Trump blames Democrats for border policy separating children from parents

"The View" co-hosts discuss the comment from the president and clarify who has the power to make change.
8:41 | 06/18/18

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Transcript for Trump blames Democrats for border policy separating children from parents
The immigration battle is at the boiling point over children being separated from pas, and the cur administrn is using different tactics to sort of justify what's happening. Take a look. If you violate the law, you subject yourself to prosecution. And would cite you to the oi Postle Paul in Romans 13 to obey the lawsthe government because god has ordained the government for his purposes Where does it say in the bible THA it's moral to make children away from their mothers? I'mot aware of the attorney general's comments or what he would be refeing. I can that it is very biblical toforce the law. The separation of illegal alien families is the pct of the same legal loopholes that demos RESE to close. I hate the childrenng taken away. Th Democrats have to Chang their law. That's the law. Let clarify onething.this is -- he says it's law that the democ are reonsible for, right? So can you explain why that's accurate? Yes. It certain is a crime to en the United States a cross the border legally. It's a misdemeanond it's punishab up to six months in prisoner and/or a fine. There is no law that mandates children must be separated if their family that is not the law. That is a py put in place by this administration, and it was T in place in April or Y, andhat policy was zero tolerance for people coming across the border. Every single person that comes acss the border, regardless if ey are seeking asylum, because remember historically if people are seeking asylum, they are not crossing theorder illegally.they are crossing the border to seek asylum. Right. Once cross the border se asylum, they should be separated from their children. The othepolicy the trump administration has now put in place, isyou are seeking as, fromang violence and domestic violence, tho are no longer grounds for um, and most importantly, you can only ek asylum at a specifi port of entry. Yes. Many of those points of entry are no longer admitting or accepting asylum applications.people get the, and they may goewhere else to try to cross, and now they are being arrested. And again,eing separated from their children. That is a policy, not the law. Itt from being a misdemeanor -- when did it turn into sometng that allowed them to separate famils like th That is a trump -- they were not always sped. It has always been a crime. Misdemear. Okay. If you do it more than once, it can be ratcheted up to a felony. Jeff sessions announcedhere would be a zero tolerance policy foyone crossing the border.they would be prosecuted immediately, and that -- O they are Arre, the children are separated. Son Donald Trump says the Democrats have a law, he is lying. Is that -- That not true. Okay. He I lying. Say it. I have my -- I have my legal hat on. I'm acting as thebc news legal correspondent, and I wt to give the law and theacts. Those are the facts. Opinion is different. My understanding, one thing, sunny, is this is what was originally confusing about this is people were blaming it on Obama or sething at that time, there was a time Ty said service a misdemeanor if it was a first entry, and a felony if itas an iegal re-entry. That is still the case. Obama didn't consider the first time the priority. There were so many people Ng in, and now the problem is the zero terance changed all of them to felonies. Remember, president Obama he is one of the presidents who deported the most people is my understanding. But also, he beli or that administration's policy was family detention. So cren were not separated at the Bo. They were detned together with their families. Even when we detained or P japanese-aricans into internment camps, they didot separate the families. One thing I wanted to make a INT of is that I really am erned about --ou can't enjoy your lif right now when you know thathis is happening. You just can't, and I keep thinking of 2,000 children. Some of the are a year and a half, 2 years old. Who is changing their diapers, breast-feeding them, and according to theresident of the American pediatric association, academy of diatrics, the rules are prohibiting staff from making physical contact with the kids. Yeah. They can't en hold them, comfort them. They can't. Or maybe mak life a little easier for them. So it's really -- it's really abusive. And iope that people remember this in November. The first lady's made a statement. Did I -- did you have anything? Okay. The firstady made a statement she hates to see this separatio and th practice caused nalist Brian karem to blow up at E press conference. Sarah, you're a parent. N't you have any empathy for what these people are going throh? Brian, settle down. Seriously. I'm trying be serious, T I'm not going to have you yell out. These peopleenothing. Brian, know you want to get some more TV time, tt's not what this is about. You're parent. You're a parent of young children. N't you have any empathyor what go through? Apparently not. So T guy in the white house who says hates it actually has theower to actually stop this particular thing from happening right now. So what do yothink is stoppi him? Congress can fix it easily. I will say before we goo far ahead ofselves of how evil all Republicans are, evangal leader, Franklin graham, senator Ben sasse and others have all come out againsts in the optics of th. It was saiif you are seek asylum, there was no reason to break the law, and they are doubling down on the narrative on the ports of entry. I Wil say that immigration reform is something that has been I think close to most Americans' hearts and all the issues that go on in this country,s the siren S to get people on both sidost fired up. Have seen it first ha. I grew up inarizona. I will say that when sny people, so many senators, the gang of ai and even the DACA bill this year, there are so many greatoliticians that have tried to have comprehensive immigration reform this is the ultimate ending of R bad policies that have been in place by not taking this more seriously, and not getting so tribal on both sides and not meeting in the middle. And the optics of the children and they are saying that they are detenon centers, but I looks like dog kennels to me. That is something that's going to com back and haunt Republicans in the elections. And I will say jac soboroff I have reported with, and he has done great reporting and he was one of the first people down there, and there is a difference between wanting on Thay, we're a nation of laws and borders, which we are, and I dot agree with amnesty. I don't agree with having op borders, but I think theres a differenceetweethat and separating children. What's interesting is you have said -- there have been -- George Bush tried to come up with mprehensive. He did. The other side shut how and said, we want a wall at that point too. U mentioned something that I thk all Americans regardless ofhat your political beliefs are. This is going to come back and bite us all in the ass. Not just Republicans and Democrats. It'soing to bite all ous. So if we don't demand thiset fixed or at LE dealt with, it's on us. This is on us. Yeah. Because -- it's not a partisan sue. It's not right and wrong. This is cruelty and human rights abuses. This is wrong. That's it. We'll be right back. ??? Announcer: Still ahead, FBI under fire.

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{"duration":"8:41","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the comment from the president and clarify who has the power to make change.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"55978998","title":"Trump blames Democrats for border policy separating children from parents","url":"/theview/video/trump-blames-democrats-border-policy-separating-children-parents-55978998"}