Video emerges of migrant teen’s death

“The View” co-hosts react to the video of a 16-year-old’s final moments while suffering from the flu and in U.S. Customs and Border Protection custody.
5:42 | 12/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Video emerges of migrant teen’s death
Six migrant children have died in the border detention center is under a trumpet and newly released video of a sixteen year old boy. Who died of the flu in custody contradicts the report. Given by Border Patrol officials so we want to wind viewers this is really very disturbing but we felt we should bring it to you so that you could say what's going on. Sunday we'll tell us what's being disputed in this video watch. So. We seed Carlos struggling on the on the floor and his Border Patrol holding cell. He's been visible pain he's disoriented. He walked to the bathroom collapses near the toilet around 36 AM. He lays motionless minutes later the video then shows us four hours later. That around 6 AM he's discovered by his cellmate saint position motionless. His cell maker goes to the doors you soft gets the attention of a board of control position. Assistant who determines he has no pulse now in Maine. CBP said he was found unresponsive. In the morning during a welfare check. But the video shows that his cellmate fountain. And that's a big difference and M my understanding also that they knew that he was sick if they knew that he had the flu but rather than take him. To the hospital. They left him there Yahoo! made that decision than that but that's what's being investigated. And a key point is that there's there's a before our GAAP missing from the video that we don't think so either they checked on them and they found him and responsive and laughs. Or they lied about it and that's cellmate was the one that found him on responsive and then reported so either way it's it's it's it's to bad bad deal they aren't -- they check on him three times during that time which is hard to imagine. Because he's you know quite a basket this. Laying there motionless though it's hard to imagine that somebody could have come in and checked on him and not done something I understand how you're sixteen years old yet a 103 fever. You test positive for the flu and you leave this person there with tin foil blankets. On the concrete. The flu I mean it's. Look this is one of the biggest issues of this country's dealing with and we're gonna continue to deal with and an and I'll see you can't talk about it without some humanity because it it's real this Israel. And yet it has six children have died since December 2018 after being detained by border agents. Approximately 69550. Unaccompanied children were detained in the recent data has 39. Hundred children are in custody a lot of I was so young have been torn away from the apparent. Do you realize what type of separation anxiety at closing and mental illness them besides the physical harm that this is doing to these children. This is a policy of this government have this administration and let's face it how about the child that found the other child. How will that person ever be disabled and not out there would be to sit up where I know when I saw this last night I have a seventeen year old. Should I be your children I just dealt with the they're still worried at an additional month they're still let you know I worry I usually like algae Lester we are yes NBC and it just puts life in perspective is our country. It we are allowing this to happen and let me also say this yet answer in this past decade. The bill migrant children across the southwestern border in large numbers during the past decade none had ever. Died in federal custody until. Now. Lewis and along I will miss out Lonnie honest this is the kind of thing that the First Lady actually I rally's fast speed best yeah I would like to see. That kind of energy coming from. And when administration I think the eggs that video is just I mean it's I checked I am horrified I do not. I think no matter how you feel about immigration change front. You can't see. Precise Billy artist talk about I just came from a death conference yesterday in temperance is telling you think about his family and think about. Immigration in this country in a think day we forget that these are. God's children and people that are coming here their reach a better life and you no matter how you fill in immigration everyone knows that I. Probably a different opinion spend the bust that people you move. Can't lead people to to high eight in such a horrific way from the blue and I think what we have these conversations and politicize it so much. Lately about the humanity and I think when you see videos like best. I think you can out that the impact aid. On the fact that we are losing our humanity in these conversations and his family has to watch this now on television. And across the news and this is not that. I think what our country should be a matter how you feel politically and I'm sorry if this is higher and not being very eloquent but it's I think that is very very hard. To watch out and we struggled with with with even showing it. To everyone right because you know it'll mean what it was necessary for people to actually see it I had as a dad I had allegation you know it's terrible the way he died but it's terrible the way they're being held now that this country we wouldn't hold we wouldn't do that to animals. And we did that yeah dogs and cats we would that would be pulled just in the street. They have them sleeping on the. The greatest country in the world can't put a Democrat just what I do believe why why is it that people are not watching this stuff like this I don't get it but I think it has not releasing these videos but as he headed out when he had while they let it go but we might. Say at named Hernandez Vasquez. And he's the six migrant under eighteen to have died under federal custody since Tom took office and again that we should. Saying his name over and over again a very Frist family yes Hernandez Vasquez and I think. That we should just pray as much as possible and I hope videos like this do you keep coming out even though it's hard to watch.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"“The View” co-hosts react to the video of a 16-year-old’s final moments while suffering from the flu and in U.S. Customs and Border Protection custody.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67550907","title":"Video emerges of migrant teen’s death","url":"/theview/video/video-emerges-migrant-teens-death-67550907"}