Tom Brokaw: I was 'ambushed and then perp walked' after sexual misconduct allegations

"The View" co-hosts discuss Brokaw's response to the allegation he faces from a former colleague.
4:28 | 04/30/18

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Transcript for Tom Brokaw: I was 'ambushed and then perp walked' after sexual misconduct allegations
You know, Tom Brokaw is fighting back against sexual misconduct allegations made by a former NBC correspondent, Linda Vester, who accused Brokaw of sexual misconduct on two occasions one in her hotel room after hours and he said she invited him to her room to talk about work, which he now admits maybe was a mistake. He also claims that the news outlets perpwalked him before the facts were in. That's trending lately, it seems, you have to watch out for that because, you know, you need to have some kind of due process here, even if it's in the court of public opinion. I think that, you know, going to a girl's hotel room when you're twice her age is an inappropriate thing to do even then, I'm not sure but it's not -- he's not on the live of some of these other harassers we've been hearing about so there's this false equivalency, not to bring back the politics but heard it with Hillary Clinton there was a false equivalency and having this with this too talking about Al Franken like a broken record because I feel bad we lost a great senator without some kind of due process. It could be the same for this guy. The problem is when you look at like the Weinstein reports, those were sourced and triple sourced and went on for months and months where they had 15 and checked these sources so I think this is a little dangerous to jump out with a narrative because often a headline remains true whether proven otherwise or not and you can say it looked bad for him to go to the room but the women that went -- it's almost like the optics are not the story. Nothing threatens the me too movement more than unfounded accusations. Women now have a new-found power. People are listening to women or believing women in a way that they were not believed before. With that newfound power comes newfound responsibility. And we must all be vigilant about due process and about the claims being true if we want to have though long-term -- Why are we saying just out of hand that, you know, oftentimes with sexual harassment and sexual assault there are no witness, people do that under cover in hotel rooms and back alley answer all you have is the woman's word and I agree in terms of due process but NBC is not going to conduct an investigation into this so if you want due process and you're a network and have these allegations competing stories then why don't you want a robust -- a very robust investigation to get to the bottom of it. You should be investigating all of it. I mean god knows, we don't want to sit through another group like we found with the central park five who went to jail for a crime they didn't commit. Now, the young lady didn't accuse them. They were railroaded into a lot of what happened to them and some of them should not have been there. You know, there are -- we have an obligation to protect women as much as we have an obligation to protect men, to protect men -- male chirp, female children we have to protect each other but I don't think that we -- by running off and saying, well, you're guilty because you know that's all someone has to say is you're guilty now and that's what rolls with you forever so I think we have to say, listen, if it takes us every day like all of those rape kits that -- we have to clear these out so we can do the due diligence and make sure we do that because if we start just pointing and going, ah, we're -- I think we will be in deep doo-doo. I don't think we can out of turn dismiss a woman's story because perhaps there was a witness -- I don't think anybody is dismissing the story. I think what I'm saying is, listen, you have to know that people are going to ask questions. Are going to say, okay, let me take you through this, take me through this so I can get it off the street. That's what she. She came forward and told her story. Another woman told her story and now Tom Brokaw comes out and tells his story so now what do you do when you have those two competing narratives? You should have a robust season that follows it and I'm disappointed that innocence is not going to do that. Maybe they'll change their mind. We'll see. We'll be back.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Brokaw's response to the allegation he faces from a former colleague.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54831893","title":"Tom Brokaw: I was 'ambushed and then perp walked' after sexual misconduct allegations","url":"/theview/video/tom-brokaw-ambushed-perp-walked-sexual-misconduct-allegations-54831893"}