Takeaways from Biden-Harris sit-down

"The View" co-hosts react to President-elect Biden's and Vice President-elect Harris’ first joint interview since their election win.
6:19 | 12/04/20

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Transcript for Takeaways from Biden-Harris sit-down
So last night we saw something we haven't seen but for years. President and vice presidential candidate. With a plan to lease I mean not a candidate did the elects I guess it's not science. So they're less. We elect sat down with Jake Tapper for their first joint again but the joint interview since winning and promised they wouldn't repeat trucks habits like can now appointing unqualified family members to posts for example. They promised not to reach treats and a whole lot more let's watch. In the first. They're much more grades to say I'm gonna ask the public for 100 days. To mask. It's 100 days to mask now for over 100 days on every issue that impacts the American people. Will be a full partner. To the president elect and the president there have been. More than several. Sitting. Republican senators who privately call me to congratulate until the election is clearly. Decided in the minds when Electoral College votes they get put in a very tough position. So it's likely left another house and now we're entering Disneyland. And pop up problem. So let me ask you this problem I think and it made me did you get did this give you a good preview have held around the country knows Sarah so there's a Paris. Yes I think overall this interview was a lot of feel good moment it felt like help was on the way in fact. President elect Biden even treated couple days ago you know. At my message that run struggling right now is help is on the way. And the part that specifically jumped out was that the end of that clip was the way he spoke about Republican senators and this is always something I look for. In any leader is kind of the empathy be offered back with on the other side and here's a man who's talked about collaborating why operating working with the other side. It would have been easy in this interview he said. Allstate is tactically this was president elect Biden and named Jake Tapper thank you have to be tacked on but no I it and it matters and I will. And I loved app because when he being shelled was a certain empathy about the that typical position these Republican senators are in. But it wasn't just the impact heat it was the strategy of it this is a man that keeps talking about working across the I'll cooperating with the other side. The fact that he might be dealing with the Republican senate this was such a great route to tape which is. Don't take the low hanging fruit don't stomp on it just say you're in a tough position. That's okay they'll come around I just thought that was so thoughtful and deliberate and it matters to me. I wonder I wonder if he's going to be able to do it it's heavy lifting Belgian bank and a what do you sense. I think he's been a tried very very hard. But that might take LA's but as we were just how normal. How saying how adult how productive the entire conversation felt there were points where there was one point what he said. This is one way Jake Tapper asked Joseph Biden about prosecuting. Donald Trump and about the pardons and he said this is not my Justice Department this is the people's Justice Department. Before trump. I would have told you that's like up president saying the sky is blue. But you know what we're living through right now and seeing how. Donald Trump treats William Morrow like this mania and build Barbie hate like comedian Eddie so refreshing. I was also so. Heartened to see the relationship in the you know just how well the cooperation is. Between Kabul and Joseph Biden and hoping that it you know it it emulates what the relationship was between Joseph Biden. And Barack Obama and I loved his aunt sent. On diversity and the cabinet. Instead of him saying you know these all you people do is whine and asking that he said that's what they should be doing they should be pushing me. And judge me when this is over because I planned to have a cabinet that looks like America. I'm it was just. Having a really at felt like like that you know new date is as Donnie. Yes it's Versace. It's a little block though isn't it. I like say okay I can't alienate the I don't want to be important what HYY. Yes always this stuff to talk about us. So yeah. Food fundraising is hot you know I. Here was boring and it was normal and I didn't. Searching for that return. To normal CNN and you know I hit it it was it was just so refreshing for me that there are adults in the room now and that's what it looked. Like it looked like someone who was presidential someone who was vice presidential. And I loved and and I also. I'll agree with Anna I loved hearing that Koppel Harris will be an equal partner much in the way. That Joseph Biden wasn't equal partner with President Obama we always know there. You don't know that they have this incredible relationship and I loved to that he said. That she will be the last person in the room when he makes significant decisions that she has been. Opt in not every single decision that has been made and that she will really he said also. That whatever the most urgent needs are that he is not able to attend to he has confidence in turning to her so I'm really looking forward. To seeing what she will be responsible for because we know that Biden was instrumental in getting the Affordable Care Act passed. We know that he was instrumental in the H1N1. Pandemic. And so I one that pandemic but but the H1N1 issue so I'm I'm really thrilled. Four Kabul and has to see a woman of color. Being represented. In terms of that level of of leadership if it shows she you know I think my daughter what is Kate she's okay. Campbell did anybody. Did anybody here I was seeing what Romney said I just want to throw that out there before we go to break. Because I loved it he said that trumps pandemic response is a human tragedy. I mean you know considering the party of silence. An annulment makes a pandemic amidst a tragedy. He really stands out I have to tip my hat to Ron.

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{"duration":"6:19","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react to President-elect Biden's and Vice President-elect Harris’ first joint interview since their election win.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"74542317","title":"Takeaways from Biden-Harris sit-down","url":"/theview/video/takeaways-biden-harris-sit-74542317"}