Trump to Kim Jong Un: My 'nuclear button' is 'bigger & more powerful'

"The View" co-hosts discuss the back-and-forth on Twitter between the president and North Korean leader.
9:48 | 01/03/18

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Transcript for Trump to Kim Jong Un: My 'nuclear button' is 'bigger & more powerful'
We first want to get to another big issue. And it's all about who's got the bigger but yeah. Who got the bigger but if that's the sweeter weren't cheap. Not North Korea's Kim Jong only yesterday saying that that nuclear button on his desk is much bigger and more powerful and his works. It's this kind of a crazy game were plant. And you know he struck me stay Medicaid did it hospitalized. I as a product or he's going to just kill all of us. And you know my feeling is that probably they getting closer to him in the Muller an investigation. And that's what this is about a lot of it. It's I killed a blow the whole world's obsolete if his stupid sons don't have to go to Jeff as in I just keep. I'm wondering you know is there are some sort of theory here is there some sort of strategy he's using because if truly he is just playing a game of chicken. With the dictator and North Korea which we really are in trouble and if you are talking about the 25 amendment and they're saying he's just. Not mentally fit to be the president and I think if you're doing this I mean. Is there a mental fitness problem we all know the ramifications of nuclear war. My turn not yeah. CB didn't have you know Baxter first of all. Not to bring too much luck yes but when I first for the tweets last night I was like this is an intensely phallic thing to say it seems to be about all who is is bigger in what context or another which is why. Nikki Haley needs to run for president we need to have a woman one way or the other. I don't. I keep adding friends call me tax me about like is there really a button in the White House is it like boom and then we nailed that's not how this works I just when it today. First the president will have to convene with military and civilian advisors in DC. Once the decision as to strike a senior official in pentagon war room must formally authenticate the codec. Then I'll watch crew takes over there's a whole stack of checks and balances so while we're all paranoid weights I see something but I think you may. Welcome this. Your button may be better what I'm big big black and I'm I'm got up this plan. Not doubt that it light up. My but used a flat out but outlet control we say had a those checks and balances here but he is dealing with a mentally unstable opponents. Who does not have those checks and balances as far as I can play is a dictator he doesn't yet check or balance with a and it doesn't. Suarez has the white clad this provocative came back and forth with someone who's almost as crazy as strong as eighty more there's exposure for Quan this exposure for Japan enemy and countless soldiers Americans so that. So artfully avoided this before is because of the idea mutually assured destruction it's yeah and so we understand it like use of the ramifications of nuclear warfare and it's not as though we have no. Feasible way of understanding how this affects everybody but it speaks to the larger picture of using social media as a platform to communicate as a platform to implement policies because he's pushing everyone into a corner bike. Avoiding the natural way in which one makes policy in which the Obama administration had to act and is now. It is fascinating because social media prohibits you from having a constructive conversation rather learning statements. I just isn't scary young people buried that take for is that. The expected but I mean when I was seventeen I definitely. I didn't know an astrologer in Bosnia like I'm going to be more awoke today rate and mean as it's scary fruit for young people when you have an administration is playing chicken with. I'm curious I think part of it is being somebody who is I'm turning eighteen next month and so. I lived most of my young adult life under the Obama administration and so there's a certain mental agility that had to come into play as soon as the trump administration's front office now because there's and emergencies what is happening and understanding that these policies that are being implemented will affect us and held in Durham facts so direct but we're gonna be all and others. And the people in power besides trump. Where is the Republican Party right now who has all the power in the world. To do something about this man I mean what are they need to watch to convince some what is it that will do I think less is what you want him impeached right this second I was on him out of all when we want but when. That's a fervent Republicans a watch that show and there are Republicans blocked that shot sure I want our acts like I know it's like a funny joke but I acts this is video when the identity is and Republicans have a place at this table as well. And part of what's going I think you bearing in mind. Well not act on what we've always known and I look at that you bought I had I had passage today I'm let me and it started out hot tin lead let me just clarify I'm talking about the people in power the Republicans impala. Not talking about people who are Republican you know what what they had let me yeah this is much a list ballot cannot. You asked me a direct question about Republicans being in power I know if you earn our joy at one way or another but I will say they yesterday we had a heated conversation about it. When it's time to panic when it's time to talk about impeaching trump and the problem for a lot of conservative says the day after president trump was elected your party calling for impeachment gas if he gets us into a nuclear war. Obviously there's a conversation that should be taking Plavix me worst case scenario. He had all the core base of supporters whether you like it or not clearly don't like gay and his approval rating is the exact same place today that it was when he was elected president I like his core base. That's silliness is a country that's being ruled by the minority. That's not only hesitation but here's here's another way to look at best you know because. Yeah people were very freaked out I think of Jeb Bush had become president the conversations would be different but you know you talked about the the next day one don't forget what happened next after Obama was elected. Mitch McConnell came on so we're not going to do anything with honored wind. We're not giving him any help literally you just like what attorneys Daniel one term president so the rhetoric. Sucks whoever I'm calling where Obama to be impeached know you want out what they kind of why aren't and they were from the time he. From the time the idea that he was an American. Was floated that's all we her I never said I know I don't you harness but I'm not. Saying you've done it just like it is a joined him but I'm just saying that this idea. That people are panic ink is quite real because it's been a long time. For folks I think the head. I I understand why last night again every time trump tweets about anything happens do with North Korea my own explosives. And I would say gas of course even last night when I was watching the music came up I was like Dwight and went quiet again as you. Is that early Arab wire we dictating to international diplomacy with an irrational diplomat our skis the dictator. By tweet I got 100% agree would not. What I don't agree with this when he's just tweeting and support of Iranian rubble that that means leads to impeachment you said yesterday that he should even be tweeting about back in general so we have to be judicious. And if an intellectually responsible about when you're talking about when it is Defcon one verses when it just. Instead just on one now I don't because I mean I know you said that there's a system of checks and balances but these people they hear meeting that he is meeting where there will be meeting with. Those are his people they can ask your question and a candidate gets and create impeached everybody here comfortable with Mike Pratt and this president more comfortable. I'm more iPods and what they think about Mike Pence I think he's neither is doing is the problem is like there is no republic can they had my perhaps our hands. His policies his personality sock lots. I do not believe. I do not save that Mike Pence will get reelected. He has zero charisma I'd be comfortable with your dad sitting near the button. I'm curious here seventeen cracked again you're obviously incredibly politically active engaged could do you think is how but the country like if you had a politician would share its. I mean quite honestly I don't know if I choose and you honey not sense and I think when it comes down to and I think it speaks to what my generation is looking forward to his interns because what we are now focusing on. Is who we can appreciate you can represent us or local level and so in the house and in the senate and who can represent us and our place there. It's great project yet is caught eighteen by eighteen for my generation was turning eighteen this your work just recently turned eighteen fortunate terms will be their first election. To really increase voter engagement because I think there's a lack. Nonpartisan platforms and what we can fully understand the policies that are being affected and how they affect doesn't. An understanding that okay we may not be able to vote right now where we may not be able to vote. And the next couple months but one mid terms comes around the policies that are being implemented if we don't take action to affect us as young adults and affect our entire country. Don't know she's going to harbors a so how serious and political aides and right things he uses it to just fell moonless night. When he he also tweeted I guess that. The low. Behind airline safety that we've only had hearings this year. Is because of him. He takes credit for the fact that there were no plane crashes this year. There were no asteroids hitting a suitor I guess he believes that have. But but another writes I don't trust anything this man says which is why don't want him tweeting about I ran or anything else. I think that he is losing it he says irrational things all the time and for many it's like he has to go out of office puree it.

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