'The View' co-hosts react to the 2019 Oscar nominations

The panel weighs in on the nominations announced Tuesday.
3:53 | 01/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The View' co-hosts react to the 2019 Oscar nominations
So -- the Oscar nominations were announced this morning. We want to congratulate all the nominees. And we want to single out a few folks. Spike Lee, who was here yesterday, scored his very first best director nomination for "Blackkklansman." Glenn close, for "The wife." As did Olivia Colman. Mahershala for green book. And Sam Elliott. I hope that's what Ben looks like when we're old. I love him. A lot of really good, I thought good choices. I love Glenn close. Just an opportunity to hear her speech again. "The wife." Yeah. I still need to see that. And a shoutout to Melissa Mccarthy. I grew up watching her on "Gilmore girls. "This is, I think, her first dramatic role as a leading actress for this nomination. So -- what a career she's had. Kud orgs S to her. Congratulations to "Black panther." It's the first superhero. If you see "The wife "It's all sub text. All what's going on in her head. I give a shoutout. I would like her to win. Even though I love Olivia co lrgs man. And lady gaga was up credible, as well. I hope she wis. She got best sopg, too. Yeah. So, uh, you know, the oscars are coming up, in a couple of weeks. Who is hosting? They still don't have one? I think they have several hosts. Oh, they do. Hopefully whoopi. Are they talking to you? I don't think they intend on having a single host. I tell you how I would like them to open the oscars. I would like them to open it with the guys from -- um -- queen. From the film. From "Bohemian rhapsody." I think -- if they opened it with "We are the champions" it would be a wonderful way to kick off the academy awards. Not that I know anything about this. But I'm just saying. I think that would be a great opening. Because who doesn't sing that? And who isn't a champion? That's powerful. Failed to mention him, rami Malek. He was on the show. He was spectacular in the film. E embodied Freddie Mercury. You don't know who is doing to win. I said this before about the nomination process. We're nominating films for very different reasons than you go see them. If I'm a sound person, I'm listening to the sound to see if it's clear, doing all the things it's supposed to do. Most people say, you never vote for the movies we vote for. We're voting for different things, that's why. It's not that we're ignoring it. Or not that we're not hip enough to know what y'all are seeing. We're groups. Actors, directors, sound people, hair and makeup. We're looking for the best of that year in our craft. Keep an eye on it.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"The panel weighs in on the nominations announced Tuesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60547863","title":"'The View' co-hosts react to the 2019 Oscar nominations","url":"/theview/video/view-hosts-react-2019-oscar-nominations-60547863"}