'Healing Process' or Hijinks? Investigators at Fort Hood Mosque
FBI examines mosque garbage cans as leaders head to Ft. Hood memorial service.
Army's Top Horses Help Heal America's Wounded Vets
Legendary Caisson Platoon horses help soldiers who are learning to walk again.
What Really Happened to Pat Tillman?
Author Jon Krakauer and Army Rangers at scene of killing reveal hidden story.
The Battle Against Military Suicides: One Is Too Many
Gen. Mark Graham works to dramatically reduce the suicide rate in the military.
U.S. Fights Rising IED Attacks in Afghanistan
Military program teaches troops to recognize an IED attack before it happens.
Iraq Video Game Ignites Controversy
Family members outraged over game that depicts real Fallujah battle.
Injured Soldiers Swim to Recovery
Veterans dive into therapeutic waters for relief from wounds of war.
Military Widows Hit the Open Road
Young war widows travel cross-country spreading hope and building bonds.
Battle Stories Prepare Soldiers for War
Project teaches soldiers the lessons of war from those who experienced it.
Baseball's 'Slumdog Millionaire'
Indian reality show "The Million Dollar Arm" hunts for the next baseball star.
Michelle Obama: 'Normal Is Now Relative'
First lady vows to keep the family grounded in the White House.
Vets' Children Honored at Inaugural Concert
Children of wounded troops get a chance to be kids at celeb concert.
Buffalo Bulls Make Bowl After 50 Years
Bulls honor 1958 team that took stance against racism in name of unity.
Raising Son With Deceased Dad's Guidance
Mother keeps father's memory alive for her son through his wartime journal.
Band of Brothers Reunite at Christmas
A special Christmas reunion for one mother who has sent four sons to war.
Iraqi Translators Search for Fresh Start
Interpreters serving with U.S. forces in Iraq are at risk of becoming targets.
Cash for Trash Spurs Increase in Recycling
Massachusetts town goes 'green' to get green and residents are eager to join.
Gov't Programs Give Vets a 2nd Chance
New government programs help veterans meet employment challenges.
A Marine's Progress
Bob Woodruff Follows Progress of Young Soldier Who Suffered Devastating Brain Injury, Recovered With His Mother's Help
War on the Brain: TBI Recovery
Victims of traumatic brain injuries and their families struggle with recovery.
Iraq Vet Speaks to 'World News' Viewers
Marine Cpl. Jeff Landay and his mother answered viewers' questions.
Top Docs Bring Hope to Scarred Vets
UCLA plastic surgeons donate their services through Operation Mend.
Woodruff Reports: Soldier's Iraq Tour Extended, Then an IED Hits
Will Glass Recovers From TBI, Expresses Frustrations With Military Policy
'Something Was Different.' Vet Copes with Invisible Injury
Iraq Veteran Warren Hardy Suffers From an Undiagnosed Traumatic Brain Injury
The Other Front Line: Caring for Wounded Vets
Bob Woodruff Reports on the Extraordinary Courage of the Families of Injured Service Members
An Unforeseen Cost of War
Thousands of Veterans Are Returning From War With Traumatic Brain Injuries
Brain Injuries Overlooked at Some Veterans Hospitals
Local VA Outposts Often Unprepared to Deal With Injuries Sustained in Iraq and Afghanistan
The Journey Back From Brain Injury
Rehabilitation and Recovery a Gradual and Uncertain Process
Answers to Your Questions About Brain Injury
Scientists and doctors have only just begun to unravel the mysteries of brain injuries. Here, some of the country's leading...
Where Our Heroes Heal
Bob Woodruff Follows the Rehabilitation of Injured Veterans
Gettin' Green at College
More American college campuses are embracing eco-friendly measures.
Gov Jindal: We Must Protect New Orleans
Louisiana governor says more needs to be done to save Louisiana's coastline.
Is This the Miracle That Will Save GM?
General Motors banks on its electric car, the Chevy Volt.
Clinton Chides Bush Greenhouse Plan
In an exclusive interview, Pres. Clinton says going green will help the economy.
Pyongyang Applauds Musical Overture
New York Philharmonic plays to a full house in North Korea.
Meet the Man Who Saved Woodruff's Life
Bob Woodruff and his crew head to Syria to track down Omar.
Fort Hood Families Band Together to Grieve and Honor the Fallen
Today all of America came together in a day of solemn remembrance to pay homage to the fallen.
Woodruff: Why I've Gone Back to Iraq
ABC News' Bob Woodruff travels back to Iraq for the first time since 2006 injury.
America's Heroes at Work
A new program addresses the challenges of returning veterans.
Woodruff's Drs on Brain Injury Treatment
Bob Woodruff's doctors answer questions on traumatic brain injury.
Undiagnosed Invisible Wounds
RAND Study Says 600,000 troops are suffering from traumatic brain injury.
Soldiers Recover From Brain Injuries
Bob Woodruff profiles four soldiers struggling to overcome TBI suffered in Iraq.
A Marine Bravely Overcoming Brain Injury
Bob Woodruff talks with a young Marine who suffered a brain injury in Iraq.
The Road Back From Brain Injury
An update on the condition of soldiers who suffered traumatic brain injuries.
Search for Water in Darfur
Part of the crisis in Sudan is over the scarcity of natural resources.
Nightline, 06.13.07
Bob Woodruff returns to Iraq.
Service Dogs Aid Some Autistic Children
These children showed improvement when paired with a service dog.
Exclusive Access Inside North Korea
Bob Woodruff and ABC News get unprecedented access inside North Korea.
Woodruff, Vogt One Year Later
Woodruff's warm welcome during his return to ABC News.
Bob Woodruff's Miraculous Recovery
Brain scans, rehab and a family reunion.