911 Call Shatters Life Maine Couple Built Together

"I had heard some nondescript noises, nothing that seemed alarming to me," she said. "I walked down the hall. I remember, I had my head down ... and ... heard ... a loud bang. Experienced some pain, fell."

She said the pain was sharp, and from the bang she figured out she had been shot in the midsection, but the dark room made it impossible to see who fired the shot as she crumpled to the floor.

"I saw a movement, and that's all," she said. "When I opened my eyes, in front of me, there was a gun on the floor. I reached for the gun, made contact with it, it fired, it scared me. ... Certainly my husband would be here, and I called out to him, got no response. I heard him gurgling."

Click HERE to listen to a recording of Linda Dolloff's 911 call.

Police Arrive on Scene

Surprisingly, help was not that far away. Sheriff's Det. Sgt. Jim Estabrook was in the area at the time of the attack.

"There apparently had been a shooting ... a home invasion of some sort," Estabrook recalled. "So I immediately start responding. And started down the driveway. ... We don't know ... what's there, who's there, where they are, or where they're going, or what their motivations are."

Estabrook had his gun drawn and eyes on the house when he saw something.

"Right in the windows at the door, there's movement. It's a flash. It's a person, is what I say it is," he said. "I see one person in the window."

Estabrook asked the 911 operator to have Linda Dolloff reveal herself.

"And when the door opened," he said, "she came outside by virtue of just kind of falling out of the front door, onto the front steps."

Estabrook made his way upstairs, not knowing what he was walking into.

"I stepped into the house, quickly cleared the room to the left, to make sure there were no people in there," Estabrook said. "And I immediately started up the stairwell. The first thing I notice is on the second step, there's ... a shell casing. So, now I know, there's been a gun introduced in this house somehow, somewhere.

"Halfway up the stairs, there's another shell casing. As I break the plane of the second floor, there's a handgun, lying right at the top of the stairs and I'm looking right down the barrel of it. No one behind the handgun, this is good."

Estabrook was prepared for just about anything, except, perhaps, what he saw next.

"In the open door in the bedroom, ... a body on the bed," he recalled. "And ... it ends up being Jeff Dolloff. He's lying ... with his head at the foot of the bed. He's naked ... he's covered with blood. He was just an absolute mess. ... If we didn't get help to this guy ... he was going to die."

Police searched the house without finding an intruder. A police dog was called in but it did not pick up any tracks. The Dolloffs were taken to the hospital.

Linda Dolloff's wound required surgery to repair torn flesh and blood vessels. She had bullet fragments lodged in her hip.

But Jeff Dolloff appeared to have been attacked with a baseball bat. His wounds were much more serious. He was admitted to the hospital in critical condition, with fractures on both sides of his head, a broken nose, both cheek bones broken, and more chipped bones inside his skull.

"I had doubts that he would make it," Fire Chief Brent Libby said. "His injuries were life-threatening."

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