POLL: Confidence Is Low and Steady
Consumer confidence continues to hover in negative double digits.
Gore, U.N. Panel Win Nobel Prize
Former vice president goes from political pariah to "Gore-acle."
POLL: Say 'Bienvenida' to the New U.S.
Fewer Americans admit prejudice toward Hispanics than toward Arabs.
POLL: Breast Cancer Brings Worry, Little Action
Many fret but fewer talk to a doctor, get mammograms or do self-exams.
POLL: In a Clinton vs. Giuliani Race, a Battle of Competing Legacies
Bill Clinton's legacy helps Hillary, as does 9/11 for Giuliani.
POLL: Clinton Surging; Giuliani Lead Less Secure
Poll: Hillary best reflects core Democratic values, unlike Rudy with the GOP.
POLL: Health Spending Trumps in Guns vs. Butter Debate
Americans support funding for insurance, but oppose more money for the Iraq war.
You Be The Pollster
You've read the polls and seen our analysis - now it's your turn to talk back.
August 2007 National Poll of Iraq
ABC News/BBC/NHK National Survey of Iraq Finds Worsening Public Attitudes
Iraq Sidebar: How The Poll Was Done
Polling in Iraq: From Suicide Bombs to "No Major Events"
Poll: Increased Support for Gay Marriage
Support for gay marriage and decriminalizing marijuana at new highs.
Rising Hopes Greet Obama at 100 Days
Fifty percent say the country is headed in the right direction.
Obama to Turkey as Views of Islam Slide
Americans by 48-41 percent hold an unfavorable opinion of Islam.
The U.S. Consumer Cuts Back, Sharply
Economic engine sputters as 63% cut back on spending, 31% sharply.
World in His Hands: U.S. Image Improves
Forty-three percent see U.S. image improving, up from 10 percent under Bush.
Back at Home... Better News With New Poll
Forty-two percent say the country is headed in the right direction.
Obama at One Month: 60% Approve His Handling of the Economy
Still, 56% think the country is in "a serious long-term decline."
Six in 10 Support D.C. Vote in Congress
Support peaks among Democrats at 74 percent.
Poll: Fewer Call Racism a Major Problem
Poll: 26 percent call racism a "big problem," down from 54 percent in 1996.
High Ratings, Deep Discontent Face Obama
At Inauguration, Obama enjoys extraodinarily high personal popularity.
Obama and Race: Bridging the Divide?
Poll: Nearly six in 10 think Obama's presidency will improve race relations
Bush Legacy: A Tale of Two Terms
President Bush endured his second term without once attaining majority approval.
Obama's To-Do List Goes Beyond Economy
Poll: Obama faces a daunting to-do list coupled with high hopes.
As Bush Exits, Job Approval Hits Low
64 percent think Iraq war not worth fighting in ABC News/Washington Post poll.
Americans Ease Economic Expectations
ABC News poll finds 44 percent think Obama will improve economy significantly.
Voter Dissatisfaction Carries Day for Obama
Battered economy, partisan shift in power and the promise of change lift Obama.
EXIT POLLS: Economy Allows Obama to Remake Political Map
Obama's support came from blacks, Hispanics and young voters
EXIT POLLS: Economy Drives Obama Victory
Voters carried concerns over the economy, health care and war to the polls.
Nov. 3: Obama Leads on Election Eve
Obama leads McCain 53-44 in ABC News/Washington Post daily tracking poll.
Nov. 3: Economy, Bush, Palin Are Trouble for McCain
Obama leads McCain 54-43 in ABC News/Washington Post daily tracking poll.
Economic Woes Driving Obama's Lead
Meanwhile, Bush approval rating sinks to an all-time low.
Broad Economic Concerns Tempered by Long-Term Investors
Half of stockholders say they have been hurt by stock declines.
Economy Gives Obama Advantage in Ohio
Financial stress in Ohio helps put Obama ahead of McCain, 51-45 percent.
Poll Casts Doubt on Palin Experience
Less than half convinced of Sarah Palin's grasp of complex issues, experience.
