Trump denies Nancy Pelosi military aircraft

The president sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi postponing her overseas trip to visit troops in Afghanistan after she suggested the State of the Union be delayed amid the government shutdown.
3:40 | 01/18/19

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Transcript for Trump denies Nancy Pelosi military aircraft
Welcome back. Trump is being accused of tit for tat with Nancy Pelosi because he wrote a letter to her that he's canceling her trip to Afghanistan or reschedule until the government shutdn is over. Or she can fly commercial. Is this just revenge on Pelosi because she postponed the state of the union, or is there a real thing here? Of course it's revenge. He's kind of president petty, we know that. By the way, in the letter that Nancy sent him, it was a request -- it was asking him to postpone it. She did not demand it. Although I understand that as the speaker of the house she could. Yes. By the way, she was leaving yesterday. It wasn't like this was a planned trip for Monday or something. I think the wheels were already rearing to go. After she was told you can't fly on air force one or whatever the official plane is, they said go commercial. Then he leaked it the security concerns became apparent. He cannot keep his bazoo shut, this guy. Look, this is becoming war of the roses. Any moment now they're going to have to go to marital arbitration. That being said, I think there's a huge difference between going on a vacation, going on a Codell to Paris and going to visit the troops. I don't like the way he talked about it in that letter. He said I am going to reschedule this seven-day excursion and postponing this public relations event. Maybe that's the way he sees it. It took him two years to go visit the troops which he did during the shutdown, during the Christmas break. I just don't think we should be referring to going to visit the troops who are serving this country as an excursion or a public relations event. I agree with you on that. It's ironic that he went to visit the troops under the shutdown too but I don't think anyone should be traveling anywhere because we've got federal workers here in this country that are servants that aren't getting paid. Until you can sit in your office and get your job done, they're both like school kids fighting against each other. You know how to stop this shutdown, if all the TSA and all the air controllers and everybody associated with the airlines walked out. Then you'll see it stop. It is 75 degrees in palm beach right now and you know how much golf this man is missing? I was mentioning Gary Cohn yesterday, his former economic adviser, who said he doesn't understand the strategy and I didn't get to finish my thought, but the thought is if you listen to the economists, they're saying that this partial shutdown could cost at least $2 billion per week. So as of now, it's going to cost about $6 billion if you add all the benefits which is more than the cost of the wall that he's asking for. Yeah. So that's why the white house strategy doesn't make sense to someone like Gary Cohn who is the economic adviser. Right. So that is my question. I mean, if you're asking for the almost $6 billion for the wall and the shutdown has now cost you almost $6 billion and the ill will of the American people and your stats are plummeting, what is trump thinking? People keep saying $5 billion, $6 billion. It's really going to be like $20 to $30 billion at the end of the day. What's the strategy? Let's not forget that while he was cancelling Nancy Pelosi going to visit troops in Afghanistan, Melania was flying on an air force jet to mar-a-lago in Florida. Was she wearing her jacket?

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"The president sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi postponing her overseas trip to visit troops in Afghanistan after she suggested the State of the Union be delayed amid the government shutdown.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60474428","title":"Trump denies Nancy Pelosi military aircraft","url":"/theview/video/trump-denies-nancy-pelosi-military-aircraft-60474428"}