Trump insults Chuck Todd, Maxine Waters, Oprah at rally

"The View" co-hosts discuss how people should respond to the president's name-calling.
5:12 | 03/12/18

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Transcript for Trump insults Chuck Todd, Maxine Waters, Oprah at rally
The guy in the white house was happy over the weekend, he was at a rally in Pennsylvania where he took shots at some of his favorite targets. Take a look. I'm on "Meet the press", a show now headed by sleepy-eyes chuck Todd. He's a sleeping son of a bitch. I know Oprah. I'd love to beat Oprah. I know her weakness. Maxine waters, a very low iq individual. Ever see her? You ever see her? My gosh. I'm so uncomfortable. And a hush fell over Jerusalem. What is Oprah's weakness I wonder to him do you think? I heard that and I thought what is her weakness exactly? She likes bread? That's one, yeah. She doesn't strike me as a weak woman. She's only a self-made billionaire. She's actually not interested in running. I mean, she's kind of clear about the fact that she doesn't want to run. And you might not want to say you'd like to beat Oprah. Yeah, don't say that. Your verbiage -- Oh, I just heard it. Careful, sir. I'm just mentioning. And then chuck Todd asked treasury secretary Steve mnuchin about the rally the next day and Mr. Mnuchin says, oh, it's just business as usual. Watch a clip. He likes to put names on people. He did that through the entire presidential election, including all the Republicans that he beat. So these are campaign rally issues. So it's acceptable -- I don't -- you're saying it's acceptable behavior for the rest of the administration too, or is this unique to him? Again, chuck, this is something that is at a campaign rally and the president likes making funny names. Me too. I mean, you know, we all like to do that. Everybody likes to do that. This is just like, you know, it's like locker room talk, campaign rally talk now. Everything's excusable. I didn't think he was going to grab mnuchin by the -- Grab him by the munchkin. Munchkin comes off the tongue easier. Mnuchin, sorry. The only way you can go with him, either you stay on staff and tow the company line and find a way to explain it, I would have said it differently, this is just how he talks, or you're out. The closest anyone's gotten was Rex tillerson. He would never say he called him a more on buthat's because he had to keep his job. I think a lot of people ask this question hoping that, yeah, you're right, he's awful, but you don't do that if you're going to stay in your job. He'll out them. I love that the president said that he would be boring if he didn't talk this way. He said that to people -- He would. He said I would be boring. What's boring is the constitution, foreign policy, understanding the economy. He should be a little more boring. I enjoy it. I enjoy boring. He was in moon township, Pennsylvania which is a district he won by 20 points. That's truly his base. Listen, his polls are up. 50% voter approval rating. Real clear politics has his approval at 40%, highest in his term so far. I have this new term that I coined. I call it inside the beltway porn where all of us inside the beltway and media are freaking out, going crazy. I don't like what he said either. His voters, for whatever reason again, I said it before, I'm not a psychologist, I don't understand it. It didn't impact them. Isn't it so below the dignity of the office. I've always respected the office. I thought about you the other day. You did? Yes. You said you learned what oral sex was from our president. Clinton. I was on a plane yesterday from Disney with my kids and I was preparing for the show and -- can I say the B word on TV? No. So he said son of a B and my daughter was like -- That you can say. I don't even want to know what you thought she was going to say. I was reading it and I said I can't believe the president said son of a B and she said you always say cursing was bad. Why would he say that and I had to teach my daughter the word because of what the president said. Does it make you miss Romney? I think people are getting wrapped up in the names. After a year and change of seeing this, we can either keep talking about the next shocking thing he says because it's what he does, or we can say times have unfortunately changed. Now let me call him out on things that matter because while everyone gets wrapped up in the name calling and what it really meant, we could be talking about the boring stuff which is the things that we have going on, the guns, the -- Unfortunately, we're out of time. We'll be right back. Why did I want a Crest 3D White Smile?

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss how people should respond to the president's name-calling.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53688680","title":"Trump insults Chuck Todd, Maxine Waters, Oprah at rally","url":"/theview/video/trump-insults-chuck-todd-maxine-waters-oprah-rally-53688680"}