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First Lady Campaigns With Clinton for First Time

First Lady Michelle Obama will campaign with Hillary Clinton for the first time at an early vote rally in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, today.
3h ago

Colorado Governor Hops on the 'Election Cycle'

Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado was vetted to be Hillary Clinton’s vice president, and now many say he is a contender for a cabinet position if she gets elected.
2h ago

Tim Kaine, Sherrod Brown Have a Guys' Night Out at World Series

Unfortunately for Kaine and Brown -- who are Cleveland Indian fans -- the Chicago Cubs beat the Indians 5-1, tying the World Series at one game apiece.
Oct 27

How the Election May Affect the Trump Brand

3h ago

Husband Says Fringe Church's 'Miracle Cure' Killed His Wife

3h ago