6-year-old with epilepsy gets a surprise visit from NBA all-star

Members of the Thompson family joined "The View" to discuss how they are giving back to the organization that helped 6-year-old Bryson receive care for his epilepsy.
10:08 | 05/16/18

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Transcript for 6-year-old with epilepsy gets a surprise visit from NBA all-star
Two years ago, the Thompson family learned that life can completely change in an instant, and that's when you truly realize how strong people can be. Here's their story. Oh, my goodness. Bryson was a happy, healthyboy, and he would run around and jump and play, and do everything that the other kids were doing. Brock and Bryson were playing in the backyard and I was making in the kitchen, and Brock came running in and said, Bryson fell and he is not getting up. And so I ran around the counter and I could see that Bryson was facedown, and wasn't moving and I really -- I had thought that we at that point, we had already lost him, and he had a 15-minute long seizure. My phone starts buzzing, and it was Sara telling me that he had this huge seizure. She called 911. Everything on me is tears coming out. Mouth shaking. The only thing that I could do was to call my mom. I asked her to pray for him because I thought that was it. My name is Bryson and I'm 6 years old, and I have epilepsy. Epilepsy is a break in the neurons in your brain, and so when they don't communicate fully with each other, that's when a seilashappens. From a mom's point of view when you are seeing your baby having a seizure where their body is just tense and jerking and shaking and their eyes are rolling back in their head, it's just the most horrific thing that you can imagine. He was having 100 seizures a day, and they were just back to back. He would come out in between them, and he would smile and he would try to talk to me, and then he would go right back into it. These seizures can -- can take him from you. They can -- they can kill him. Okay. Get your helmet on and brush your teeth. Okay? Okay. Okay. The helmet protects his head as much as it can. He has fallen in the bathroom, and hit his eye on a stool, and he had the worst black eye. You're always on guard, and you feel like you let him down if you are not there to catch him. Go get in the car. Come on, Brock. His daily activities with the epilepsy are a little bit shorter. So he has to leave at noon because he still needs to come home and take a nap because if he doesn't take that nap, his seizures increase astrono, ma'amically. He is a fighter, and he'll take it in stride no matter what comes his way. He is an amazing little human that I can't imagine how he is getting through all of this. ?????? ?????? Don't ever give up. You always fight. Set your dreams high and go. Most importantly, I love him and I always W epilepsy does not have control over him. I dare anyone to tell him that he can't do anything, because that kid is going to do it. That's what I'm talking about. And then he'll have the two of us right behind him. So please welcome Sara and aristotle Thompson with two of their four children, Bryson and Brock. What's up, y'all? Nice to see you. Thank you for coming. Thanks for having us. So I heard that on the way out, a seizure happened. Tell us. It did. We were on the plane on the way out here, and he was sleeping next to the window, and Brock was in between the two of us, and I just saw his arms start going. The arms started going up, and I threw my laptop onto aristotle across the aisle, and jumped over Brock, and just grabbed him and held him, and he went into it pretty quickly, and then at that point, just falling back to sleep, and he went back to sleep thankfully. I just held him for a long time. We're glad you made it through, my dear. We know last year after medications weren't working, Bryson had a surgery that's, like, a pace maker for his brain. Am I describing that right? Yeah, you're describing that right. It's basically a box put just underneath his skin that has a wire that wraps around his nerve and talks to his brain. So if his heart rate reaches a certain level, the device will trigger and hopefully slow it down. Slow the seizure from happening, and when it doesn't stop it, we have this magnet here that will activate the device. So if he is having a seizure like the one he had on the plane yesterday, one of us -- we always have these on us, we'll swipe it across his chest and it will stop the seizures. Bryson, what do all of your friends think about your helmet? They think it's cool because it protects my head from having seizures. Yes. Sara, I know going through this can take a toll on a family financially, emotionally. How have you all been getting through this? Everybody asks us that, and first and foremost, we get through it with his strength. You look at him and see his strength, and the wonderful foundation, jack's helping hand that makes things so easy, and in a world that can make things so difficult with insurance, and they are a foundation close to us. Any time we need something, whether it's a fitbit watch to help monitor his heart rate while he is sleeping or money for gas and food to get to doctor's appointments that are so far away, they make it so simple and easy, and they care about it and it's so great. Your boys wanted to give something back to jack's helping hand. Tell us about the event they are having in a few weeks. The event is the boys started something where they are collecting helmets from professional athletes and different signs. Memorabilia from people, and they will be auctioned off to help kids with the jack's helping hand in the area. And Brock, it was your idea to have this event. Why? Because jack's helping hand bought Bryson's helmet S and we decided to give back by asking NFL players to sign a helmet and then send it to us, and we will give it to jack's helping hand and the reason we're doing it is to be kind back to jack's helping hand. Well done. Well done. Both of you guys. You reached out to the NFL and the NBA in hopes of getting signed memorabilia. You received items from -- I'm going to list some off here. Tom Brady, Odell Beckham Jr., Joe namath. Just to name a few. We wanted to help you guys out a little bit, so we called a couple of our friends. So you now have -- you have items from some of the biggest athletes in the world, drew Brees, Peyton manning, Aaron Rodgers, Ron Gronkowski, Damian Lillard, J.J. Watt, the Houston rockets' James harden and the entire warriors basketball team. I just want to say wait a minute because I'm looking over here, and I think you're missing an item from one of my good friends. Hold on. Let me give him a call. Hello? Hello. Is this you, K? How you doing? I'm good, you know, I have a request for you. Do you think if I sent you something you could maybe sign it for me? I can do something better than that. I can come out and sign it right now actually. ??? Standing in the hall of fame ??? ?????? Bryson, I have this for you. This is a Jersey for the auction. This is for you. Hi, sweetheart. How you doing? Can you say hi? Nice to meet you. Can I say hi? Give him a high five. All right. That's what I'm talking about. All right. So -- I have to say, kobe does a lot of amazing things, but we called you and you came why? I think we all have -- it's a belief that we all have a responsibility to each other to help one another. It's the fundamental belief. If you have the opportunity to do that, it's our responsibility as people to help one another. Thatsimple as that. I know you guys are working so hard for this event, and you're really emotional. Do you have something you want to say to kobe? Thank you. Thank you for the Jerseys. You're very welcome. You're very, very welcome. So our thanks to the Thompson family and to of course, kobe Bryant. Make sure you check out kobe's new basketball analysis show, "Detail" on the new ESPN plus, and we will be right back.

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{"id":55212267,"title":"6-year-old with epilepsy gets a surprise visit from NBA all-star","duration":"10:08","description":"Members of the Thompson family joined \"The View\" to discuss how they are giving back to the organization that helped 6-year-old Bryson receive care for his epilepsy.","url":"/theview/video/year-epilepsy-surprise-visit-nba-star-55212267","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}