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Edward Snowden on Trump, Petraeus, Having 'No Regrets'

Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric spoke to the fugitive whistleblower who leaked information about U.S. surveillance activities.
1h ago

Investigators Search for Source of Oakland Warehouse Inferno

Firefighters believe the lack of sprinklers and accessible stairwells made the concert venue a death trap.
Dec 5

Judge Declares Mistrial in Shooting of Walter Scott

Prosecutors promise a retrial after jury couldn't agree.
Dec 5

Trump Team Still Looking for Secretary of State

As many as nine contenders are vying for the position, including former Ambassador to China Jon Huntman.
Dec 5

How Many Gifts Under Your Tree Are Made in America?

ABC News' David Muir visits the home of La-Z-Boy, the furniture made with American hands.
Dec 5