Kidnap Survivors Share Why They Did Not Attempt to Escape
Amanda Berry broke free after a decade in captivity.
Kidnap Suspect Comforted Victim's Mom Last Year
Kidnapping victim's best friend was suspect's daughter.
Senate Swears in a Historic 20 Female Senators
Four Republicans and 16 Democrats will break the record when they're sworn in.
Boehner Calls Raising Tax Rates 'Unacceptable'
House Speaker Boehner stands firm in exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer.
First Lady Gives Obama 'Honest Feedback'
Michelle Obama prefers not to read her husband's speeches beforehand.
Julian Castro to 'Speak From the Heart'
San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro says he will "speak from the heart."
Romney's Sons: 'None of Us Expected We'd Be Here'
Romney's sons describe their father's style as "vintage" and "conservative."
Exclusive: Ann Romney's 5 Sons and Dad's Advice Prepared Her for Tonight
Tonight will be the first time Ann Romney gives a speech off a Teleprompter.
Bernanke: 'Too Early to Declare Victory' on Economy
Bernanke said he's sleeping better but it's "far too early to declare victory."
Winning the War? Gates, Petraeus Won't Say
When asked by Diane Sawyer if U.S. is winning, Petraeus cites "progress."
'Doomsday Plane' Can Survive Nuclear Attack
Modified 747 protects the president and joint chiefs in worst-case scenarios.
How to Help: Pine Ridge Reservation
Groups include Lakota Funds, Anpetu Luta Otipi, Red Cloud School and NCAI.
Stuck in 'Food Desert,' Pine Ridge Looks to Subway to Meet Nutrition Needs
With affordable produce scarce, franchise provides healthy option.
A Hidden America: How to Help
Learn more, get involved and help children living in poverty in Appalachia.
Second Chances for 'A Hidden America'
One week made a huge difference for the "Children of the Mountains."
Reservation Child's Wish: Fresh Water, Bubble Gum and a Backpack
Tashina Iron Horse dances joyously at pow wows despite hard life.
Boy’s Dream: Build a Better Playground, Become First Native American President
By JOSEPH DIAZ Twelve-year-old Robert Looks Twice appears to be the quintessential all-American boy. He is the quarterback of...
Teen Pregnancy: New Worries, Same Dreams
Pine Ridge Reservation teen and new mom Alaina is still pursuing her dreams.
The Double Life of Alleged Kidnapper Ariel Castro
Neighbors say Castro befriended neighborhood children and gave them rides on a motorcycle.
Diplomat Raises New Alarm on Benghazi
Insiders at the State Department say not enough was done during the attack that killed four American
Benghazi Hearing: Gregory Hicks Describes Consulate Attack
House Oversight Committee seeks to determine if Libya attack could have been prevented.
Emotional Homecomings for Kidnapped Cleveland Women
New details emerge on the brutal treatment they reportedly endured for 10 years.
Diane Sawyer Interviews President George W. Bush, Laura Bush
Former president and first lady discuss terrorism, painting and his new library.
Diane Sawyer's Personal Tour of the Presidential Library With the Former First Lady
Laura Bush talks about defining moments in the White House while her husband served as president.
20 Female Senators Sworn in on Capitol Hill
Diane Sawyer interviews the women of the new Congress.
House Speaker John Boehner Discusses Working With President Obama
Diane Sawyer talks with the Republican speaker about America's future.
Michelle Obama's Words for Husband Before DNC Speech
First lady reveals what she says to president before he heads to the podium.
Malia and Sasha Obama: A Look Back
Michelle Obama on daughters growing up in the spotlight.
San Antonio Mayor the Next Barack Obama?
Julian Castro follows in Obama's footsteps to give Democratic keynote address.
Paul Ryan Reflects on RNC Speech
VP nominee discusses Wednesday's message and the GOP's future.
Meet Mitt Romney's 5 Sons
Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben and Craig open up about father's presidential run.
Jeb Bush on Hispanic, Asian American Voters
Neither former presidents George W. Bush nor his father will be in Tampa.
Ann Romney Looks to Sway Women Voters
Candidate's wife prepares for primetime speech at Republican Convention.
Speaker Boehner gives Diane Sawyer Exclusive Tour of RNC
Speaker Boehner and Sawyer talk about what to expect at this year's GOP convention.
Mitt Romney, Wife Talk About the Obamas
Mitt and Ann Romney talk to Diane Sawyer, say Obama needs to start packing.
Ben Bernanke on Jobs, Housing and Economy
Federal Reserve chairman shares thoughts on teaching and economic recovery.
Obama Interview Looks Forward to Election Issues
President discusses the economy, jobs and political opponents.
Pelosi on Debt Deal: Satan Sandwich with 'Satan Fries'
Rep. Nancy Pelosi tells Diane Sawyer she will vote for the latest debt plan.
Afghanistan War: Is U.S. Winning?
Defense Sec. Robert Gates and Gen. David Petraeus on the 10-year-long war.
'Doomsday' Plane Ready for Nuclear Attack
An inside look at Defense Sec. Robert Gates' top secret military plane.
Gabrielle Giffords, Mark Kelly Face Jared Lee Loughner at Sentencing
Ryan Owens discusses shooter's sentencing, dramatic moments in courtroom.
Gabrielle Giffords Fights for her Life
The early days of Congresswoman Giffords' recovery filled with ups and downs.
Gabby and Mark Bonded by Dedication and Love
Husband and family lead the charge to help Gabrielle Giffords recover.
How Music Is Helping Gabrielle Giffords Heal
Music became an integral part of the rehabilitation process for Giffords.
Gabrielle Giffords 10 Months Later
Giffords shares her own thoughts on her remarkable recovery and road ahead.
No Limits to Gabrielle Giffords' Recovery
Doctors and family agree Giffords has no boundaries to her recovery.
Gabrielle Giffords: Will She Return to Congress?
Focused on recovery, the congresswoman says she will return.
20/20: Children of the Plains
Diane Sawyer reports on the young dreamers of the Pine Ridge Reservation.
Children of the Mountains
Diane Sawyer spent two years following children growing up in poverty.
Diane Sawyer Reports: Dreamers, Survivors of Pine Ridge
Diane Sawyer spent a year reporting on life in one of America's poorest counties