Answers to Your Questions About Treatments for Scars and Burns

CHANDRA: Wow, China! That's so awesome! I've always wanted to go there! Anyways, back to your question ... this has all happened so quickly and we have just been thinking about what we have to get accomplished in the time being. We have thought about taking our fundraising efforts global, not really sure how to reach people on the other side of the world yet, but we will come up with something!

GERLINDE, Millbrae, Calif.: How did you go from being afraid to show your scars to putting down the walls and opening up to people about it? What's the trigger? How did you find the courage to do so, especially telling your boyfriends?

CHANDRA: Well, opening up to people we trust can definitely be a lot easier than opening up to everyone in the entire world, lol! But going from not even wearing a t-shirt to the grocery store in 100-degree heat to then all of a sudden going on national TV and sharing our story that we have been so private about all of these years ... well, that was all up to God and our wonderful Aunt Vicki and our grandma Sue. They have really encouraged us to not let our differences stop us from anything. We couldn't have done it without them! He has been with us every step of the way and He told my sisters and I to just get out there and do it and to not be afraid, so we listened to Him. If we could sacrifice our own comfort zone to help others and help them realize that they are not alone and there are people out there that care ... then it was worth every bit of this.

ZEELA, Cerritos, Calif.: I, along with 40 of my classmates, graduated this past May 2009 with our master's in occupational therapy. I was so proud to learn of the girls and the importance of occupational therapy in their lives. My question is simply this: What advice do you have for me as I enter the OT profession in dealing with patients who are burn survivors just as you are?"

CHANDRA: Be compassionate and understanding that the procedures that they are having to do are very painful, in which I am sure you already know, but try to relate to them by not treating them any different than you would with any of your other patients.

SAMANTHA, San Francisco: I have a similar story, I was burned in my home when I was 2 and left with third degree burns on 24 percent of my body. I am now 19 so I can definitely relate to the struggle everyday of accepting what can't be change, and I am so glad that there is something out there that can help! Just wondering how many treatments you have all had to do to see noticeable improvement?

CHANDRA: Well, we had our procedures done one month apart, but usually you would have to wait a little longer to get each treatment, but around the 4-5 month mark is when we started see a difference!

STACY, Minneapolis: I am also a burn victim and have scars on my face. I'm wondering if you've found a makeup that you like that isn't too heavy and lasts all day? Also, do you know if this laser treatment is offered in other states, and how soon after your treatments were you able to wear makeup?

CHANDRA: Hi Stacy! We usually use Revlon ColorStay foundation. ... You can get it from your local grocery store or Wal-Mart. ... It's nothing special or anything, just a normal foundation that we like.

EDDIE, Amarillo, Texas: I am interested in the laser scar removal and its progress.

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