Clinton Favorability: Weak in the Center
Obama's favorables at 62 percent; Clinton at 52 percent.
Historic Disapproval: Bush Hits All-Time Low Amid Economic Meltdown
ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Bush disapproval at 70%, worst since Truman.
Blacks Closely Tracking This Election
Poll finds most Americans see Obama nomination as a sign of racial progress.
Obama Boom: Democrat Takes 52-43 Lead, Erases McCain Gains
ABC News/Washington Post poll finds economy jolts race to Obama's advantage.
Poll Shows High Hopes, Major Doubts for Obama and McCain Alike
Poll: Obama-McCain divided 49-43 percent.
Racial Views Among Whites Predict Vote
Poll finds over four in 10 think Obama's candidacy will improve race relations.
McCain Tops Obama in Commander Test
Poll: 72 percent of Americans say McCain would be good commander-in-chief.
Latinos, Lunch Bucket Voters Fuel Clinton
Latinos, lunch bucket voters help Clinton to critical wins.
Clinton Up in Ohio, Dead Heat in Texas
New poll finds Obama leading on electability in critical March 4 primaries.
Women Go Dem, White Men Go GOP
Women and seniors dominate the Dem vote; white men, conservatives on GOP side.
White Men Fuel Obama's Potomac Victories
GOP voters seek shared values; Dems want "change."
Big Split in Bayou: Blacks Drive Obama Win
Southern state completes Saturday sweep for Obama over Clinton.
Polls Point to Candidates' Future Hurdles
Super Tuesday exit polls identify weaknesses of presidential contenders.
Hillary Wins Hispanics, Men Drawn to Obama
McCain got just enough conservatives; Obama, Clinton core groups balanced out.
Clinton Edges Obama 47-43; McCain Surges
Clinton and Obama battle over change and experience; McCain opens wider lead.
BLOG: President Bush: Where He's At
A rundown of the president’s ratings – a sketch of where he stands in our polls.
BLOG: Al Gore's Campaign: Turning up the Heat
Gore wants Nobel prize to change public opinion on global warming.
BLOG: Gingrich as Speaker: Remembering When
Gingrich’s long and unpopular flirtation with a run for president.
BLOG: Michelle Obama: Bragging Rights
Seventy-six percent of Americans now report an overall favorable opinion of Michelle Obama.
Obama Impresses a Very Divided Nation
One month in, there is increasing, alarming partisanship in presidential approval.
BLOG: Deficit Worries Run High
Obama's summit on government spending comes at a time of heightened concern about the budget deficit.
BLOG: Michael Steele and the GOP
Michael Steele's election as chairman of the Republican National Committee puts him in an unusual position.
BLOG: Voting Against the Stimulus
House Republicans voted against the economic stimulus package yesterday.
BLOG: Bipartisanship on the Stimulus: Clean Power and... Um...
When it comes to stimulus spending, bipartisanship starts with alternative energy.
BLOG: Gitmo and Torture: Slam Dunks?
Majorities of Americans support Barack Obama's positions on Guantanamo and the torture of terrorism suspects.
BLOG: Post-Partisanship? Let's See
The buzz surrounding Obama's inauguration is the prospect of a post-partisan presidency. The reality: Let's see.
Advantage, Democrats
The Democratic Party has soared to its widest advantage over the Republicans in trust to handle the nation's main problems in...
Obama: The Transition and the Senate Seat Scandal
The Ill. Senate seat scandal hasn't touched Barack Obama's high ratings for honesty.
The Flip States
Using exit poll data to examine the 2008 flip states.
Race Revisited
Race mattered less in the presidential election than you might have thought.
Ideological Underpinnings
Despite the partisan shift in voter turnout this year, there wasn't an ideological one.
Work, Widgets and Perfect Polls
Lists of "best pre-election polls" are an exercise in vacuity of the highest order.
Post-Poll Analysis
ABC's Gary Langer discusses the youth vote and the partisan shift in power.
Bush's Legacy: By the Numbers
A look at President Bush's approval ratings from the ABC News Polling Unit.