More Scientists Say Global Warming Causes Stronger Hurricanes

Willoughby also says the data on increasing surface sea temperatures are hard to ignore.

"If you're a hurricane, that's where you want to be," he said. "It gives you a chance to be an overachiever, like Rita or like Katrina. And that was the thing that provided the energy to let these hurricane turn into, you know, the monster hurricanes that they've become."

Willoughby says government leaders need to pay close attention to the findings that global warming will mean more rainfall in hurricanes.

"If you think about it, raining more doesn't seem like a problem, but Hurricane Jeanne rained an awful lot in Haiti last year and killed 3,000 people," said Willoughby. "Global warming makes this nasty weather nastier. It's getting harder and harder to stick with the, 'There ain't no global warming'...That's harder and harder to say."

Of course, not everyone is convinced. Meteorologist Bill Gray doesn't buy it, because he doesn't even buy the concept there is global warming.

"The humans aren't doing it," he said. "It's nature and it is the nature that's causing all these changes, and we can't do anything about that."

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