Taking taters to a new level

In honor of National Greasy Foods Day, we caught up with the co-owners of FryGuys, who turned their restaurant idea into a potato lover's dream.
4:36 | 10/25/17

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Transcript for Taking taters to a new level
Somebody's been stealing from my playlist club crowd. That I say. Today we have been waiting for national greasy Wednesday with moves like that and we need to celebrate this day more often. As we focus on the king of recent puts the French. Yes one of my favorite target of into the place right here in New York that's elevating the potato game to the next level. Check out this mornings and some yet kitchen. Goal. I think he's hot and I'm mark tornado regular I don't have a bright eyes we have NASDAQ flat line. It's may at the end. That we cannot yet it was over two years ago our birthdays. And human is my house my brother came. Home from her preference thing that humans yes he's French Fries for our. I sat. It's like I think both companies are there right swears Frye had ended. And I just came out of that today apparently we didn't. He designs. They might have been here yeah. Our payment. Leave them frank wall we'll permit they photographed and they get isn't there riot. Company and that the actual friends try to break. Being back on it is wanted on the younger guy and the others. Vowed that next Sunday. They're the key in getting the perfect thing. First frying them at 300 degrees and that they get out next song on the inside. Second prize everybody agrees that they get golden brown for him. Here we go. Now aren't any yeah I think intriguing hint we have Archie act already happy eighteenth came on all the half. That I diet which is full court. Bar he thought that I can't guy like I had. Eddy played a guy that it or at least get them and Kate don't hear more private art. Courtney salad sandwiches anything. He's. Night. And Bob why I called content dance and that could not eat light at the end leaking giant. Again small bars and act as dark. The net. Kids are young guy. Our thinking that nothing diet that the other guy is our play on chicken and off all. People creating the island out and it. Me here. I asked me what actually read about the Brian we then add our home me right chicken on pop. With a little bit of red fight to get it that can't. Jeff we'll let our people gravy on top in that kick in a nice flavor and that magnetic. And out of bed and yeah. I think we're all hungry yeah. I guess that we have Andy Marko here than they thought I never thought yeah I had so much for bringing us the. Yeah I had you have no idea on the thin. You just walk us through some of these facilities dishes and I how you came up with the names because I find that super yes I'll sell it decided to protect we have our American classic cheese Fries and these are and three cheese case animated house everything is super fashion OK. Yes please big and you guys I must be hungry and that one. That is art fry guy that has arm pulled pork went as smoking barbecue on top I want my personal favorite tonight and Illinois pulled pork. Ours aren't learning saying yeah he's got Andrew Kirkland because the southern guy with maple gradient fried chicken and this is the drunk guy with be king case so and they are drunk guy added. Sober light gas panic and I think I Enqvist and has our grocery aisle again yes. As you guys this is great stuff easily after yet it's a fantastic concept I next on Friday thus.

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{"id":50701578,"title":"Taking taters to a new level","duration":"4:36","description":"In honor of National Greasy Foods Day, we caught up with the co-owners of FryGuys, who turned their restaurant idea into a potato lover's dream.","url":"/WNN/video/taking-taters-level-50701578","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}