New Dating Web Sites Bring Sugar Daddies, Babies Together at Last

Photo: 20/20 Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies

In this tough economy, at least one industry is booming: "sugar daddy" dating Web sites.

Some users say they are making tens of thousands of dollars per month, and the work's not difficult. Critics call it prostitution, but those involved simply call it a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Erin Miller, a 23-year-old, self-described model/actress, uses a dating Web site called On her profile, she has advertised herself as looking for a "playful, open relationship with financial benefits."

"I'm dating four sugar daddies right now," she said.

She and thousands of other women have found their "sugar daddies" on, which, in many ways, resembles a traditional dating Web site.

Women can join for free. They post pictures and describe themselves to prospective dates. But there's an important difference: The women also write how much money they expect in return for dating the men. In Miller's case, she leaves the amount negotiable, but some "sugar babies" ask for as much as $30,000 a month.

Miller has only been on the Web site for a couple of months, yet she feels as though her life has already changed drastically.

"I've been shopping all over, nice cars. I got a new condo," she said. "Every day is a new adventure."

One of her sugar daddies lets her use his yacht. He also sends her a Rolls Royce and a chauffeur to take her shopping. Another date pays for her condo, and another gave her a Mercedes.

"Money helps tremendously with happiness, because I would not be happy dating a guy who lived at home in his parents' basement," she confessed.

How does a sugar baby like Miller get to know her dates?

"The dates usually start off with some coffee or a drink somewhere, and then you get to know each other, to see if you're feeling the vibe," she said. "And then go on a second date and start talking about your rent. And they'll ask you how much money you need and what's your budget."

In return, Miller said, "the guys get a hot chick -- arm candy that can make them look good and [that they can] have fun with."

Ady Gil, a 50-year-old entrepreneur, claims he's worth between $10 million and $50 million. He owns two large production companies in Los Angeles. He believes the arrangement site is a great way to meet women.

"You can make a deal with the girl. You don't have to worry about whether it's going to be 'yes' or 'no,'" he said. "You don't have to take them to dinner and hope that maybe something will happen. The cards are on the table."

Men pay $45 for membership on the Web site, but some, like Gil, pay an extra $1,000 to have the site verify his wealth and put his profile in a prominent spot.

Web Site Creator: 'I Wasn't Very Good at the Social Scene'

Gil is far from unattractive and could certainly find women without paying. So why does he do it?

"Because most of them are drop-dead gorgeous," he explained. "First, a lot of them are very intelligent and are not the regular girls. The women are boring.

"The other thing is you want to buy the age gap," he added.

So, unlike the standard dating sites, this Web site provides older men like Gil a chance to find younger women by advertising their wealth.

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