Van Jones weighs in on Trump's private meeting with Putin

Jones joins "The View" to discuss the president's meeting with his Russian counterpart at the Helsinki summit.
3:15 | 07/26/18

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Transcript for Van Jones weighs in on Trump's private meeting with Putin
This because I just think he speaks at all through woods but they. Let's talk a little bit about the one on one meeting between trump improve and we don't really know what went on in air we haven't heard a lot of consistent messaging. A lot of us think that couldn't must have something on truck. What do you think less than I hate if you had a house of cards screenwriter. On crack. And they could not come up with any crazier scenario than this you don't before you can get to what they talk about. Why did they have a summit it at all plants dad ever. Yeah like they now live there's no agenda there's no reason to it's like he had a plot we look you've got to get these two people in a room together talking. And if I were the screenwriter aren't they will you can't have a summit because it's big build up you got have an agenda there's no agenda. There's no we didn't need but they're hiding in the closet talking. You don't have to be a conspiracy theories at that point to think something is going on there is some thing big goalie. Yeah. If there's that it did indeed even having a summit that has no agenda it never happened. Something's going Bryant followed him on I'm outlay and we've been talking a lot on the show about that fracture the Democratic Party between them sort of wave of socialist. And the traditional Democrats what do you think Democrats do you buy imported 20/20. Willis. The so called the band's own show and on Saturday we're gonna end actually have this out we're gonna have three democratic socialists women from Pennsylvania or are running and have them on Russell than have somebody who's running in West Virginia has more of a moderate we're gonna have a comes as you're threatening. And you know the young woman who brought what who won and I like never urinate properly or kind of hostile Cortez their breasts they're gonna run it big enemy. But she's brilliant she's beautiful she's amazing I love her for her district now. Conner a lamb who has completely different politics is beautiful brilliant I love him. For his district. We got to recognize that we can that we got a lot of rightwing libertarians and in congress and country haven't fallen apart. We can have some left wing Democrats in the country and maybe get a little bit of balance but don't make everybody run in your district and in in your district where you ran a mind everybody's got to be able to go to their people and I think one more thing. If that did Republicans think they can just run against Nancy Pelosi and socialism. They're gonna have a problem because you can have people who going to be talking to real people about real issues and it Democrats think they can just run against Donald Trump. And just win based on that note you gotta have talked to real people about real stuff in your district and that's going to be elegance way to. Flexing because he wasn't unique to a district that he aid. Eight these yep yep we're thumbs on the boat and it gets guess what turned out there's a lot of just what you got some angry folks are frustrated who voted for trump and yes some frustrated folks who voted for Bernie and noble for other people until we get some real change passed right by inevitable now. End zone. The crowd out bad bad job on sale this Saturday night on CNN food and.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"Jones joins \"The View\" to discuss the president's meeting with his Russian counterpart at the Helsinki summit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56845576","title":"Van Jones weighs in on Trump's private meeting with Putin","url":"/theview/video/van-jones-weighs-trumps-private-meeting-putin-56845576"}