Trump's medical exam prompts 'girther' conspiracy

"The View" co-hosts discuss the president's official medical report.
5:37 | 01/17/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump's medical exam prompts 'girther' conspiracy
The alleged excellent medical exam results of the fellow in the white house was spawned -- has spawned a new conspiracy theory known as the girther movement. And there's some compelling evidence to ponder. The white house physician claims who is 6'3" and 239 pounds. So one girther compared him to a photo of Minnesota vikings martavis Murray who is just four pounds less and the same height. It's a little -- Potato, potato. Yeah. There we are. And the doctor also claimed he did exceedingly well on his cognitive test, too. Well, that made me feel better honestly, that the screener for the kag native test and screener for dementia came back 30-30. He's really just this way. He's just who he is. But the other thing that struck me was on his driver's license in New York he was 6'2" and he suddenly grew with age. Most old people shrink. Yes. Exactly. And the thing is, you know -- He grew. He grew. In New York, most of us new yorkers you go to the DMV and they don't measure you. You just give your height. He gave himself 6'2". The thing that's spawn this girther movement, if he did in fact grow, that's part of the reason he's not considered obese. If he would have been shorter he would have met the bmi standards for being obese. God forbid. He's o'bose. This makes conservatives crazy because there are valid reasons to criticize the president which we have been talking about this week so far. Him passing his physical and cagneyti cagneytive exam is not a reason to have a meltdown and yesterday when the prospective corp was asking questions about medication he was on and he occasionally takes am been these are not reasons to sort of point to whatever -- I know you're convinced he has dementia correct? . No. No. One was that don't hate me because I'm beautiful. There's so many other reasons to hate you. But -- and listen, I was willing to take it at its face value but then I notice look at this graphic. This is on Friday the white house released a statement from the doctor in which his name was misspelled as Dr. Ronnie Jackson. Okay. Then on previous reports such as Obama's last physical results he identifies himself as Ronnie with an Y, r-o-n-n-y, physician to the president. What doctor signs his name Ronny -- The question is how do you misspell your own name is the question? The presidential position -- To Meghan's point part of the reason the press was asking questions is because they haven't gotten accustomed to the level of transparency. We know more about Donald Trump's health than his finances and that seems strange. I got to tell you I think the health of the president is very important which is -- and the white house obviously thought it was important as well which is why they had a press conference about it. Be this obsessed if it were Mike Huck key or Chris Christie. I wouldn't use Chris Christie because I think it would be. I think his health would be an interest. I'm not hearing the story of William Taft getting stuck in the bathtub but there were "Snl" jokes about him eating McDonald's. When Hillary Clinton stumbled andad pneumonia they were out of their minds about it because the health of the presidential candidate -- The bottom line is this report was never going to be anything but what it is. Because we're old enough to remember but you guys might not be. You know, we didn't find out for years that JFK had any issues. Yeah. With his back. We never knew. We were talking about Roosevelt who was in the wheelchair. Right. You know, these -- presidents are never -- were never meant to seem to be ill in any way. And so -- A lot lies. A lot of lies but was never going to change. Is he also a stable genius? This is the question. And who can verify that? His cognitive self. There's a difference between the cognitive test and mental stability. Yeah. Yeah. He might be crazy but his neurologicals are okay. Not one in the same, exactly. Do you want to get a new presidential physician now because apparently he's not good enough for a lot of people including Obama and W. You're never going to get a different opinion. This is as it has always been for presidents. They're never going to say yeah, he's got mental issues. They're never going to say that to you. I was troubled when they said he's in excellent health. Sanjay Gupta was like not so sure about excellent health. Ronny thank you for what you did. Because we know you couldn't say nothing else. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the president's official medical report.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52410872","title":"Trump's medical exam prompts 'girther' conspiracy","url":"/theview/video/trumps-medical-exam-prompts-girther-conspiracy-52410872"}