Goodbye to Yearly Flu Shots?
New research shows promise for lifelong protection against the flu.
Cancer Treatment Kills Tumors by 'Cooking'
A radically new approach attacks remote tumors once unreachable with surgery.
Unequal Epidemic: Strokes Worse in Women
Higher incidence of death, damage from strokes points to inequality of care.
'Targeted Chemo' Safely Shrinks Liver Tumors
Experimental technique bombards tumors with 10 times the chemotherapy dose.
Mystery Heart Ailment Strikes New Moms
Pregnant women, new mothers should watch for signs of peripartum cardiomyopathy.
Flu Strain Resistant to Leading Flu Treatment
This season's leading flu strain is resisting the drug Tamiflu, causing worry.
For a Second Opinion, Some Patients Log On
Self-diagnosis of cancer led patient wisely to ignore doctor's reassurances.
Device May Reduce Breast Cancer Surgeries
A new tool helps doctors distinguish cancerous breast tissue from normal tissue.
Study Finds Women Get Inferior Medical Care
Women are twice as likely to die from severe heart attacks as men.
NYC Endorses Cooling Process for Cardiac Arrest
Cities require ambulances to bring cardiac patients to centers with cooling.
Spinal Fusion Procedure Relieves Back Pain
250,000 Americans have the surgery each year; new procedure cuts recovery time.
Future Promise For Breast Cancer Cure?
Researchers are exploring a vaccine that targets and kills breast cancer cells.
Statin Drugs May Lower Rate of Heart Attack
Statins may help millions reduce their risk of heart attacks and strokes.
Fighting Cancer Through Your Genes
Advances in genetic mapping may explain what causes cancer and how to treat it.
Brady Injury: When Knee Surgery Backfires
Brady's knee injury brings to light dangers faced by all after surgery.
New Treatments to Help You Quit Smoking
Revolutionary tools could help you beat your nicotine habit for good.
Father, Daughter Battle Breast Cancer
Combating the disease together, the two experienced stronger and deeper bond.
Acupuncture Eases Side Effects of Cancer Treatments
New research shows that this ancient medicine can treat cancer's side effects.
One Woman's Recovery From Killer Blood Clots
A freak heart tumor led to a massive stroke -- and clots throughout her body.
Promising New Way to Detect Breast Cancer
An experimental method called MBI spotted more tumors with fewer false alarms.
Over Diagnosed?
Researchers say many prostate cancer patients can live with low-risk cells.
Women's Drinking Danger
New research points to a link between moderate alcohol consumption and cancer.
Closer to a Universal Flu Vaccine
Researchers identify a common weakness in a variety of influenza strains.
Cooking Away Cancer
When surgery is not possible, a new treatment can zap malignant brain tumors.
The Heart of an Epidemic
Doctors are questioning why there is an epidemic of women suffering strokes.
Cutting-Edge Chemo Saturation
People diagnosed with deadly live cancer find hope in new treatment.
Ethics of Octuplets
Some doctors argue that planting so many embryos is a medical malpractice.
Less Food, More Thought
A strict diet and weight loss could improve your memory.
Reducing Surgery Errors
Surgeons use verbal checklists to reduce complications in operations.
Revolutionary Back Surgery
A new type of spine surgery for lower back pain allows for a faster recovery.
Study May Debunk Vaccine, Autism Link
New research indicates no relation between autism and MMR inoculations.
Boy Lives On Through Gift of Life
One family's loss is the perfect match for another suffering family.
Performing Surgery on Unborn Babies
A closer look at some of the most remarkable surgeries.
Miracle Drug Could Be the Will to Live
Newborn son was the key to a father's recovery from a torn aorta.
Celebrating Life at Prom
How one hospital helps cancer patients become prom kings and queens.
Deep Brain Stimulation
Experimental, radical technique shows promise in difficult cases of depression.
Ammar's Story
An Iraqi boy receives life-saving surgery with the help of U.S. Marines.
Breakthrough in Autism Research
Researchers have found new genes that play a role in the development of autism.
Promising Experimental Cancer Drug
A new treatment for prostate cancer offers new hope to men.
Study Reveals Diets' Effectiveness
Low-fat, low-carb or Mediterranean-style diets all offer different results.
Possible Melanoma Treatment
A new study suggests an experimental vaccine might treat melanoma
Peak Time for Indoor Tanning
Doctors warn women that UV light from tanning salons increases risk of cancer.
New Research on Malignant Tumors
ABC's John McKenzie explains experimental treatments for brain tumor patients.
Medical Treasure Thrown Away?
Cells from the umbilical cords of newborn babies can be used to fight diseases.
Parents Affect Child's Sleep and Weight
Poor sleep patterns in children often the result of parents' behavior.
Two-Drug Combo Fights Hypertension
Potential treatment for millions with high blood pressure proves promising.
Breakthrough: Autistic Teen Finds Voice
Carly Fleishman communicates via computer, offering insight into the disorder.
Three Parents and One Embryo
In England scientist synthesized this embryo through in-vitro fertilization.
Zapping Brains Back To the Future
Doctors are hopeful a new procedure may one day help Alzheimer's patients.
Exercise Linked to Longevity
Research shows that DNA is affected by regular physical activity.
Female Heart Patients Rejoice
Smaller heart pumps are especially designed to keep women's hearts ticking.