US Women's World Cup team condemned for excessive celebrating after historic win

"The View" co-hosts question if the soccer team was criticized for celebrating because of their gender.
3:38 | 06/12/19

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Transcript for US Women's World Cup team condemned for excessive celebrating after historic win
Baghdad the warnings US soccer team for their historic thirteen to nothing win over the high. Yeah. All access trolling. And social media for actually for celebrating to lunch after this collide and done and I'm now players put on big choreographed numbers out to me. After they scored there in the end zone and we wasn't what was the problem baseball until they pick each other Robin starts screaming and an eyewitness. I don't understand why it's not a Kampman for the web but also now. People expressed outrage aren't Sasha media about the gender pay gap for women players especially in light of the fact that the women's cup world cops aren't final and went through Dayton. Was the most watched soccer game in the United States is story. For that. They get paid 38 cents on the dollar compared to mount slacks yen 38 cents. At them on the dollar spending even call flack for the World Cup this year. Yeah terrible I know you realize women do the same job. Good or bad the good bets and Abbas is a woman who's so incompetence and yet she's a woman. So sometimes it's set it made everybody should be the say. Jack Carr who can you tell you really terrible and you could be great he should just get the same amount on consumer money happiness thing isn't it and you know any and then I these athletes but Nike's predicting that the 2019 tournament is gonna be it tipping point for explosion in the women's game and is flooding it with sponsorship money and already the women's World Cup ratings. Were up 11%. Over 2015 and that was the most watched soccer match in a merry old. Of the peninsula really set you haven't yet another man and I cannot imagine just how how gaffe so why are they getting paid less and past president what is not just I just repeat that. I think yeah. It's a crazy thing it's to dangerous board on top of it I mean it's more dangerous in terms of injuries than football does it really. Then my grandma play soccer that it's more dangerous in terms of injuries now OK yeah. About that and I celebrating too much because that's actually caught my eye for asks that was making this kind of pat Lyons. I don't understand why. When women succeed we questioned how they do it men just get to sixty they just get to wait could spirit and financially I question how we do it. Let them six seed though the best of the best of the best in the world. Let them celebrate men throughout those like tubs of water and Gatorade on each other after way to do and they're doing some high fives and they're getting criticized. Wire women we are ice bitches or were hysterical and we get nothing. Good friends working on the shelling got forbid I can barely run like three blocks about getting late Wednesday. These women to be celebrated and they should be allowed to celebrate an average land Easter. Excessive exuberance was sitting in this like what they are as good at what they do football are as able well they they do some eateries sometimes you do to get you do their thing I don't know I'm just kind of reaction you say it's more dangerous than football and I must head injuries all the love guns kill they can't they don't hit their head you don't know how break break out and said yeah my my husband are often tells me that. Most of the patients that you see. In sports medicine the injuries are from soccer rather than Clinton they used their heads. Yes yes the united as well until it all Izaguirre not breaks and legs and that there was a guy you I was bad at soccer is. Brian I don't out a lot of the break I was great volley I want not. Really a very good about Bible is an island that's your thing.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts question if the soccer team was criticized for celebrating because of their gender.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63665090","title":"US Women's World Cup team condemned for excessive celebrating after historic win","url":"/theview/video/us-womens-world-cup-team-condemned-excessive-celebrating-63665090"}