After Tillerson's dismissal, Trump White House in chaos?

"The View" co-hosts discuss what's next for the administration following Tillerson's dismissal.
6:10 | 03/14/18

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Transcript for After Tillerson's dismissal, Trump White House in chaos?
With recognix tillerson's firing yesterday the number of staff members exiting the white house currently stands at 54. Now, long-time -- yeah, 54. You know what's funny about comedy? Timing. A long-time friend of -- I threw that. Yes, yes. A long-time friend of the white house told Jonathan Karl that the new guy can do whatever he wants to do regardless of what advisers say so expect more firings and impulsive decisions. Do you think he's controlling this or is he in chaos? What do you think? How about he's creating the chaos. He creates the chaos. I can't go on with this. I'm surprised this didn't start earlier because we noticed in the beginning when you cross him or upset him that you're out, and I think that's what we're still seeing. I don't think it was -- I think it was Jon Karl. Someone said he's realized he can do anything he wants. I think he always knew he could do anything he wants. He enjoys a dictator. He loves a dictator. He loves Putin. Even Kim Jong-un he was sending flowers to a few months ago, then he hates him, then he's rocket man, now he likes him again. He likes dictators. He thinks that's a great way to be because when he ran the celebrity apprentice, he was in actual fact the dictator of the show. He always said you're fired, and yet, we were talking about this before, he can't fire someone to their face. That's interesting. He's chicken. I was listening to Leon Panetta, the former FBI director and he said on CNN, a real leader would fire someone face-to-face and he felt that trump lacked courage to do that. He seems so confident when he's screaming in the times we've seen him. I am shocked at this part because he seems like the type that would love to sit in a room and ream you and finish with, you're fired. Maybe not. He's one of those kids who talks behind your back. That's a mean girl. Yeah. Remember when -- even with Obama, I remember he sat down with Obama and hey, hey, nice, nice, and then he trashes Obama behind his back. He does it publicly so is it behind your back? No, he goes to his constituents only and gives them what they like. Should this be a concern to people, this turnover, or is this a very specialized plan? I don't think it's a plan. I think we're going day to day here. I'm concerned about the -- I'm concerned about the turnover. I think we all should be concerned about the turnover, but I'm also concerned about the positions he has yet to fill. We know that -- I think there are 630 key jobs that haven't been filled. More than half of them are currently vacant. What about the state department is becoming vacant. He's going to be dealing with Kim Jong-un. Who is going to be there to advise him? Mike Pompei yoe now. Not Ellen, as I said yesterday. We talked about this a few days ago. I think there's this chaos inside the beltway, for whatever reason it doesn't resonate with red Americans, it just doesn't. They don't care in the same way that we do, that the media does. He's at 41%, Rasmussen 47% approval ratings. They like the chaos. They knew who he was when they elected him. I didn't like Rex tillerson to begin with because I think you should have some military background before becoming secretary of state but this isn't going to get it. We're always talking, you and I, joy, what's going to be the thing that gets him. I put my money on stormy Daniels. Me too. Sunday night "60 minutes." It just -- it's something that you should be -- you should pay attention to. It's not so much who he's put out as I said at the beginning of the year. It's really who he's surrounding himself with. What's interesting is that all the people that have now left were the people that didn't know anything about how this worked. And suddenly he seems to be plucking people who maybe have a little more information about how stuff wo Yeah. He seems to be -- in my crazy mind, it seems to be a very interesting, hmm. You know, I think this -- I think there is a method to this. The thing is, it's like, he didn't drain the swamp. The swamp drains you. We bite back hard. You think you're going to get rid of everybody. No. The swamp is a long time coming since the beginning of time. You have to get people who have been working in the swamp a long time and all they did was talk crap about anyone who ever did anything in politics from day one and it's nice to have people who maybe understand how the beltway works. It's interesting because Pompeo's experience, I think he thinks that they're going to agree with im had. He's saying now people who agree with me. Maybe not. Maybe Pompeo will not agree and this woman won't agree with him. It still blows my mind that when you're interviewing someone like Rex tillerson did you not talk about any upcoming issues? They almost disagreed on everything. Do you just grab people and say you're good enough because -- I think he wanted that initially. He said I like the chaos. I like to see the people fighting with a difference of opinion. But now, I don't think he likes them to fight with him when they have a difference of opinion. And he certainly doesn't like them calling him a moron. That he hates. You know, I have to say that calling him a moron was a mistake. Not that I like trump. You know I don't like him at all. I know, you know how I feel about him. But if someone that I employed went out there and called me a moron, I would fire them too, frankly. That's probably the day that -- Even if it's the truth, even if I am a moron, I still would fire them.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss what's next for the administration following Tillerson's dismissal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53745569","title":"After Tillerson's dismissal, Trump White House in chaos?","url":"/theview/video/tillersons-dismissal-trump-white-house-chaos-53745569"}