url":"/theview/video/sen-kamala-harris-beating-trump-democratic-infighting-64299132"}