Has WH press secretary Sarah Sanders lost her credibility?

"The View" co-hosts discuss why some are calling Sanders' credibility into question following a contentious press briefing on Thursday.
3:59 | 05/04/18

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Transcript for Has WH press secretary Sarah Sanders lost her credibility?
terrible to be laughing and now I feel bad for Sarah Sanders. Yeah. This whole thing may have finally left her at a loss for words. Here's how she dealt with a barrage of questions from just yesterday. This all just happened just yesterday. Yeah. Take a look. Giuliani stated and I'll refer you back to his comments. I would refer you back to the statements. Pretty lengthy statements made by Giuliani. You would have to talk with the department of justice, and the president's outside counsel. Outside counsel. And the president's outside counsel. The president's outside counsel. I don't know. You would have to talk to the president's outside counsel. We give the best information possible at the time, and we're going to do that every day. I have given the best information I had at the time. I gave you the best information I had. I'm giing you the best information that I have. She is doing the best she can with the info she is given, or, you know, is she just trying to keep, you know, breathing as things -- because it seems everything is on shifting ends over there. I'm shocked that all happened during one press conference. Yeah. That was incredible, and Jim Acosta, basically asked her, were you lying to us at the time or were yoin the dark? She implied she learned about this information when Giuliani got on "Hannity." How is it possible that the representative to the press doesn't know before Giuliani gets on air? It's terrible. Here's what we were talking about yesterday. There seems to be no narrative or at least cohesion within this. Sarah Huckabee Sanders should be the first person because she is the white house spokesperson. I have always liked her. She is actually very shrewd in politics. She ran her dad's ground game in the Iowa caucus, and she has been very respected in politics and sometimes it's hard for me to watch her in this position because she is very smart. I think she is being put in an untenable position where she is not being communicated with in the right way. She is my age, and has three kids. I have this fantasy sometimes where I wake up and I'm, like, what if Marco Rubio and Nikki Haley were president and vice president? My job on the show would be a hell of a lot easier. Because I don't know how to explain this. This is not traditional politics, which I know is his appeal, but you look at Josh Ernst. All the press secretaries past. They are not tabloid sensations. Her job description is to lie for a liar. She also -- That's her job. Normally it's just this. She uses very specific language. It's so spin normally, and show the narrative. Normally spin. This is beyond spin. When Sean spicer did this, he was getting on board with the messaging and it was harder to watch for me. She is, like, dodging and it was, like, a bad game of "Frogger," for those people who know atarry. She was diving around saying, you know, that's information I had. Please reference page 5. She keeps dodging. Remember spicer had to hide behind the bushes at some point because he couldn't take it anymore. I don't know what her breaking point is going to be. That is her job. No credibility. I think she stays. I think he'll ride this out -- maybe the entire first term. What afterwards? Everybody that seems to work for him, their entire reputation gets sullied. She has three kids and a great husband. Yeah. Is her professional career over because of this? That's what people were asking really, how long do you stay in a position like this? I think there's a threshold. Well, how about this.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss why some are calling Sanders' credibility into question following a contentious press briefing on Thursday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54939221","title":"Has WH press secretary Sarah Sanders lost her credibility?","url":"/theview/video/wh-press-secretary-sarah-sanders-lost-credibility-54939221"}