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"Mr. Arlidge seems to subscribe to the theory that the government owns everything except what it allows you to keep. That view is not consistent with the intentions of the founding fathers as expounded in the documents that form the foundation of this country and its government. I share your philosophy regarding the role of government. I did not read or view your essay on the California proposition to support embryonic stem cell research with state funds. I thought California was broke. I am sure if the government gets involved it will screw things up with pork barrel politics, affirmative action, and non-scientific decision making."

"Ron Aldridge has me thinking. Since I don't own my money (government does), I must not own anything I bought with my money (government does.) That also means I don't own my own life, since in order to eat and live, I must buy food, but government owns my money and my food. I exist only at the whim of government … I wonder if Ron knows as much about economics as he does about television? Because if he does, maybe he can explain how mankind managed to reach the point of development at which government became possible. Because before government, man couldn't own anything, since there was no government to grant it to him! I didn't see your piece, but I for one don't have a big problem if the citizens of California want to use their tax money to fund stem cell research. At least it doesn't affect me much here in Texas. It's really the Federal government doing unconstitutional basic research (and lots of other things) that has me in a tizzy, since I can't escape its reach, and it can put my kids in debt. States, on the other hand, can and should be free to experiment more with the failed idea that is government … " -- Jason Pratt

"I found Mr. Alridge's commentary to be hilarious. When I hear you (John) whining, I know it is time to pay attention as the cost of wasteful government just went up again. Mr. Alridge is a perfect example of what our left leaning universities are churning out. They desperately cling to the failed government policies that got us in this mess to begin with. I am fed up with elitists like Alridge encouraging government to do this and fix that. Keep up the great work Mr. Stossel. Your reporting is like a breath of fresh air among stale journalists."
Sincerely, -- Steven Orrange, Georgetown, Texas

"It is unreal the amount of disrespect he shows for the workers of this country. Your money is your property, not the governments'. I suggest Mr. Aldridge read the constitution and U.S. history and he'd learn that we were founded on a violent anti-tax revolution. Patrick Henry said, "Give me liberty or give me death!" Not give me health care or give me death!!! Keep up the good work John, we really appreciate it." -- Mark in Austin, TX

"Please tell Professor Alridge that we live in a constitutional republic, not a democracy. Democracy can be defined as mob rule, of course, and a system of government our founders feared almost as much as a monarchy. If two friends and a stranger are in a lifeboat and there are only enough supplies for two, the democratic solution would be for the two friends to vote the stranger overboard, unless, of course, they had drawn up a constitution detailing exactly what they did or did not have the power to do. You see, this is why they don't let TV critics teach civics." -- Jim Poserina from Jersey

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