Fender Carries on Founder's Dream
Nearly 70 years later, workers are still making the famous guitars by hand.
Pals' Love of Vintage Shorts Becomes Online Success
Four friends ditched their jobs to create and sell a fashion obsession.
From Dessert 'Disaster' to Sweet Success
JC's Pie Pops are sold in 4,000 grocery stores across the US.
Hugh Jackman Goes Step Further in Sunscreen Push
The "X-Men" actor talked with David Muir about his health scare and new message.
Made in America 2014: Holiday Gift Guide
Look no further for US-made gifts this holiday season.
Made in America: Tervis Takes Off
The tumbler company is set to open its 17th site in the Mall of America.
Lenovo Paves the Way for Made-in-America Computers
Lenovo has hired more than 100 people to make computers in America.
Oil Boom Draws More Women to Industry
They are finding training and jobs in previously all-male field.
Made in America, Please? Chinese Buy U.S. Exports
From chips to makeup, companies are marketing to consumers across Pacific.
Oil Boom Creates Overnight Millionaires
Farmers and landowners are becoming millionaires with U.S. energy independence.
Builders Take Up American-Made Homes Challenge
While some pledged to use more products, others decided to go a step further.
Made in America: Daisy Cakes Blossoming After 'Shark Tank' Deal
Its owner has sold more than 25,000 cakes since getting $50,000 investment.
Rack Company Still Afloat Despite 'Shark Tank' Rejection
Donny McCall says he still will not budge on keeping production in the U.S.
Made in America: Valentine's Day Gifts
From teddy bears to naughty teddies, gift guide shares some ideas.
Is 'Made in USA' Clothing Hip?
High-end mass retailers market 'Made in USA' clothing.
Do College Dorm Rooms Hold a Key to US Job Creation?
"World News" gets answers from catalogue companies selling foreign-made goods.
Made in America: Buying U.S. Furniture for Less
While some products sell at a premium, not all goods made in America cost more.
Where to Find 'Made in America'
A resource list of websites devoted to American companies.
Made in America? Not in Smithsonian Gift Shop
Rep. Nick Rahall demands the museums sell only American-made goods.
Made in America: Meet the Usry Family
What does a house look like with only American products?
Peter Pan Brand a Sweet Deal for Georgia Farmers
Peter Pan Brand a Sweet Deal for Georgia Farmers
Bulb Still Burning After 100-Plus Years as GE Brings Business Back to US
Livermore, California, is home to what residents say is the world’s oldest light bulb. Made by the Shelby Electric Co. of...
Mexican Co. Moving Jobs to the US
Within in the next three years, one out of three babies born in the United States will be Hispanic. Hispanic American...
US Companies Take Fight Against Counterfeiters in Own Hands
At the International Property Rights Center in Washington D.C., director Lev Kubiak said selling counterfeit items was a...
Growing Demand for American-Made Products in Mexico
There is surprising cargo showing up on trains in Mexico.
U.S. Businesses Find Loyal Customers Among Mexico's Middle Class
The hottest label for Mexico’s new middle class seems to be “Made in America.” Nearly 1,120 miles away from Dallas — where...
Back From Abroad: Foreign Call Centers Return Home
Have you had a complaint about a product? A problem with your brand new computer? A question about a perplexing corporate...
Companies Move Manufacturing Jobs Back to America
A factory sits empty. It’s not in the Rust Belt, nor is it part of a manufacturing exodus that has cost the U.S. thousands of...
Made in America: Christmas Grab Bag
Every Christmas Michele Preisinger and her family have a gift grab bag.
Majestic Athletic Boasts All-Star American Workers
Company from Easton, Pennsylvania, has been making clothing for Major League Baseball for decades.
Family's Way to Preserve Images Hits Jackpot With the Help of "Shark Tank"
Brian and Julie Whitman sell GrooveBook for $14 million to Shutterfly.
This Secret Ingredient in Pizza Is Creating American Jobs
350 slices of pizza are sold every second in the U.S. and this CA export is in them all.
Halloween Costumes Treat Americans to Jobs
Made in America costume makers keep manufacturing at home.
American Candy Maker Filling Up Bags at Halloween and Creating Jobs
For generations this candy maker based out of Bethlehem, PA, has been manufacturing in the U.S.
Maglite Flashlights Commitment to American Manufacturing
Flashlight company started 50 years ago in South Carolina refuses to go overseas.
Randolph Sunglasses Help Keep Jobs in America
Robert Redford, Tom Cruise and Jon Hamm sport shades made by American workers.
Made in America: Olympic Uniform Victory
A first look at Team USA's opening ceremony uniforms.
Made in America: US Spends Millions on Foreign-Made Sneakers for the Military
U.S. shoe companies express interest in keeping sneaker manufacturing here at home.
A Look Back At A Year of David Muir's 'Made in America'
American companies experience great success as more jobs are created right here in the U.S.A.
Go USA Mittens Made in China
David Muir goes to work to encourage American manufacturing.
Made in America Championship Round, Viewers Decide the Winner
Inventors go head to head for a chance to showcase their ideas at Wal-Mart.
American Inventors Pitch Their Ideas for a Chance to Win a Fortune
Make-or-break moment in competition for inventors who hope to score a deal with Wal-Mart.
Made In America: Everyday Inventors Win Over Walmart
Americans from coast to coast work to convince mega-store to sell their products.
Made in America: Philadelphia Pride
Viewer Dena Driscoll suggests 6 products made in the USA.
Kindergarten Class Learns 'Made In America'
Students handcraft their own "Made In America" labels.
Viewer Takes 'Made In America' Challenge
Woman searches office for made in America products.
Another Viewer Takes 'Made In America' Challenge
Surprising amount of American made goods in this home.
Made in America: Inside Viewer's Living Room
"World News" viewer explores living room and finds imports.
Snapshot of the Women Working in U.S. Oil
Here are just a few women who've broken into formerly all-male field.
Take a Tour Inside the 'Made in America' Home
See the Usry's home before and after a 'Made in America' makeover.