Knox: 'I Am Innocent, I Will Be Free'

"You sort of hear that story and you laugh because it's just so incredible," said Tacopina. "And if true, he is the unluckiest man in the world."

Guede also stated that Knox and Sollecito were not in the cottage that night.

For now, Knox's family waits as investigators slowly sift through the evidence. Mignini insists he has enough to hold the suspects and is sticking with his group sex attack theory.

"You are perceived as guilty if you are put in jail," said Judy Bachrach, a contributing editor for Vanity Fair who has been covering the case from the beginning. "And you are gonna be in jail if you're considered a suspect. And you're gonna be considered a suspect if the prosecutor says you are. Never mind the evidence."

Curiously, Mignini was charged in January, in a separate case, with abusing his office and obstruction of justice, in what an Italian official called a "crusade … to further his own vindictive interest." He has denied the charges.

Myths and Misconceptions

Knox's family won't discuss the case directly, but it has appealed to Italy's supreme court for Knox's release. The hearing is in April.

For now, her parents simply want to clear up what they believe to be myths and misconceptions about their daughter. They countered the criticism of the video shot at the crime scene of Knox and Sollecito kissing.

"She looked like she was in shock," said her father. "I almost saw them as kind of clinging to each other for support, " added her mother.

In response to the caught-on-tape "lingerie moment," Curt Knox points out that "her house is now a crime scene" and Mellas explained that underwear "was one of the first things she needed." Knox's family was also aware of her relationship with Sollecito.

"He looked like Harry Potter, and that's what she liked about him," said Deanna Knox.

They say Knox's MySpace nickname "Foxy Knoxy" was misconstrued in headlines around the world, indicating the fresh-faced college student was a seductress. In reality, Knox got her nickname in soccer when she was 8 years old. Curt Knox said, "She crouches like a fox. She was a defender, and she would set herself, prepare herself to take on the person coming down the field."

From the start, Knox's family has displayed unwavering support and proclaimed her innocence. But public opinion in Italy immediately turned against Knox, who was painted as a sex-crazed, party girl gone wild. Curt Knox says this portrayal is "180 degrees opposite of anything we have ever known her to be."

Twice a week for the last three months, at least one of Knox's parents has visited her in prison.

"Being a young kid, she just doesn't understand — why am I here when I didn't do anything," Curt Knox said.

When they are in the United States, they receive a steady stream of letters from their daughter. Mellas shared one letter: "Dear Mom, it's always so good to see you, amazing, I would say. You are my angel throughout all of this … and you are also most importantly the one person who gives me the most hope."

"It's hard when after so much time the police still think I am involved, it's really hard not being believed, but, you know, I think about you struggling to be OK as well … "

Knox's parents still cling to the belief that eventually their world will make sense again.

"It's one in which you have to believe in the system" said Curt Knox. "And that they wouldn't put an innocent 20-year-old girl in jail for something she didn't do," said Mellas. "You just have to believe that."

For now, all they can do is wait.

ABC's Ann Wise and Carla Rumor contributed to this report.

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