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President and GOP plan next move after failing to get health care overhaul passed

Trump tweets "do not worry" this morning and Pence travels to West Virginia to reassure supporters.
Donald Trump
Mar 25

Deadly bus shooting hours after hotel robbery in Las Vegas

Parts of the Vegas strip have been shut down while swat teams are deployed.
Mar 25

Newly released video appears to show assassination of Putin critic

This is just the latest opponent of the Russian president who has died under violent or suspicious circumstances in the past few years.
Mar 25

Inside horrific murder-for-hire crime scene in upstate NY

Officers were wearing body cameras when they discovered Kelley Clayton had been brutally murdered in 2015.
New York
Mar 25

Rise of 'membership medicine' plans raise concerns

Direct Primary Care provides alternate options for health care and some are calling it the future of medicine.
Mar 25