Trump's 's---hole countries' remarks

"The View" co-hosts weigh in on the president questioning allowing immigrants from Haiti and Africa.
8:01 | 01/12/18

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Transcript for Trump's 's---hole countries' remarks
Oh, now, here we go. Is the gthe guy in the white house has yet to talk about the mudslides. He had a lot to say about immigration yesterday. It's reported that during a meeting where immigrants from Haiti Why do we want all these people Coming here. And he added that we should get more people from countries like Norway, or more Asians who would help out the economy. Mm-hmm. Look. Uh huh. I'm freaked out. People were -- people were discussing it a lot last night. And tucker Carlson had a whole thing. He was trying to explain it. His explanation would have held some water for me, had the rest of the commentary not been but we need more people from Norway. What did tucker say? He was saying, well, you know, people come from rough countries. They're coming here. They're -- and he said, that's what everybody was concerned about. That's what everybody is concerned about. I said, okay. I'm fine with that. I could understand. Yeah, some folks come from rough countries. Not that anybody cared when we saw families trying to flee from Syria. But I'll give you that. What I cannot abide and I feel -- it was over for me was when you then add on, we need more people from Norway. Because, basically, to me, that's like saying, well, we don't want y'all brown people. Because you're not doing anything for the country. We want people from Norway. And sir, just so you know, they don't want you to be their president. They -- they're not coming here for that. That's not why folks from Norway are coming here. They don't have to come here. They have free health care. They have sane gun laws. Child care. Free education. They have socialism. People come here to improve their lives. Not make it worse. Isn't today an anniversary of Haiti? Yeah. Every group that's come here has come from a country for a reason. Like I just said. They're not coming from Swede. Either, you'll notice. My family came from Italy. The reason they came here is not because Italy is . Italy is not anywhere near that. But -- my family came here because they couldn't find work in Italy. In southern Italy. If you go the north, to Florence, Milan, people are doing much better up there. If you were from my part of Italy, my family, they had no jobs. That's why they came. Why they come from Haiti, Nicaragua, Asia. Can I jump in? People come here and serve. I want to show a picture of a lieutenant cadet from west point. Alex, crying from his graduation in may 2016. Of all the stories I talk about with my family, the once that resonate with me are the ones of immigrants that come to our country, serve our country from overseas the. My father tells stories about helping people re-enlist when you're in Iraq and Afghanistan. He graduated from west point. Harder to get into west point than Harvard. A lot of people come from Haiti that do really well. Like my husband's family. I took this so personally. You know, I spent the holidays in Haiti. Because my father-in-law, my husband's father, was born and raised there. And he came here, and raszed a family, including two doctors, and an engineer. And -- he does so much. Not only for this country, but also for his home country of Haiti. For this president to say that that country , I felt like he was talking about my father-in-law. Like he was talking about my husband. Like he was talking about my Haitian children. And I'm so offended -- And carried the piece. The people that we work with here. I spent a lot of time in Haiti. It's a beautiful country filled with strong -- I just came back from there because our family has a hotel. We're also building a learning center and a medical center if for the people of Haiti. And I have to say, you know, I -- have said repeatedly, I can't look into Donald Trump's heart. I can't say that he's a racist. Did row know him before? Yes, I can say now, Donald Trump is a racist. Did you. Absolutely. Of course he is. I can say that now. And I hate saying it. But I can say that now. Did you get a racial tic from him? Well, let's face it. Since 1970, he had to settle a fair housing discrimination lawsuit because he didn't want black people in his building. His history of racism is very well documented. I felt that because I -- somehow didn't know him that well, and I had so many people normalizing this behavior, so many people saying, this is just locker room talk. This is just how he talks. He's trying to be relatable to his base. If his base likes this type of -- of biased a a and racist behavior, shame on them. Shame on them. I want to ask you, Wendy, though, because you said you knew president trump beforehand. I assume you have interviewed him multiple times. He's been on the talk show four or six fims. Does this surprise you? Including his wife has been on individually. She had makeup line of some sorts. And his children have been on, individually, without him. Is it surprising? Yes. I didn't know that he had lost his mind. I -- There's a little dementia in there. After the birther. After central park five. After all Mexicans are rapists and criminals. If you gave him a time to get through it, lots of people did. But, you foe, if you are still seeing that this is the route you want the country to go in -- I don't know what that says. But the other thing about all of this was, you know, he -- he was supposed to go to London. Was supposed to go. He tweeted that he wasn't going, because he was angry about the deal that Obama made, to move the embassy. Does no one talk to you, Obama didn't do this. The embassy was moved during bush. You gotta just -- you gotta do a couple of more -- before you start blaming Obama. Does he scare you hat much? What is it? Stop with Obama. And Hillary. Politics involved in this. He's a political animal at this point. He was being -- Who? President trump. Being very loving about immigration. Earlier in the week, we were talking about dshs ACA on the show. I think that this is politics going -- trying to appease his base, as well. I don't know. I think he's trying to say -- Why would that hateful language appeal to his base? He can't go to London today because he's got a physical. He has a physical today. I have to tell you. So, he denied this morning that he used the -- But senator Was there. The senator says he most certainly did. And dick Durbin was in the room. I happen to be encouraged by the fact that he loves Norway. Maybe he'll move there.

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{"id":52311734,"title":"Trump's 's---hole countries' remarks","duration":"8:01","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts weigh in on the president questioning allowing immigrants from Haiti and Africa.","url":"/theview/video/trumps-hole-countries-remarks-52311734","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}