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Trump Flies to North Carolina Rally With 'Mad Dog' Mattis

The president-elect tweeted dissatisfaction with plans for "Trump Force One."
Dec 6

Dangerous Blizzard Hits North Dakota, Closes Airports and Roads

Tribe officials asked that Dakota Access Pipeline demonstrators leave the area to find warmth and safety.
Dec 6

Defense Department May Be Wasting $125 Billion on Overhead

A 2015 Pentagon report observed the department wasted roughly a quarter of its annual budget.
Dec 6

Inside Aleppo: Families' Emotional Return Home After Fleeing Years Ago

Syria has been in the grips of civil war and roughly 11 million Syrians fled their homes, creating one of the worst refugee crisis in modern history.
1h ago

Some Victims of the Oakland Warehouse Fire Texted Family Members Before Dying

Dec 6