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Elizabeth Smart's father speaks out about missing Tenn. teen

Edward Smart has an appreciation for what the family of Elizabeth Thomas -- the Tennessee teen allegedly kidnapped by former teacher Tad Cummins -- is going through.
Missing Tennessee Student
2h ago

Two boys, 11 and 12, electrocuted after Texas storms

Two children died in Texas on Wednesday after they were electrocuted by power lines downed in a severe overnight storm.
3h ago

FBI director Comey: 'We’re not on anybody's side, ever.'

FBI Director James Comey affirmed the independence of his agency, saying he didn't care whose "political ox is gored by our work."
34m ago

Mexican man freed after arrest despite protected status

Mar 29

Australian cyclone leaves shark stranded upstream

The calm after the storm wasn't so calm after emergency crews on Thursday found an unexpected shark out of water on a flooded road in Queensland, Australia.
1h ago