Trump cancels Mar-a-Lago plans as potential government shutdown looms

"The View" co-hosts discuss who's to blame for the impasse in Congress that could lead to a government shutdown.
5:21 | 01/19/18

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Transcript for Trump cancels Mar-a-Lago plans as potential government shutdown looms
So here's the thing going on. We could be just hours away from a government shut down and we know one person who is already a victim, Donald Trump. Why is he a victim? Because he scrapped his plans to play golf in mar-a-lago to stay in and see if he can work this out. So how could, you know, he do that? Is he really happy about this do you think? Can you imagine that would be a really bad luck if he's down Florida and the government shuts down. Golfing. You know, I'm sad for him. You feel sad for him? I feel sad for him. Why? Because I just want him to enjoy his life and I want him to just be able to golf as much as he wants and say whatever he wants on Twitter and I'm so upset that everybody is so mean to him. Oh. Sad. I would like him to enjoy his life too away from the white house. So some people will be affected by the shutdown. The government workers. It's not good. The -- There are a lot of people living paycheck to paycheck unfortunately in the military as well and national parks wind up being closed. Can you imagine taking a trip to the grand canyon and getting there and it's closed. I was 100% against it when Republicans did this in 2013 because I thought it started a dangerous precedence. If we don't like something, we don't just not show up and the show goes off the air. It shouldn't be the same precedence for the government, too. The blame game is going on right now. The Republicans and Democrats are blaming each other if this happens. Let's not forget something. Trump blamed Barack Obama back in 2013. He tweeted this. In 2013 the reason why Americans have to worry about a government shutdown is because Obama refuses to pass a budget. This is the blame game. Right. Don't you think we should then blame the president if he thought he should blame Obama maybe we should blame him now. I will say what I don't understand, I think I was talking to you the other day about it, if the Republicans aren't in charge of the executive branch and legislative branch how is it the government's fault? Because they're throwing DACA into a bill that -- He refuse to deal with DACA. It begins at the desk that he sits at and even though he doesn't say I'm sorry or take blame for things this is squarely on his shoulder. It's almost sending mixed signals. The Democrats don't know where he stands and the Republicans don't know where he stands. As a leader you got to have a clear message. Chuck Schumer said you shouldn't hold people hostage. You can't give into that. Everyone is wrong across the board. The fact we can't come to some kind of bipartisan deal on this -- When dickie Durbin. That's what trump calls him. Trump blew it because he had Steve Miller and Kelly talking in his ear and he said no, and goes to this to this to this to this. This I think is why, the average American again, if we don't like what's happening at home -- This is what I don't understand. We were able to get the tax plan done real quick and a lot of rich people are going to benefit from it. They don't need it. I know they don't need it but the other thing is when they -- They hustle for something and this involves immigrants, young people. This is important and somehow they can't seem to come together. Why do you need as many democratic votes? Why do you have to include them in the same bill? Even with this -- It's the only thing they have. It's not. This is a stop gap because they have to come back in mid February and DACA doesn't expire until March. Why do we have to tie them together? Because they have it right now. Right now this is the one thing they have to hold. That's right. That's what they have. They have to use the bargaining chip they have and thank god it's helping people. I don't mind the government shut down but if you're going to fight for something, help people and this helps people. The reason DACA was passed in 2013 is because president Obama was sick and tired of trying to work with Republicans to get this legislation passed and they wouldn't do it. So now the suggestion somehow that DACA recipients and immigrants need to wait. Wait again. Again and again and again, I think we are all saying no. We are tired. Let Haitian people come here to this country. Let Africans come here to this country and by god, let the DACA recipients, these d.r.e.a.m.ers stay here. We're talking about almost a million people. The American people do see past the hypocrisy as you brought up. There are both sides doing the posturing. I think it's got to be so frustrating. Let's not forget throughout all of this, yes, some of the payments for the military will be deferred and nonessential employees will not get paid if they're not working but congress will. Yeah. Sickening. Let's get to the real story. Okay.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss who's to blame for the impasse in Congress that could lead to a government shutdown.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52466915","title":"Trump cancels Mar-a-Lago plans as potential government shutdown looms","url":"/theview/video/trump-cancels-mar-lago-plans-potential-government-shutdown-52466915"}