Killer Ordered to Get Treatment On-Campus -- Did He Ever Go?
Seung-Hui Cho lawyer has spoken for the first time.
'April 16th: Heartbreak in Blacksburg' Va. Tech Massacre Book Due This Summer
A professor and students who survived the massacre will write about it.
Va. Tech Students Hope Shootings Don't Give Guns a Bad Name
Fellow student hopes shootings don't give shooting sports "a bad name."
The Crisis of the 'Obliterated' Cho Family
Unabomber's brother, David Kaczynski, identifies with the family's plight.
170 Shots, No Motive
Investigators offered a detailed timeline, but still do not know Cho's motive.
Answers in the E-Mails?
Investigators are combing through computer file in search of a possible motive.
In the Wake of Va. Tech -- Who's Responsible?
Lawsuits likely to target schools, clinics, but they may not succeed.
Report: Cho Hired an Escort Before Rampage
A Roanoke woman says she told FBI killer was "dorky," "timid" and a "pushy."
Media Backlash at Virginia Tech
Many in the Virginia Tech community are chafing at the ongoing media coverage.
Washing Away the Bloodstains
The Virginia Tech community must consider the fate of Norris Hall.
Ammo Clips from eBay? Officials Probe Killer's Account
Cho bought clips for a gun like one used in the massacre.
English Professor Went to Dean About Killer
Professors in the English department knew the killer needed help.
Looking to Profit From a Tragedy
Predictably, entrepreneurs are eager to make a profit on the massacre.
Communication Breakdown on Va. Tech Gunman?
Police told Virginia Tech about killer's court-ordered hospitalization.
Killer Mails Letter, Photos, Video to NBC
Cho mailed his disutrbing missive to the news network.
President Shares 'Hug and Cry' with Virginia Tech Families, Expects Gun Debate
President Bush spoke to the grieving Virginia Tech community.
Va. Tech Killer Ruled Mentally Ill by Court; Let Go After Hospital Visit
Killer was ruled mentally ill by a judge -- and then let go.
Surviving a School Shooting
Schools must anticipate the possibility of violence.
Killer's Note: 'You Caused Me to Do This'
The killer left a note: 'You caused me to do this."
Va. Tech Shooter's Sister Works With State Department
Princeton Graduate Once Interned at U.S. Embassy in Bangkok
Cho Likely Schizophrenic, Evidence Suggests
A Closer Look at the Minds of Mass Shooters
Classes Resume at Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech has added extra security as students return to classes.
The Gun Control Myth?
John Stossel on why gun control isn't crime control.
Could Cho Have Been Stopped?
Extensive mental health records on Seung-Hui Cho uncover a disturbed mind.
Lives Lost at Va. Tech -- Portraits of Grief
A tribute to the victims of the Virginia Tech shooting.
Last Words of a Killer: Seung-Hui Cho's Shocking Diatribe
In a package to NBC, Cho offered his own distrubing profile.