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American Airlines confrontation caught on camera

Flight attendant apparently clashed with passenger over her baby stroller after which airline put passenger and her family on another flight and upgraded them to first class.
Apr 22

Countdown to Trump's 100th day in office

Trump says his administration will soon be announcing a tax reform plan and that Republicans are close to putting forward a revised health care bill.
Donald Trump
Apr 22

Brush fires lead to a state of emergency in Florida

Thousands are forced from their homes, at least 9 homes are destroyed.
Apr 22

A look inside the cabin where missing Tennessee teen was found

The national manhunt comes to an end with ex-teacher Tad Cummins in FBI custody.
Missing Tennessee Student
Apr 22

Three boys refuse a bribe, help cops stop a serial burglar

A suspicious man offered the boys money to help him hide, but they flag down an officer and become crime-fighting heroes.
Apr 22