Takeaways from Biden’s town hall

“The View” co-hosts weigh in on the presidential candidate’s town hall Thursday night in Pennsylvania that was hosted by CNN.
6:06 | 09/18/20

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Transcript for Takeaways from Biden’s town hall
OK so here's the hot topics for today with just 46 days to go before the election Joseph Biden took the stage last night mercy and I. Allentown holding his childhood home outside of Scranton Pennsylvania where he talked about everything from trash pandemic response to white privilege in America take a look. All the way back in March I was calling for the need for us there have. Mass cab the president's stand and tell us what's going on but he knew it. He knew what and did nothing as close to criminal should do you say it's individual liberty not to Wear masks I would I would takes away your freedom. We're takes away your freedom is not be able it see your kid. Not been able would go to the football game of baseball game up there must see your mom or dad's sick in the hospital GUC ways that you benefited from white privilege sure I've benefited just because I don't have to go through what my black Brothers and sisters and had to go through I'm running as a Democrat. But I'm going to be everyone stressed I want to ridge democratic president are going to be America's press. So a lot of people are anxious about his cut about how he performed last night. You know arm what do you think Sarah I happen to think before you think relics he liked what he was. Great ability was saying and knowledgeable and to the points. How did you think he did Sarah. I think joy that he did a really great job as well and primarily because of the stark contrast in sky ill from what we saw with president trumpet his town hall. We thought what I have always looked to represented officials to to deal which is to connect with their voters. He you could see his empathy and his compassion and humanity as people we're asking questions and often presenting some pretty difficult stories and I loved how he answered each one so personally and I felt that response but the two think that does that mean work I really liked when he called Anderson Cooper out. For CNN saying that he be the first president without an Ivy League education. That's spoke to me because I don't get remind you that everyone walks around with a little impostor syndrome here someone running for president of the United States and that kind of got in the gut. I also like kind of that the working man you know he was the first person from his family to go to college this is. The American dream right in front of you he worked hard he was among people that he would have grown up he grew up in that town like I just love that old school politician. But I also love that there was some new wants in his answers one thing I Boyce said as I'm gonna trust someone that can sometimes. Veer off air political ideology debt to tell me the truth and there was at a teacher who asked. What an accident was talking about being back in the schools and he said will there be a time. Because I'm and you know compromise Franken be back in the school and Joseph Biden immediately said. You know this is going to be a tough decision freedom me because even when we have the vaccine there's going to be different levels and it. I wanna make sure you're safe and the Siri answer would have been to a lot of vaccine to be gray it will make everyone take it'll be awesome and like. He just didn't do that into need that winds might trust. How can. Aren't so Megan what did you bank. Look I think there were a lot of low expectations for this give and they at the charm campaign is putting up this narrative that. Biden has been in the basement he cannot go out and interact with voters in the way that he won state and I think. Last night I was also pleasantly surprised at thought he did fantastic he definitely has that empathy that Sarah just completely. Gave a run down about what he was a great interacting with voters he's great when he's talking about pain is great when he talked about the corona virus. Really it out apart what's interesting is I've actually it was actually angry at his campaign last night because. He's more than capable of doing this and I know we're living in Kobe bland but figure it out figure it out to show this man in the strengths that he shows bass which he did last night. And I think it the problem going forward for president trump and and his team. Is that they are putting all of their eggs in the basket of the debates and I'm one of these people that's been very skeptical about how is gonna perform. If he does even half of what he did last night then it then there's really no question about his capability of creating trump dot beings that. Politicos headline this morning was that it was a softball town hall and at a certain point I still have serious questions. We're both presidents rob add Joseph Biden that I would like answered that are going to have to come out and hard hitting. And I begged the debate moderator asked to do justice the American public and actually ask some hard hitting questions because last night was not it. Okay okay I'm Hannah. Well look I think the questions were asked by voters themselves to me that's always one of my favorite formats town halls. I loved because of that because it's on fielded questions. By voters some of them last night where trump voters I love the fact that he stood up there answer a question powerfully forcefully. Made very poignant point for an hour and a half the trump campaign is putting up as false narrative that he some sort of you know feeble old man about to keel over at any moment was going to be manipulated in employed by all of these evil people around him. Last night he showed he's in command. He's forceful he's got but talent T and he can do this so I can't wait for those keeping what spoke to me. Was well you know one of his last answers where he talked about. Being a precedent for all Americans. Look I think many of us feel that Donald Trump has been the president for his base and only has base and has treated practically every other American as second class citizens. So healing from Joseph Biden. That he's going to. He Republicans and see Republicans and read recent Republican therapies that all Americans whether you want it progressive Democrat or whether you are I disenfranchised. Republican that felt like Al Lowe on my bit burned sifting. Let. The okay pyrite. Well you know I think that he'll do very well in the debates because he seems to know the the information. Trump doesn't know what he's talking about so many estimates Clinton wouldn't you always do better when you know the answers right. At a but I still think they need to fact checker at those at those debates.

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{"duration":"6:06","description":"“The View” co-hosts weigh in on the presidential candidate’s town hall Thursday night in Pennsylvania that was hosted by CNN.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73099845","title":"Takeaways from Biden’s town hall","url":"/theview/video/takeaways-bidens-town-hall-73099845"}