Trump announces death of al-Baghdadi

“The View” co-hosts discuss President Trump’s announcement of the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a U.S. special operations raid in Syria and if talk of defeating ISIS is premature.
5:12 | 10/28/19

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Transcript for Trump announces death of al-Baghdadi
Republicans and Democrats united in their applause for the military operation in Syria took down the number one wanted terrorist in the world, Abu Bakr Al baghdadi. Here's the press conference from yesterday. Take a look. Last night, the United States brought the world's number one terrorist leader to justice. Abu Bakr Al baghdadi is dead. He was the founder and leader of ISIS, the most ruthless and violent terror organization anywhere in the world. He died after running into a dead end tunnel, whimpering and crying and screaming all the way. So can we at least agree that the world is a better place without this guy in it? Who, trump or baghdadi? Which one? Which one do you think? Baghdadi's a bad guy. I'm glad he's dead. Trump is now taking credit for all of this, and I remember when Osama bin laden -- We got all the tweets up that he put up. He was captured and he said -- There they are, baby. Obama should not be taking credit for this because the Navy S.E.A.L.S did it. Well, in this case, the special ops or whoever they were did this thing also. Maybe he should back off a little bit, and stop bragging about it so much. I think we can all agree that it is important to battle ISIS, and certainly he was the self-proclaimed leader of ISIS, and so this is a good thing. My problem is that at least by "New York Times" reporting, folks inside of the intelligence community are saying that this operation was done despite or in spite of president trump, not because of him, and they're also saying that he had this sort of selective notification about the operation. So rather than inform Pelosi, rather than inform Adam Schiff, rather than inform Schumer, the gang of eight, and people who are supposed to be informed of this kind of operation, he informed just two people, instead of just all eight, and I think when you are conducting this kind of operation which is so important to the national security of our country, you don't remove yourself from the chain of command. You don't remove yourself from the natural -- the norms of reporting, and it just concerns me that even in something like this, he just doesn't follow the Right. Just doesn't follow them. It's a huge deal. It's a big deal. I mean, this is the biggest death of a terror leader since Osama bin laden. When bad things get the blame, when good things happen, you deserve some credit. We spend every day on the show with a tit for tat and trying to find a hit on trump, and say what a terrible president he is. I'm not going to do this today, because the men and women who were involved don't deserve it. They don't deserve that conversation. They deserve to be praised for that mission. We are praising them. We are. I think we need to take a breath and focus on how this came to be. This was in the works for years. We had none of our men and women who died in the process, and while trump would love for us to be talking about him for sure, I'm not going to do it today. I'm not going to spend my time, and I'm proud of this country. We have the very best military on this Earth. I thought yesterday like when we complain all the time, we still we still rock because we are leading this world in the fight against terror. What about the kurds? The kurds fought along with us, which says a lot about them. Can I talk? I'm sorry. I want to talk about Kayla Mueller who was a woman from Prescott, Arizona who was a doctors without borders volunteer who was taken by Al baghdadi, tortured, kept in solitary confinement, raped over and over and over again, and had the opportunity to leave and didn't, and saved other women. She's a very big name nationally, and in Arizona in particular. I think today we honor her. We honor her family. This guy, baghdadi, was the worst of the worst of the worst kind of scum on the planet of Earth, and I hope he's burning in hell with Osama bin laden. It's our life or the others. When you are bringing up the kurds, that's a valid point. They helped us get information that led to bringing this bastard down, but I will say I remember when Osama bin laden was killed. I was on a plane, and the plane applauded, and I was so -- I was crying and elated, and I remember wanting to go on the streets and there was a bunch of people. I was going from D.C. To new York, but there were people I wanted to celebrate yesterday, and there was not this feeling of celebration in the way that we should take these wins because it's a win for America, and it's a win for democracy, and it's a win for freedom, and it's a win for people who don't believe in torture and raping young women who are just volunteering with doctors without borders overseas and I think at this moment, all of our hearts should be with the Mueller family today.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"“The View” co-hosts discuss President Trump’s announcement of the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a U.S. special operations raid in Syria and if talk of defeating ISIS is premature.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66587982","title":"Trump announces death of al-Baghdadi","url":"/theview/video/trump-announces-death-al-baghdadi-66587982"}