Doctors Use Revolutionary Treatment on Burned Model

Piper's Medical Marathon

After the major skin graft on her face, Piper required 30 more procedures. But it seemed that there was no end in sight -- a fear Piper voiced to her mother.

"That is what my life is, recovery. You wouldn't understand because it didn't happen to you. I've never in my life been like this, where there is no point waking up," she told her mother from her hospital bed.

"Sometimes the tears would be streaming down my eyes, down my face. Because I was just looking at this poor, raw, red face that was once my beautiful daughter," Diane said.

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In August 2008, Jawad sent Piper for special treatment at a rehab unit in France.

"I found out a place in the South of France which looks after these post-burn patients very well," he said. "They provide a very intense, inpatient, scar management."

Jawad also knew that the clinic would expose Piper to other badly scarred burn victims -- which could help in her psychological recovery.

"It was good to feel that I had a support network, but, unfortunately because it was in France, everybody spoke French," she said. "I did do French at school but I got a C so, you know...But it was fantastic and it's important to surround yourself by people that have an understanding and empathy, but don't pity you."

Piper Speaks Out

Piper's confidence grew and 18 months after she was burned beyond recognition, she went for her first evening out since the attack.

"I never dreamed that we'd see her like that again," said her sister Suzy. "And so, to look at her I just thought that it's Kate again. She's back, you know. And it was so nice."

Almost two years after the acid attack, Piper is finally comfortable appearing in public.

Piper first told her story in a British television documentary, "My Beautiful Face," which gave her the platform to rebuild her life. She now wants to help other burn victims receive the same extensive rehab that she did.

"We actually talk about it now -- she wants to set up a clinic here in London so, you know, anyone who is burnt can go to this clinic for as much rehab as possible," said best friend Kay Little. "I think she's actually probably got a brighter future now than she had as a, you know, as a model and, and TV presenter."

By sharing her story, Piper hopes to inspire others to become comfortable in their new skin.

"The scars, the mask, everything encased me in this little shell, and I want to break free and be my own person," she said. "I want to be rid of that and just be Katie.

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