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  • The Real Life Super Hero Project

    Peter Tangen is a professional photographer who takes pictures of dozens of actors for movie posters, such as "Batman Begins" and "Spiderman." Now he has taken on his own project, photographing more than 20 real-life superheroes, who have created their own personas. "I was immediately captivated by the concept of what these people do and decided that they too should be represented in a movie poster format," Tangen tells ABC News. Real Life Superhero "DC's Guardian," who works for charities and patrols the streets of Washington, D.C., is photographed here.
  • The Real Life Super Hero Project

    Here, Tangen photographed Real Life Superhero "Life," who hands out food and supplies to the needy on the streets of New York. "Life" tells ABC News: "If I see someone in need, I stop and help them … and then I'm up, up and away."
    © 2010 Peter Tangen/The Real Life Super Hero Project" target="external">The Real Life Super Hero Project
  • The Real Life Super Hero Project

    Peter Tangen depicted "Life" in a movie poster image, pictured here. "None of us are ever going to shoot rays out of our eyes, and we're probably not going to fly anytime soon. But we can take justice into our own hands. We can help another human being," says "Life."
  • The Real Life Super Hero Project

    Pictured here: Real Life Superhero "Nyx." "I feel a certain degree of loyalty to every being that inhabits this earth, a compulsion to watch -- to help, to protect," says "Nyx" on her MySpace page.
  • The Real Life Super Hero Project

    Real-life superhero "Thanatos, the Dark Avenger" is pictured here. His primary focus is helping the homeless in downtown Vancouver. He watches over them and gives monthly handouts of food and supplies. He also fights crime on the streets, patrolling the neighborhoods and funneling information to the local police.
  • The Real Life Super Hero Project

    "Super Hero" helps the homeless in his community and does toy drives for underprivileged children.
  • The Real Life Super Hero Project

    "Dark Guardian's" fights crime, does charity work, goes on safety patrols, makes hospital visits, distributes flyers and helps the homeless. Dressing up as a superhero, he hopes to raise awareness of community issues and inspire others to get involved.
  • The Real Life Super Hero Project

    Real Life Superheroes group shot:<br> Top row left to right:<br> Life, Mutinous Angel, The Crimson Fist, Ragensi, Zetaman, Motor Mouth<br> Center row left to right:<br> Dark Guardian, KnightVigil, Civitron, DC's Guardian, Z, Deaths Head Moth, Zimmer Bottom row left to right:<br> Nyx, Phantom Zero, Super Hero, Geist, Thanatos: The Dark Avenger, Master Legend, Citizen Prime <br>
    © 2010 Peter Tangen/The Real Life Super Hero Project
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