Did Trump tell Cohen to lie to Congress?

"The View" co-hosts discuss new information in a BuzzFeed report via anonymous sources claiming that Donald Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie under oath about a Moscow Trump Tower project.
3:00 | 01/18/19

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Transcript for Did Trump tell Cohen to lie to Congress?
Okay, well the news is very hot today because buzzfeed is reporting that two anonymous federal law enforcement officials told them that trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to congress under oath. Are you following? Not good. To lie about the Moscow trump tower project. Now, if this is true don't know because it's anonymous sources. Only buzzfeed is reporting it. It would be the proof that trump committed a felony and the clearest evidence of obstruction so far. Reportedly there are also e-mails and texts that implicate ivanka and Donald Jr. Hm-mm. Every news outlet is reporting it even though it's buzzfeed's story but we're supposed to say and I'm going to say it's not official because they don't know 100% yet. But isn't that usually what happens, something like a buzzfeed will report it and then the rest pick it up. Then "The Washington post" will pick it up and then the others will delve into it further. Isn't that what happens in the news? Is anyone confirming this other than buzzfeed? ABC news hasn't verified it, no. I feel like we're sitting here so many times being like this is it, this is the smoking gun. I'm not going to get worked up. I have enough to worry about right now in my personal life until the Mueller report comes out. Don't you worry about this? I worry about the future of this country and I worry that if this is true that this happened. There's nothing worse you can do as a politician than lie under oath. That's as bad as it gets. That's pretty bad. This is directing someone else to lie to congress, which I think is pretty significant, subboarding surgeriry. I will say this and I agree, ABC news hasn't verified it so we don't know necessarily if it's true. What struck me as interesting is Ivanka Trump's very carefully worded statement which, in my view, wasn't necessarily a denial. She said through one of her spokespeople, Ms. Trump did not know about this proposal until after a nonbinding letter of intent had been signed, never talked to anyone outside the organization about the proposal, never visited the projected project site and was only minimally involved. That says to me, so you were kind of involved but only minimally. You didn't go to the site but you knew about the site and you found out about the proposal but only after a letter of intent had been signed. So that kind of told me, well then, you just kind of confirmed that the buzzfeed story is kind of accurate. Right? I don't understand any part of that response. You know what we haven't seen this morning? We haven't seen president loco tweeting a denial, right? Yeah. He is the first one out there that says no collusion, I did not work with Russia, I did not work for Russia. Today he's been tweeting away but he has not tweeted his 140-character absolute denial. To me that's telling. He will. Give it a few hours. He hasn't taken that long. I will say that I agree that we're all in agreement on this that it hasn't been confirmed by ABC news, nor NPR, nor any other news outlet. They're all referencing buzzfeed. You were asking do sometimes lower level outlets report things that get exposed. 100%. The things we're seeing right now is lower level outlets get a lot more attention as long as it's anti-Trump. Sometimes pro trump outlets maybe don't go with the media's narrative or the cultural narrative don't get as much attention. Any shiny object that's going to take out trump, no matter where it's reported or not -- we could come back Monday and this could be 100% true, I don't know. But I take everything with a real grain of salt until the Mueller report comes out. This is what we've known already. We know that Michael Cohen lied to congress. We know he's testifying February 7th in front of congress. We know those hearings are going to be conducted by Democrats who are going to ask him about this. We're going to know one of two things. Either buzzfeed is going to have egg on their face, or we're going to know if the president of the United States committed a federal felony and at that point we are in high crimes and misdemeanors and we are in impeachment territory. By the way, we need to also add that if you look at the pleadings, we also note that the president is an unindicted co-conspirator because he is named individual one in the pleadings in the manafort filings and also the Cohen filings. I'm not a lawyer. I don't understand this -- I like president loco so much better. Than individual one? For people maybe that aren't following this, put it in a sound bite. What's the most illegal thing we found out today. Obstruction of justice, perjury. Keep it simple for people. That and the fact that -- Thank you for clapping, ma'am. See, not everyone's following this. It's very complicated. Can I just say as the older person here, that is the exact way that Nixon was kicked out of office. We talk about Nixon every single day on this show. The parallel is incredible and it gives you hope. I'm not saying it's not possible. We're saying it's possible. By the way, go follow Merriam Webster dictionary on Twitter. They have a definition of sburd subordination. Yesterday in the Wall Street journal, trump directed manafort to rig polls. If this quacks like a duck -- this duck speaks Russian.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss new information in a BuzzFeed report via anonymous sources claiming that Donald Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie under oath about a Moscow Trump Tower project.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60474380","title":"Did Trump tell Cohen to lie to Congress?","url":"/theview/video/trump-cohen-lie-congress-60474380"}