Alexa Ray Joel Opens New Chapter With New Album

"I think every woman, when she's going through this immense heartbreak and, really, depression and isolation, feels totally alone," Joel said. "So many women are writing in on Facebook and MySpace on my page and sending me long letters and they said, 'Thank you for admitting to it' and 'This issue needs to be brought to light more.'"

Equally upfront about her physical appearance as she is about her emotional vulnerabilities, Alexa made headlines recently when she admitted to rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum, and to change her looks.

"I got a lot of people writing in, 'That's cool, you're so honest,'" Joel said. "And, so people were asking about it. I wasn't going to lie, it was clearly a different nose. I didn't want to play anybody for a fool. So I just said, 'Yeah, and I'm really happy with it.'"

Alexa Ray Joel: Supermodel Mom

It may be said that beauty is only skin deep, but as a young girl Alexa had to navigate the usual teenage insecurities with the unique intimidation of having one of the world's great supermodels as a mother.

"I was so insecure about it when I was a teenager," Joel said. "I was like, 'I'm just the weird brunette girl, don't look at me, you'll look at Mom anyways.' I was a really late bloomer. And so I didn't feel pretty or anything until, maybe like 20. Until my first love and all that. It took me a long time to kind of come to terms with that. And to realize, 'OK, I can have my own look and I can be hot in my own right.'"

The family legacy of physical beauty carries on with Joel, who is starring in a new ad campaign for Prell shampoo -- a brand her mother famously endorsed decades ago.

"That was a big confidence-booster to me," Joel said. "Really? My mother's the big supermodel, you want me to model for you? It was like, 'Oh, she's glamorous, now I'm being considered glamorous.' You know, this is all a work in progress for me, and people are still getting to know me and I'm still getting comfortable with my role and my place."

Alexa Ray Joel is finding her place with a new album, a blossoming identity, and a voice matured by emotional resilience. She is now a woman ready to embrace a future that is both fated in the stars and shaped by talents that allow her to shine in her own right.

"I'm a romantic, and when you're young and you're a musician, your life is living in your emotions. In order to write a song you have to be inspired," Joel said. "Whether it's by romantic love or any form of love. You live for that. But I, I, love makes the world go round and, and I didn't understand, that I had so much love around me without him. I didn't see it. And I see that now, and I'm incredibly grateful and fulfilled."

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